Complet(ish) list of file extensions for caption / subtitles file formats

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Complet(ish) list of file extensions for caption / subtitles file formats

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[Links to various lists are available in here: viewtopic.php?p=54732#p54732]

Here is a very extended alphabetical list [including niche formats and obsolete ones, propriety files and file languages originating from variety of platforms thus not limited only to Windows] of all kind of file extensions associated with
caption / subtitles

type of file formats

First version of the list is horizontal and ready-to-use in Everything for the feature of Filter available in it under the

Search > Add To Filters... > Search
Search > Organize Filters... > Edit > Search

The second version is also horizontal but made with a purpose of being easy-to-read-through. The third and last one is vertical and is suppose to ease up manual finding or comparing extensions. [You can change appearance of those list using simple replacement feature available in probably every text editor; or using advanced line operations in free editors like Notepad3 or Notepad++; or using most complex of them all some regular expressions]

Fell free to post new complementary formats and / or comments about mistakes on this list

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