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"Everything" version

Post by void » Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:37 am

A new beta version can be found here


Please note that both the x64 and x86 versions can be installed at the same time.
It is recommended that you remove any x86 version before installing a x64 version.

Portable version:


Sunday, 16th June 2013: Version New features in the beta: Minor changes:
  • fixed a crash when requesting file type information.
  • fixed an issue when searching for whole words and ignoring diacritics.
  • fixed OR precedence.
  • storing data and settings in %APPDATA% is now the default option when using the installer.
  • fixed an issue that would reset settings when enabling %APPDATA% in the installer.
  • "named instances" now uses unique filenames for settings and data for each instance.
  • fixed a crash when a dialog box was open.
  • improved database locking when changing indexing settings.
  • services no longer interacts with the Desktop.
  • -install-service now updates the path correctly.
  • fixed an issue when sorting by size.
  • fixed an issue when typing in a "jump to" search when sorting by something other than name.
  • fixed a leak when renaming a file.
  • fixed an issue with a renamed folder being added to the wrong location.
  • fixed an issue with middle mouse button scrolling.
  • fixed an issue when a renamed file became hidden was not removed from the db.
  • fixed an issue where a renamed file was not being removed if its new location does not exist.
  • thread pooling can be disabled with the ini setting: reuse_threads=0
  • added real-time cache updating.
  • added beta update channel ini setting: beta_updates
  • fixed an issue with redirecting debug output.
  • the display now updates after changing the selection mask.
  • added option to customize time and date formatting with the ini settings: date_format and time_format
  • fixed an issue with dates when using the first day of the week.
  • pressing enter from the search edit now selects the most run item.
  • improved sorting.
  • added date last accessed.
  • fixed an issue with restoring the column positions.
  • added -sort command line option
  • fixed an issue when restoring Everything after it was minimized.
  • removed virtual store support, replaced with appdata option.
  • removed remember last search, replaced with search option for the home page.
  • removed ini setting auto_connect, replaced with index option for the home page.
  • fixed an issue with downloading ftp files.
  • fixed an issue with ext: when using a empty extension.
  • added child: function
  • Replaced the ini setting: auto_connect with the home page.
What still needs to be done before the next official release:
  • Installer localization.
  • Online help.
Things to do

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