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"Everything" version

Post by void » Sat May 04, 2013 5:54 am

A new beta version can be found here


Portable version:


Saturday, 4 May 2013: Version
  • fixed an issue with creating threads
  • fixed an issue when sorting files with invalid sizes
  • fixed an issue with file lists duplicates
  • fixed an issue with the everything filter
  • moved etp/ftp/http servers to tools -> options
Minor changes:
  • items are only executed when double clicking on an item.
  • added option to clear selection after search.
  • fixed an issue with rendering a non-themed toolbar.
  • added client edges to non-themed controls.
  • fixed a leak with shell notifies.
  • fixed an issue rendering long text characters.
  • fixed an issue with excluded files not being added when they should no longer be excluded.
  • fixed an issue with expanding %systemroot% on Windows Server.
  • fixed an issue with the index when changing the privileges of Everything.
  • added command line option -create-filelist <filename> <path>
  • removed command line option -host
  • fixed an issue converting / to \ with match path enabled.
  • added ini option state_rename_move_caret_to_selection_end.
  • fixed an issue with changing the index settings.
Please note the ETP server / ETP client are not compatible with Everything 1.2.1
EFU File List Help
ETP/FTP Server Help
HTTP Server Help
Folder Indexing Help
Search History Help
Service Help

What still needs to be done before the next official release:
  • Recent changes
  • Run History
  • First day of the week localization
  • Installer localization
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"Everything" version 1.3 FAQ

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