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"Everything" version

Post by void » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:17 am

A new beta version can be found here


Portable version:

Wednesday, 20 February 2013: Version
  • added %APPDATA% option
  • added Everything service option
  • added search history option
  • added the option to cancel locked queries after one second
  • added context menu customization
  • added tooltips for hidden items
  • added option to not compress database
  • fixed an issue with right to left text rendering
  • fixed an issue parsing literal ops
  • fixed an issue expanding filter searches
  • fixed an issue parsing macros
  • fixed an issue when sorting by size with a selection
  • fixed a db event issue
  • fixed an issue with wildcard exclude filters
  • improved db locking mechanism
What still needs to be done before the next official release:
  • ETP/FTP server
  • ETP client
  • HTTP server
  • Recent changes
  • Run History
  • Installer localization
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"Everything" version 1.3 FAQ

For further discussion please visit:
"Everything" version 1.3 General Discussion