Merge Directory Structures

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Merge Directory Structures

Post by therube » Fri Apr 29, 2022 3:05 pm

Merge Directory Structures

did you know you can flatten (better said, merge), yet retain subdirectory structures

so if you search for,
folder: xyz123

& you get stuff like:

(<rand> is some random nonsense)

& when you go to rename, you're presented something like


& if you remove \1.
then all the individual <rand>.xyz123 are merged into a single directory named, "xyz123"
- all the while, retaining subdirectory structures, only difference is that they are all
now under that singular xyz123 parent

though, DO be careful & mindful of the prompts that Windows may present you with.

in my case, all top-most directories that i started this with
contain multiple subdirectories within each parent - before any files were come
across & each set of subdirectories were also uniquely named, so there were no
further conflicts, & therefore no individual file overwrite notifications

though, DO BE CAREFUL.
(i wasn't sure what was going to happen, so i threw caution to the wind ;-).)

depending, it can be helpful to combine your search with parents:

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