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Space is required before wildcard to get matches

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 12:56 pm
by jsryork
Hi all,
I love Everything - I would be lost (and so would my files) without it.
I have just come across this strange behaviour.
I have a number of versions of a file which start with:Accounts 20170401
I cannot see them with 'Accounts 20170401*.*'
but I can with 'Accounts 20170401 *.*'
- note the space between the 1 and the first *
Is this the intended behaviour ? I would have expected reducing the fixed prefix before * always to give a larger rather than smaller set.

Screenshots attached.

Here is the fie list from File, Export, .EFU
Filename,Size,Date Modified,Date Created,Attributes
"C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 for auditing.xls.lnk",7845,131698167626055158,131698167626055158,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\2017-2018\To Auditor\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 for auditing.xls",618496,131698167604683121,131698167580971079,32
"C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 for auditing.ods.lnk",7804,131698167468182883,131698146832581342,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\2017-2018\To Auditor\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 for auditing.ods",92833,131698137799973409,131698137775949367,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 for auditing 01.ods",92800,131698106251632022,131695726198383791,32
"C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 for auditing 01.ods.lnk",5048,131698086203363044,131695726772620792,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 xx.ods",108035,131682893228065661,131682893203417618,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331.ods",104928,131680269351913946,131381944876531998,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 at 20180331.ods",108038,131680136076739776,131680262102631222,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 at 20180306.ods",99658,131648275689806461,131655772562669134,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 at 20180109.ods",102081,131600011819578076,131608682242784678,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331 at 20171113.ods",96244,131542831894061304,131550483900639443,32
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts_20170604\.~lock.Accounts 20170401 to 20180331.ods#",103,131410714938570220,131410718264644137,2
"C:\Users\John\Documents\NPA\Accounts_20170604\Accounts 20170401 to 20180331.ods",84282,131398757331041573,131410718268232143,128

I am using Win7 Pro 64 bit, and Everything Version (x64)



Re: Space is required before wildcard to get matches

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 2:45 pm
by therube
By default, I believe, (Tools | Options | General -> Search) 'Match whole filename when using wildcards' is enabled & that is what is affecting your expected results.

In your case, what you are searching for are the strings "accounts" and "20170401" and (depending) "*".
The "*" not even being needed.
That would find "accounts 20170401" and also "accounts that are not really 20170401 unless it is may 7".

And that may be fine, depending.

Or you could enclose your wanted strings is quotes, so, "accounts 20170401", which would find just that.
Or you could preface it by a slash & quotes, so "/accounts 20170401" which would find names that start with the word accounts followed by space by 20170401.
Or any other number of machinations.

Re: Space is required before wildcard to get matches

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 4:06 pm
by jsryork
Thanks for the prompt and helpful explanation.
I apologise for not reading the Help properly; I had always assumed the searches were in a REGEX world, and did not realise that the spaces in the search string were operators.
Sorry to have taken up your time with an RTFM.

Re: Space is required before wildcard to get matches

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 6:34 pm
by Stamimail
I think the current situation is not so associative.
People think to use the * differently.
You search for .zip and you get lots of results. You search for .zip* and gets 0 results.
Search Syntax wrote:Wildcards:
* Matches zero or more characters.