Win10 Issues ?

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Win10 Issues ?

Post by therube » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:00 am

Win10 Issues ?

I know nothing of 10.
I took a 10 machine home to test a 2560x1440 resolution monitor to see what it looks like.
(My machine only supports up to 1920x1200 over HDMI.)

So of course I have Everything on here.
Well, I have pretty much nothing on here except for Everything ;-).

Anyhow, I'm here to test the monitor.
And I start doing this & that & checking things out.
Then I think, what about a video clip.
And with that, Everything immediately comes to mind.
Simple. Open Everything. Video filter, sort by size.

Shortly thereafter, I notice most everything is lagging.
I'll click to open a program & w a i t.
I'll arrow key down in my file manager, & w a i t.
I'm thinking what in the world it going on?

I find Task Manager worthless, so I fire up Process Hacker (& wait), & I see servicehost & other crap, & it mention wau... well, Windows Automatic Updates.
So I jump back to Everything & sort by date, & I"m see some rather huge files, newly dated, & I think, oh crap, here I am, wanting to test the monitor, & Windows installed this virus on the computer - Windows Updates. All I want to do is test something, & Windows is throwing Gigs of data around.

So my thought is, Windows Updates.

AFAIK, the girl whose machine this is, not sure, perhaps never saw updates ? At least she never got updates while she was working, as I would have heard about it. Maybe because I used my account on the machine, Admin as it is, maybe that's why updates were coming through. So I quit my login, restart & jump over to hers & all looks OK. All's good, so fire up Everything, Video filter, sort by size...

Shortly thereafter, lagging again! What?

Download malwarebytes & run scans.
Didn't expect it to find anything, & it did not.

Reboot again.

Mess around a bit. All looks to be working well, again.
OK, lets open Everything.
There she goes... lagging.

Don't know why?
It is not a CPU usage issue.
Tried .887 x86, & (almost) current beta x64 with same results.

Using Everything Service, started from command-line, as I always do.
Everything.exe -install-service

(Heh, winver is still there.)

Win10 v1607 Build 14393.1914 ... -info.aspx
i5-6400, 12 GB RAM
Dell something or the other, Intel HD 530 graphics

A basic office machine, so it should be, boring.

Some of what I saw, early on, might have been attributable to Windows Updates (which AFAIK) either didn't finish (downloading or didn't install, not sure, huge $BT... directory still exits), but once I got around that, Everything does ? seem to be causing issues on this machine?

The Everything Service does not look to cause issues.
But once I fire up the GUI...

I also deleted the .db & .ini, creating anew, with no change.
Windows 7 Compatibility & Disable high dpi something or the other, no change (taking too long to open to read exact).
Same in both Admin & Limited accounts.
Quiting the GUI, killing the service does not 'right' things.
Computer restart needed... (hmm, log out & back in... ?)

OK, that was enough. Sign out, then log right back in & the computer is acting normally again.

Starting without the Service, Everything sat at "updating database" - for quite some time.
Finally the files showed (should that have happened?) & the prompt to run as admin (or install the service).
And at this point, before going further, things are not right.
Run as admin. Actually had to go through 2 prompts. (Didn't pay attention to either ;-).)
Got that "game" message (but we now know what that is). [There was another program that did similar... a certain filename cause a particular action.]

And Run as admin, matters not, still issues.

Restarting the computer in Safe Mode, & Everything works just fine.

Autoruns, ... toruns.png.

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Re: Win10 Issues ?

Post by void » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:50 am

I'm going to put this down as Everything eating up all your IO bandwidth. Most likely from reading many changes to the USN journal.

I'm finding Windows 10 is constantly doing things to the disk..
Everything will need to adapt to to be more efficient with Windows 10 and expect the USN journal to be constantly changing..

If the problem is reproducible please try running Everything in debug mode and just watching for USN updates or for any indication for what it is doing.
Run as admin. Actually had to go through 2 prompts
This can occur if you are running Everything as a standard user and change to run as administrator.
The first request will be to modify the Everything.ini in the same location as your Everything.exe, the second will be to actually run Everything as an administrator.

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Re: Win10 Issues ?

Post by richardschoen » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:24 am

I saw similar issues after updating my Dell E7470 to Windows 10 1703.

In my case the machine gets sluggish and video responds oddly as if the machine is running out of memory.

If I log out and log in the problem goes away until I run the Everything UI.

At least I know I'm not going crazy :-)

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Re: Win10 Issues ?

Post by richardschoen » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:34 am

This thread solved it for me.


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