Command line options [-minimize] and [-startup] are buggy

Found a bug in "Everything"? report it here
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Command line options [-minimize] and [-startup] are buggy

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Hello @void
It seems implementation is buggy when e.g. using local ETP:
  • Everything.exe -connect "localhost:10021" -drive-links
    Search window is opened immediately with data loaded via local ETP
    No CPU or memory spikes generated. Memory usage of service proccess is about 80 MB and 20 MB for "user process"
  • Everything.exe -connect "localhost:10021" -drive-links -minimized
    Search window is minimized and another icon in the tray.
    When opened via minimized icon, Search window is opened immediately but no data visible as it is in state "Sending query..." for another 45 seconds.
    1 core is fully loaded by Everything process running as a client service, memory raised 4x (300 MB). Everything "user process" generates another 15% CPU load on quad core, memory raised above 200MB. Memory footprint was linearily moved from service process to user process so in the end service process dropped to 80 MB and user process raised to about 220MB

    Then data were loaded via local ETP.
    When clicked on tray icon, data are presented immediately.
  • Everything.exe -connect "localhost:10021" -drive-links -startup
    Everything icon is started in tray only.
    When opened, [local database file] was initiated and loaded so ETP server params were totally ignored.
Latest version used: v1.4.1.1009 (x64) on Windows 2016

Thank you for finding the bug and thanks for your work on this great piece of SW 8-)

When many users are logged on the system (terminal server), each user starts own Everything process with its unique local DB. In such cases memory and CPU footprint is much bigger than running only one "client service" indexing to the local "master DB" and users are connecting there via ETP. In such case each user takes 10-20 MB memory max instead of minimum 80 MB each in the previous case.
If there is any other option how to run single instance on terminal server, with one master DB, please let me know :idea:
Thank you.
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Re: Command line options [-minimize] and [-startup] are buggy

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Thank you for the bug report temp0,

Everything fixes an issue with the ETP client requesting the incorrect number of results when minimized.

When minimized, Everything was incorrectly requesting all items.
Everything and later will now request 0 items.

Everything.exe -connect "localhost:10021" -drive-links -startup
This is expected.
the -startup command line option instructs Everything to not show any search window.
This overrides the -connect command line option.

Consider setting the home search to use your ETP connection:
  • In Everything, from the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click the Home tab on the left.
  • Change Index to ETP Server.
  • Set the ETP server host and link type.
  • Click OK.
Everything will use the Home search when opening a new window.
This should also prevent the user from creating the local DB. (unless they manually disconnect from the ETP server)

Consider setting the local database to index nothing:
  • In Everything, from the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click the NTFS tab on the left.
  • Uncheck Automatically include new fixed volumes.
  • Uncheck Automatically include new removable volumes.
  • Uncheck Automatically remove offline volumes.
  • For each NTFS volume:
    • Uncheck Include in database.
  • Click OK.

The Everything Server is in development.
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Re: Command line options [-minimize] and [-startup] are buggy

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@void Thank you very much for your response and fix. Wil test it soon.
Now I see, when I closed opened window and reopened it via tray icon, local database was loaded instead of ETP one (run earlier via shortcut with params)...
As you described, yes I know where I should configure ETP in settings but I wanted to do it globally, for every user. I suppose I can't set defaults (load ETP instead of local DB) for every user as I am using storing user data in %APPDATA%. Because of that I tried it by distributing startup shortcut with ETP parameters but now imagined it doesn't work (only the currently opened search window is loaded via ETP but after closing and reopening, local DB is used. Because of that I thought it can be done via -startup param which ignores ETP param, unfortunately).
So now I understand what I wanted to achieve is not possible...until I read info about new "server" version! Thank you for such info.
Definitely will check it.
Thank you.
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