Drive Check Boxes

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Drive Check Boxes

Post by bobad » Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:48 pm

First, thanks for a great program. It's awesome just as it is. I hate to even mention anything that would upset E's clean GUI, but here goes anyway:

I think searching and filtering schemes would be much more quick, flexible, and powerful if there were checkboxes for including and excluding drive letters. I know this is already possible by using search syntax, filtering, and probably the setup options too. But it's tweaky if you need to search files with certain conditions on drive C, E and G, but not D and F. I suspect many people are missing out on a lot of E's great power and flexibility because they shy away from drilling down into menus and using search syntax. Of course you shouldn't put a bunch of icons on a tool bar, because you end up with program bloat and the GUI looking like a paint program.

This is unrelated, but the "Recent Changes" gives me a pain. It's a killer feature, but I wish there were a way to automatically cancel it, or some way of indicating that it's set. I keep forgetting it's set, and I'm mystified by my search results until I remember and cancel it. Then,,, it's 3 levels down, making it a minor bother to turn off. Hey, most of this is just me, I'm sure other people have a better memory!

Thanks for listening!

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Re: Drive Check Boxes

Post by therube » Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:57 pm


Like I keep my music on Drive M:

Right now my search line shows: M:\ jethro tull

That works fine, but if I inadvertently remove the M:\ ... Much nicer if the M:\ could be "sticky'd". And a checkbox would seem appropriate for that.

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