Monitor remote network drive changes

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Monitor remote network drive changes

Post by klim » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:07 pm

Hi, as the etp feature has gone and maybe will return in future, i've another idea for monitoring remote network file changes.
If the remote network drive host is running windows, it is possible to run everything to get file changes from the hosts local drives.

some ideas
[*]directly connect to the remote everything.db via unc path to get file changes (also remote changes done by any other persion) from network drive
[*]do it with the efu file. network drive host exports efu file automatically, everything client automatically use it over unc path. maybe triggert by time (adjustable) or file change detection on everything.db.

it would great to keep the functionality to access the files by doubleclick them in everthing, if a network drive is mapped to the system which holds the same data as the remote efu file reports.

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