Long Running Command Should ESC

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Long Running Command Should ESC

Post by therube » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:47 am

Potentially Long Running Command Should have some sort of ESC allowed.

Appears sometimes you may be able to ESC, but other times not.
Was reading size: function & typed in:

> m: audio: size:

& as soon as I type '>' (perhaps a hair thereafter) I was kind of stuck.
ESC wasn't doing it.
Could have killed it, I suppose, but let it run & eventually control was returned.

During these times thinking an ESC should halt the current operation, alone, where as it is, it tends to send Everything to the tray.
Would be more convenient if it just halted, allowing you to adjust the search as needed.

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Re: Long Running Command Should ESC

Post by void » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:24 am

Most actions you can cancel with ESC.
For example: sorting, reading extended file information or building the database.

However, Everything does become locked if you perform another action while there is already an active action.

I have improved this a lot for the next release of "Everything" by making sure database updates do not lock the database.

Typing in a slow size: search can be canceled by clearing the search.
But again this can become locked if you perform another action, for example: clicking in the result list.

Perhaps a dialog box could show after a few seconds to let the user cancel an action if the database becomes locked.

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