Dual Searches - with different exclusions - ye its all about

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Dual Searches - with different exclusions - ye its all about

Post by DeerDance » Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:49 pm


Everyone have some I guess, thats why we have exclude option in everything.
Because its kinda embarrassing to search fast in front of your family for stephen king's book, searching "king" only to have dozens of results spitting out "f---ing" and "s---ing"

But on the other hand you also want to quickly find that cute girl with big tits that you remember you downloaded some time ago...

So the best way IMO, should be to have dual shortcuts for searches. Search A, Search B and in "exclude tab, there would be also two sub*tabs for search A, search B

thanks for listening

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Re: Dual Searches - with different exclusions - ye its all a

Post by therube » Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:22 am

True, you have a point.

Could you have multiple instances of Everything running simultaneously?
Or could you have two desktop shortcuts set up, pointing to different config files, one with porn, one without?

Code: Select all

Everything.exe -config everything_BUT.ini
Everything.exe -config porn_:-).ini
If all your porn were on its own partition, or its own directory tree, it would be easy enough to exclude the same from everything_but.

(When I work on someone's computer, Everything makes it soo easy to find all their porn, just kidding.)

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