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feature request

Post by ben303 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:06 pm

first of all great product.

its amazing that this modern world of computer technology - the windows and mac search don't come close to the speed of this little lightweight app.

great job!!

I have a feature request. two actually.

feature 1:

that is to have a menu with stored 'pre' text - that is a search string you can manually store. then selecting it would put it in the search box.

so this would be useful for when you want to quickly search different criteria.

for example, I could store in a menu:

*.avi | *.mp4 | *.mpg | *.mov | *.mkv | *.wmv

to search all videos.
without having to type all that.

feature 2:

I used to use a great free app called 'http://www.launchy.net'

what it does is scan your folders for *.lnk files so you can start programs without having to use the windows start menu.

however it scans at pre-defined times - so if I install a new program it will not find the lnk file until it scans.

So I started using 'Everything' in the place of launchy, and just typing 'lnk' in the search string. Much faster because it is instant with updating files.

I use a keyboard combination of 'alt-space' to open Everything - but wanted a version of everything to start with the text 'lnk' already in the search string, - so that I can start two different versions of Everything - one for all files and one as an application launcher.

So I created a shortcut to Everything with the command line option '-search lnk' and added a key combination to the shortcut (which is a function of the windows operating system with shortcuts) - however it is slow to open - a few seconds - not as fast as the in built way to open Everything with a key combination.

What I would like is a feature to open Everything with a key combination for different pre-saved text strings (like I requested as feature 1)

that would be very very very useful to efficient productivity

hope you agree!!



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Re: feature request

Post by metalman » Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:09 pm

Ben, in the Tools > Options > General check the box for 'Allow multiple windows'. This will then send the -search arguments from the shortcut to the copy of Everything that is in memory which will open a new window with the results. This is instantaneous.

Thanks for the -search command-line tip. I just set up a shortcut with -search ".exe " which allows me to search just for programs to be launched.

Enjoy the great product!

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