[Idea] GUI front end for everything - Linux port

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[Idea] GUI front end for everything - Linux port

Post by RaiGal » Sun Aug 07, 2011 3:43 pm

Recently I have moved on to ubuntu linux and I must admit the thing that I miss most, is ES. I guess that has been said before but I would love to see ES in linux. However, given the circuimstances, that would be something extremely difficult as I am aware that ES relies heavily on windows' API's. Therefore, it would mean changing the whole project's way, which is obviously, out of the question.

That's why I would like to make a suggestion and please consider it carefully. Instead of changing anything you could start a "fun" project whose theme could be making a GUI front-end which looks like ES in linux. There are a couple of meta-data index/backends available, such as Tracker, Strigi, Pinot, Nepomuk, Recoll, Sezen/Zeitgeist, Beagle(unfortunately discontinued) or even the plain but yet powerful locate command.

Based on these dekstop search tools, writing a basic GUI wouldn't take too long and I it wouldn't take much of the original ES time.Also,written in a cross-platform language like Java, it could be used even
on Mac OS!

Overall, I think it's a great idea which won't take much time, given that is an experimental/fun project, and it will fill a big void which exists on the unix universe.

Thank you for your effort and time! :mrgreen:

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