Indexing mapped directories - please, please, please !

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Indexing mapped directories - please, please, please !

Post by shiphen » Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:52 pm

Hi David

Please, please, *PLEASE* could you fix Everything (desktop search) so that it can be made to index other the computers/directories that one has mapped to in Windows (in my case XP & Win7).

(i.e. Without Everything needing to be installed on the other computers.)

After trying several similar utilities, Everything is the ONLY thing that works really well! It is simple, light on resources, and indexes very fast.

But after something of a battle, we have decided that it ONLY works well on local disks (e.g. C: drive). We tried installing it on our server and it is a real pain. Even after we got it going it gives references to where files are and you cant just click on the link and get the file to open...

i.e. What we want is for each PC that connects to our local server to have its own separate copy of Everything installed, and for each PC to be able to independantly index the shared documents directory on the server.

I would definitely give a personal financial contribution if you can get this working. And if it works well enough our company would contribute too...

Best rgds,


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Re: Indexing mapped directories - please, please, please !

Post by digitaldoctorsbag » Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:02 am

Another vote for supporting networked NTFS shares.

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Re: Indexing mapped directories - please, please, please !

Post by yoyomaah » Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:09 pm

Another vote for some kind of network drive solution,
however I am not sure that the performance will be good enough if each client should index the network directory.

If the two problems mentioned by Shiphen was solved, wouldn't this be the most elegant solution?

Which problems did you have, Shiphen, to make it run on the server?
I am curious because I am looking for a similar solution, and so far surprised that my options are so few and poor.
What solution are you using now?

I guess the second part of your problem could be solved quite easily:
The search result now shows the remote computers file paths, but the software could provide a client side mapping of the file paths, to make it match the local drive letter mapping,

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