[File Types] Incomplete Download Part Files

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[File Types] Incomplete Download Part Files

Post by raccoon » Fri Dec 04, 2020 8:00 pm

This is a list of suffix file extensions that are appended to the end of file names being downloaded by various network client file downloading software, ie, by download managers, torrent clients, web browsers, and other downloader programs. When a download in one of these programs is completed, the suffix file extension is removed. A file with one of these extensions indicates that it has only been partially downloaded and should be treated as incomplete, unfinished or corrupt. (i'm using searchable keywords here).

All of the following file extensions are added to the end of the regular filename and extension. example: samplevideo.mp4.crdownload

Some of these file extensions may be used by other software for other purposes. Conflicts noted below.

Code: Select all

.part         -- Generic (Firefox, youtube-dl, Go!Zilla, eMule, eDonkey, JDownloader, Skype, zsync, Transmission, etc)
.crdownload   -- Google Chrome
.download     -- Apple Safari
.opdownload   -- Opera
.partial      -- Internet Explorer 9+
.!qB          -- qBittorrent (bittorrent)
.!ut          -- uTorrent (bittorrent)
.bc!          -- BitComet (bittorrent)
.bc           -- BitComet (bittorrent) (Conflict: Adobe Bridge Cache File)
.!bt          -- BitTorrent (bittorrent)
.bt!          -- BitSpirit (bittorrent)
.az!          -- Vuze (aka Azureus) (bittorrent)
.ob!          -- Orbit Downloader
.fb!          -- FlashGet
.jc!          -- FlashGet
.jc           -- FlashGet
.td           -- Thunder (aka Xunlei, Chinese download manager)
.dtapart      -- DownloadThemAll! (old Firefox Extension)
.downloading  -- Pando (Microsoft Oulook plug-in)
.dstudio      -- DownloadStudio
.adadownload  -- Adobe Download Assistant
.appdownload  -- Mac App Store
.dlm          -- Akamai Download Manager
.dap          -- Download Accelerator Plus (Conflict: MS Access)
.dctmp        -- DC++ (Direct Connect)
As a file extension list filter:


As a wildcard match search:


References: Contribute to this list if you know of any others.

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