Update on not always starting at Startup

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Update on not always starting at Startup

Post by kingochowdah » Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:07 pm

I can't find my old posting but I posted that Everything didn't always give me a tray icon at Startup. I'm running win 7 64 bit. The problem would occur about once a month or so. What I would do is go into the options, uncheck start at startup, apply, recheck it and apply and next time I would have the tray icon.

Someone suggest the next time it happens, check the task manager to see if it was running. I did and it was so I did NOTHING. Today when I booted up I had my tray icon back so I guess what I had was basically a none problem, just a little bit of a nuisance.

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Re: Update on not always starting at Startup

Post by xercus » Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:16 am

What you describe here seems like more of a Windows problem. I have this happening from time to time with other programs, but have only experienced it with Everything if I have to kill the Windows Explorer process tree for some reason... but then I miss several icons in the tray after starting Explorer again.
There should be no need for a reboot though; just start taskmanager, right-click the process and choose "End process". After that, restart the program and your tray icon will be back. In your case, being that it only happens every now and then, this solution is probably the only one you need, but for other people experiencing this more often...

What I have done to other programs when experiencing this "annoyance" is to move them around, i.e. move the entry from the registry to the startup folder of the start menu (by manually making a shortcut of the entry) or the other way around.

Another and well proven path is to make a batch file which delays execution for 5-10 seconds and put a shortcut to that in the startup folder. A batchfile to do the job, without leaving the command line window open until everything exits, can be made by recreating the following "Everything.bat" file which will count down 10 seconds before running Everything.

timeout /t 10
start C:\Programs\Everything\everything.exe

This works for me, but only as long as there's no space in your path. If there is a space in the path (C:\Program Files\Everything\everything.exe), you will have to embrace it in quotes. That brings up a different scenario as the start command will read the first pair of quotes as the window title to set, but no worries it is simply a case of feeding it the way it wants it, like this:

timeout /t 10
start "Everything is starting" "C:\Program Files\Everything\everything.exe"

I don't know why the "missing tray icon" happens, but I have only experienced it with autostart programs. The same programs always show the taskbar icon if started after windows is up and running. I'm also pretty sure there are other and probably more fancy ways of achieving a delayed start, but until Void or anyone else creates a "Recover Everything TrayIcon" tool, whatever gets the tray-icon back ;)

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