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"Everything" version Changes

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:09 am
by void
Full list of changes in "Everything" version
  • New toolbar theme. can be disabled with ini setting: themed_toolbar
  • Removed client edges of listview.
  • EFU file lists can be exported from the File menu, use select all + Read extended information to export all extended information too.
  • Added Alt + 1, Alt + 2, Alt + 3 and Alt + 4 to automatically size the window and columns. can be customized with ini settings: state_auto_size_x and state_auto_size_aspect_ratio_x/y.
  • Added option to refresh extended information from the View menu (F5).
  • Added diacritical mark matching (a = ä = á = â)
  • Added Bookmarks.
  • Added file list editor.
  • Removed multiple instances GUI option, can be set with ini setting: allow_multiple_instances; using named instances is recommended.
  • Removed ETP/HTTP servers.
  • Removed ETP client.
  • Removed Search history.
  • Removed Run history.
  • Removed Recent changes.
  • Added option to hide the tray icon, even with run in background enabled.
  • URL protocol, allows opening ES:search URLs.
  • EFU association
  • Re-implemented options window.
  • removed copy path context menu item, can be enabled from ini setting: show_copy_path
  • Added option to select only the file name part of a file when renaming.
  • Added option to sort by size and/or date descending first.
  • Added option to use literal operators AND, OR and NOT.
  • Added option to use round bracket ( ) for parentheses.
  • Added option to expand environment strings in search.
  • Added option to customize listview font and colors.
  • Controls now use correct default gui font.
  • Added option to customize all fonts from the ini.
  • Added option to customize keys.
  • Added option to force rebuild indexes.
  • Removed automatic moving when changing the database location.
  • Database is now build in memory instead of on hard disk.
  • Added option to include folders for each NTFS volume.
  • Added option to index folders.
  • Added option to index file lists.
  • Simplified exclude options.
  • Added simple search syntax, regex syntax and command line options to help menu.
  • Updating now attempts 3 times over 90 seconds in-case of host resolving failure.
  • Fixed an issue causing the database to rebuild.
  • Everything now works on Windows 95 with IE 5.5 and UnicoWS (winsock 2 recommened).
  • Everything now works on Windows 98 and ME with UnicoWS.
  • Added support for high DPI settings.
  • Shutting down or logging off now correctly saves the database.
  • Fixed a bug with !a | b
  • Removed option to change cancel action key. ESC is now hard coded to cancel actions.
  • Added support for ghosting cut items, cut items can be canceled by pressing ESC.
  • Sorting can be canceled by pressing ESC.
  • Reading extended information can be canceled by pressing ESC.
  • Added support for duplicate database items.
  • Added support for unlimited file name lengths.
  • Changed database structure and allocation for improved memory efficiency and performance.
  • 256 color mode support
  • Right to left text support.
  • Re-implemented icon cache and file information cache for more efficiency.
  • Icons are now cached for each Individual file and folder.
  • Fixed an issue with context menus with files in different locations.
  • Improved multi-monitor support.
  • Removed alt + backspace beep.
  • Removed html help in favour of online help.
  • Database is now saved when exiting "Everything" while database is loading.
  • Added search modifier wfn: (Match whole file name)
  • Added common file context menu items to the File menu, these do not touch the file contents and can be used for offline files.
  • Removed administrator requirements from Everything.exe
  • Added shield icon to options that require elevated privileges.
  • Added nowildcards: option to disable wildcards to allow searching for literal * or ?
  • Added built-in macros quot:, apos:, amp:, lt: and gt:
  • Added #x: macro to search for a specific unicode character.
  • Added attributes:, datecreated:, datemodified:, size: and type: search functions.
  • Added dupe: function to search for duplicated file names.
  • Added empty: function to search for empty folders.
  • Added parents: function to search for the specified number of parent folders.
  • Added root: function to search for root folders.
  • Added option to auto size columns when resizing and holding down the CTRL key.
  • Removed Always on top option

Re: "Everything" version Changes

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:21 am
by Stubi
Great that the selection on the left is back again. But I was not able to select just files anymore - perhaps my mistake.

I guess it would be a perfect concept that one can define (apart from predefined searches like folders only or files only) his own filters and they show up on the left side for selection. And if they could be selected in addition by something like bookmarks (if you have very many filters) ... great. And there in your defined bookmarks you can select what shows up in the drop down list on the right side.

Re: "Everything" version Changes

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:42 am
by Stubi
Sorry for my - a bid stupid - questions in the posting before. I found everything in the meantime in the new Everything. I was so used that all the things were set up already. But now with the old selection filters back Everything is great for me again. Thank you for it!