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Donation HistoryCommentAmount
6 July 2022₪20.00 ILS
6 July 2022Hi David, thanks a lot for your help !!! Id saved me a lot of time ;-) Best regards Joelmo from Germany €50.00 EUR
6 July 2022$10.00 USD
6 July 2022$10.00 USD
6 July 2022Excellent search tool, thanks you!$25.00 USD
6 July 2022Your utility makes our work so much simpler and has for years. Thank you!$20.00 USD
6 July 2022$10.00 USD
5 July 2022$10.00 USD
5 July 2022This is such a nice utility - so handy, and it always works perfectly. Such a breath of fresh air from the usual bloated, awkward, half-way apps we get everywhere!$20.00 USD
5 July 2022₪18.00 ILS
3 July 2022$8.00 USD
2 July 2022$2.00 USD
2 July 2022$10.00 AUD
2 July 2022€10.00 EUR
1 July 2022best searchable software around. I used it almost daily. Thanks.$10.00 USD
1 July 2022This is one of those software tools that is absolutely rock solid and fast while doing exactly what it's supposed to, without bloat, ads or being a resource hog. Should be a default install on any PC€10.00 EUR
1 July 2022Hi David. Thank you for one of my most useful utilities. Everything always finds what I am looking for. I just installed v1.5a in order to make use of the “Omissions” option. Even better!$20.00 USD
1 July 2022Thank you for a great tool!€10.00 EUR
30 June 2022Tolles Progamm schnell und einfache zu bedienen. Keine überflüssigen Animationen. Ich hätte ein schlechtes Gewissen das Progamm unsonst zu benutzen. Danke an den / die Entwickler.€10.00 EUR
30 June 2022Hi David, just sent you a mail that the problem is solved with the latest version.. Here is my donantion for this year for updating "Everything". Thank you for the programm!$20.00 USD
29 June 2022Thank you for a great utility. Every time I think of a feature it is already implemented. Superb work. $20.48 USD
28 June 2022Love this program :)$15.00 CAD
28 June 2022Great software. It has a small footprint, is extremely fast and even works with network drives. And it has a lot of features that makes it work like you want. This quality software shouldn't be fre€20.00 EUR
28 June 2022$10.00 USD
28 June 2022$20.00 CAD
27 June 2022Great program! Use it all the time to search 4TB of documents going back 30 years.$50.00 USD
26 June 2022$10.00 CAD
26 June 2022Hi David !!! Again saved me time and my life - hence I donate again ! Regards - Wolfgang from Austria€50.00 EUR
26 June 2022Love Evenything. Use it all the time. Way better than Windows File Explorer Search.$20.00 USD
25 June 2022Appreciate your work on Everything, David, one of the first things installed on a new PC or OS refresh. Cheers.$3.50 AUD
25 June 2022My second donation already (if I remember correctly) Fabulous tool Almost replaces a fully fledged DMS (document management system) with respect to indexes. Verbose file names is the secret$15.00 USD
24 June 2022Many thanks for your guidance.€20.00 EUR
24 June 2022Simpley the Best thanks€20.00 EUR
23 June 2022Second time donating, Everything saved my ass when no other tool would do what I wanted. Thank you so much. And thank you for making it freeware.$50.00 AUD
23 June 2022$100.00 MXN
22 June 2022Thx 4 the best app I have ever had on my machines. So much better Workflow every day, easy and speedy. All my collegues are wondering how can I find documents in terabytes of data that quick. €5.00 EUR
22 June 2022$3.00 AUD
22 June 2022There is no match to your software. Everything is leterally everything we need $5.00 USD
21 June 2022$5.00 USD
20 June 2022Magic!$10.00 AUD
20 June 2022Thanks for a great app that I use almost every day.$20.00 CAD
20 June 2022€2.00 EUR
20 June 2022€20.00 EUR
20 June 2022$10.00 USD
20 June 2022$1.00 USD
20 June 2022$12.00 USD
17 June 2022€1.00 EUR
16 June 2022$2.00 USD
16 June 2022$7.00 AUD
15 June 2022unbelievable tool - thank YOU!€10.00 EUR
14 June 2022$10.00 USD
14 June 2022Great! Tanks...€10.00 EUR
14 June 2022$6.69 USD
14 June 2022$1.00 USD
14 June 2022$1.00 USD
13 June 2022$10.00 USD
13 June 2022Great, I use it every day, even via the web, you find everything in one milliseconds€10.00 EUR
12 June 2022R$1.00 BRL
11 June 2022I LOVE this tool. AWESOME! Thanks so much!$10.00 USD
10 June 2022$10.00 USD
10 June 2022$2.00 USD
9 June 2022Most time saving tool I use it every day to find everything in my 1 Tetrabyte archives.$10.00 USD
9 June 2022This is a brilliant little utility tool. It does all the things Windows Search should have done years ago (and then some). Thank you!$40.00 USD
9 June 2022Can't live without it.$20.00 USD
8 June 2022Two copies -- one each on laptop and desktop!$20.00 USD
8 June 2022A wonderful tool. Like magic. I used to wonder about where I could find a file -- now Everything does it for me! Thanks!$25.00 USD
7 June 2022$7.00 USD
6 June 2022£10.00 GBP
6 June 2022€20.00 EUR
6 June 2022$7.00 USD
6 June 2022$10.00 USD
6 June 2022Thanks!$20.00 USD
4 June 2022€5.00 EUR
4 June 2022Thanks for Everything!€5.00 EUR
4 June 2022$10.00 USD
3 June 2022My coworkers think I'm a witch because I can find any old file in a heartbeat. Thanks!€5.00 EUR
3 June 2022$2.00 USD
2 June 2022€5.00 EUR
2 June 2022GREAT WORK !€10.00 EUR
1 June 2022Not seen a tool as good as this for a long time. Thank you!£10.00 GBP
1 June 2022I love Everything! I have often wished it could replace Windows Search, which I never use any more. Being totally blind, the best part is that it is fully accessible through my screen reader!$20.00 USD
1 June 2022Recommend everyday and use everyday. Fantastic piece of work.$20.00 USD
31 May 2022$30.00 USD
30 May 2022Thank you! You make me hate the Windows development team ;)$15.00 USD
30 May 2022Everything is the amazing search that Windows STILL lacks even by version 11. Thank you!$5.00 USD
29 May 2022$20.00 NZD
29 May 2022Thanks for this awesome software, David. Saludos desde Mexico. $50.00 USD
28 May 2022David Thank you for this excellent piece of work. A Great tool. £10.00 GBP
28 May 2022$20.00 CAD
28 May 2022$10.00 USD
26 May 2022$100.00 USD
26 May 2022$25.00 USD
25 May 2022Makes searching a breeze 😊! Amazingly fast, lean and mean!$10.00 USD
24 May 2022$40.00 USD
23 May 2022Great resource! Pity Microsoft couldn't do the same! :-)$10.00 USD
23 May 2022$3.00 AUD
22 May 2022Took some figuring out to get the app setup to access files on our network drives but once I got it up a running, it works great. Super fast results when searching. Best search utility I have ever run$25.00 USD
22 May 2022Absolutely BRILLIANT tool David. Beats the pants off MS "Search" Everything scores 100% Search scores 1% (I'm feeling generous)£5.00 GBP
21 May 2022$20.00 USD
18 May 2022$10.00 USD
18 May 2022$12.00 USD
18 May 2022$1.00 USD
18 May 2022支持你,希望你尽快能开发出Mac版本 Support you, I hope you can develop a Mac version $10.00 AUD
17 May 2022€100.00 EUR
17 May 2022I can’t believe what a great tool this is , and that it auto-updates any changes in your files $10.00 USD
17 May 2022€1.00 EUR
16 May 2022David, your skills as a software "Carpenter" are outstanding. Not a day goes by when Everything doesn't get used!! Cheers$25.00 CAD
16 May 2022$2.00 USD
16 May 2022$2.00 USD
15 May 2022Excellent work, an everyday blessing.$10.00 USD
15 May 2022Couldn't function without it$25.00 AUD
15 May 2022Really the Best Search program for Windows, the ability to add and remove drive and search for partial words all preloaded make it worth more than I can afford to pay but Hope this helps. $15.00 USD
15 May 2022Quite an excellent tool$40.00 USD
14 May 2022Everything makes everything right what is wrong with Windows search. Love it!€10.00 EUR
14 May 2022$1.00 USD
14 May 2022$1.00 USD
13 May 2022£25.00 GBP
13 May 2022Gracias por esta herramienta! Saludos desde Argentina!$5.00 USD
13 May 2022Finally a search I can use in Windows 10 and Windows 11. And it can even include Google Drive files which is amazing.$5.00 USD
12 May 2022Thank you. Everything is indispensable.$20.00 USD
11 May 2022David, your tool "Everything" is literally life-changing. Keep up the great work, and please always take good care of yourself, the world needs you. Kind regards David.P$111.11 USD
11 May 2022$30.00 USD
11 May 2022I use your program every single day on my work. Your program is such a time saver, and I love that it is so blazing fast! Keep on going with this program! It is a must-have!200.00 DKK
10 May 2022$50.00 USD
10 May 2022$2.00 USD
9 May 2022Thank you so much for developing this excellent software. I am going to switch to macOS but Everything is not available for macOS. Sadly I can no longer enjoy Everything. Thank you for Everythin$10.00 CAD
9 May 2022So much better than Windows 10 search. Many thanks!£10.00 GBP
8 May 2022makes lookup SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO much easier$10.00 USD
7 May 2022€20.00 EUR
7 May 2022Great program, thanks for making this.$20.00 USD
6 May 2022Thank you for this wonderful tool.$20.00 USD
5 May 2022This is an amazing program, thank you so much for making it free.$25.00 USD
4 May 2022Great tool, thank you very much!€10.00 EUR
4 May 2022Now that I got used to it, I don't want to work without again!€40.00 EUR
4 May 202255.55 SEK
2 May 2022$2.00 USD
2 May 2022Hello David: I just wanted to say your program is fantastic. It has saved my butt many times already. I wanted to record file names and paths in an easy fashion. Your program does it. Thanks.$25.00 USD
2 May 2022Very surprising how quick Everything works. Thank you$5.00 CAD
2 May 2022$10.00 USD
2 May 2022Thank You for this most effective program$20.00 USD
1 May 2022$8.88 USD
1 May 2022Dear Sirs, you created a very good program and there is also (very important for me) a german language available! I like this program very much and I estimate your effort.I'm private.€15.00
1 May 2022Excellent search utility, thank you.$45.00 USD
30 April 2022it is the best search program. Unbeatable, best thanks$5.00 USD
29 April 2022wonderful, I'd be lost without EVERYTHING$10.00 AUD
28 April 2022$10.00 USD
28 April 2022$25.00 USD
28 April 2022Keeo up the good work!$25.00 USD
28 April 2022Surprising to see how good this software is, especially for scanning network drives and keeping an updated index. It has made our business work faster, for sure.$100.00 USD
27 April 2022Dear David, I have been using Everything for years now and it's an awesome search program. I have been suggesting it to friends and clients for years. Thank you, Larry Krainson$25.00 USD
27 April 2022$10.00 USD
27 April 2022$20.00 CAD
27 April 2022$1.00 USD
27 April 2022Love voidtools everything. Allows me to have a less strict structure as to where things are stored because: We will find it! Quickly! $35.00 USD
27 April 2022$25.00 USD
26 April 2022Every now and then "Everything" comes to my rescue...every now and then I like to remind you of your helpfulness and efficiency...with a small contribution.£5.00 GBP
25 April 2022€10.00 EUR
24 April 2022Takes Windows search from a D- to A++ Thank you sooo much!$20.00 USD
24 April 2022Danke für dieses Super Suchprogramm!!!€5.00 EUR
22 April 2022$3.00 AUD
22 April 2022Indispensable, amazing work. High cost solutions don't even come close! Thank you.$50.00 USD
21 April 2022Brilliant!! Absolutely Brilliant!!!! Thank you. R$50.00 AUD
21 April 2022Essential. For permanent use. Saves me a lot of time and work. You have to help the author to keep improving the project.€50.00 EUR
21 April 2022$2.50 USD
20 April 2022thanks, it's the best to date Silvano€5.00 EUR
20 April 2022€20.00 EUR
20 April 2022Frankly, I don't know how I could get along without your program. It has saved my cptr life on numerous occasions; thank you!!$25.00 USD
20 April 2022Hey, your tool is a god-send. File Explorer won't search any more in spite of several attempts to fix. If it were not for you, I would not be able to find anything! - Bob$10.00 USD
20 April 2022$10.00 USD
19 April 2022I thought program had a bug. It did not. Made me realize again that your program is irreplaceable. thank you.$10.00 USD
19 April 2022Good work!! It'd be awesome if you could add an option in order to find duplicate folders.$5.00 USD
19 April 2022Oh my god I love this program. It saves so many time. I really appreciate you for that. €10.00 EUR
19 April 2022$1.00 USD
18 April 2022$12.00 USD
18 April 2022€25.00 EUR
18 April 2022Saved my ass tonight. Thank you!$10.00 USD
18 April 2022Hi David, This is my second or third donation. This is in my TOP FIVE list of must-have IT tools. $30.00 USD
18 April 2022€5.00 EUR
17 April 2022$20.00 USD
17 April 2022$5.00 USD
17 April 2022$50.00 USD
16 April 2022Can't live without it!$5.00 USD
16 April 2022Excellent tool. I use it multiple times every day. Thanks!$25.00 USD
15 April 2022$2.00 USD
15 April 2022Lacks paid version :)$10.00 USD
15 April 2022I am about to donate $50. Thank you. You have created the best search app that I have ever seen.$50.00 USD
15 April 2022Hi David, thanks for this tool, very useful. kind regards from Graz, Austria Sanjin$10.00 USD
15 April 2022Thank you for a fantastic help tool. $20.00 USD
14 April 2022awesome tool. beats windows any time of day. $10.00 CAD
14 April 202230.00 PLN
14 April 2022$1.00 USD
13 April 2022$1.00 USD
13 April 2022Дякуємо за вашу роботу, щодня користуюся вашим софтом! Слава Україні!$5.00 USD
13 April 2022$10.00 USD
13 April 2022Thanks again for the invaluable utility, David. And the help!$10.00 USD
12 April 2022The most useful search software I have come across. Extremely fast, light weight, and full of features. I suggest adding a shortcut on the menu to search for "a word or phrase in the file".$20.00 CAD
12 April 2022$5.00 USD
11 April 2022Thank you for Fixed me on a weekend after corp. image upgrade moved a LOT of files around (IT, I thought we were supposed to be using OneDrive?) Everything works well with OneDrive, btw.$25.00 USD
11 April 2022I use this every single day and don't think I could use Windows without it. Thank you so much for making it available and keeping it up to date!$20.00 USD
11 April 2022Running Windows 7. Cannot live w/o "everything". Webb in NJ USA$10.00 USD
10 April 2022I've been using Everything for years, and I regret that I've never made a donation. It's usefulness is beyond measure, and it's so fast! Thank you!$50.00 AUD
10 April 2022$2.00 USD
8 April 2022€1.00 EUR
8 April 2022Using Everything for several years now. It's actually shameful I didn't donate a penny up until now. The level of utility this tool provides cannot be overstated!$50.00 USD
7 April 2022$20.00 USD
6 April 2022Such an incredible tool! Thank YOU! I work at a TV broadcaster and used to spent hours looking for sound clips and archive footage on servers. Now I find EVERYTHING I need in just a few clicks!$20.00 USD
6 April 2022Thanks for creating this amazing tool - it's one of my absolute essentials.$20.00 USD
6 April 2022$5.00 USD
6 April 2022Thanks, great tool.$50.00 USD
6 April 2022Terrific program.$15.00 USD
4 April 2022$25.00 CAD
4 April 2022$50.00 USD
3 April 2022Lucian cocierul donated this.€25.00 EUR
3 April 2022I have been using Everything tool for last 8 years. I can't imagine my routine without it. Thanks for you great work.$20.00 USD
3 April 2022I couldn't agree more with "floating hotels on Jupiter" a few donations below XD. If someone told me "you can't use everything search" I'd quit programming for agronomy. I love programming. Thanks!€25.00 EUR
3 April 2022$2.00 USD
2 April 2022An absolute necessity $15.00 USD
2 April 2022Tremendously fast, idiot proof, very ressource friendly. What's there not to love. Still boggles my mind why Windows's onboard tools don't remotely work this well. Thanks David.$10.00 USD
2 April 2022Just one word, GREAT DONE. Looking fordward to search on Outlook files. $10.00 USD
1 April 2022This is my Go-To file search tool. It is so fast!$10.00 USD
1 April 2022Thank you for providing this great tool.$10.00 USD
31 March 2022Helpful program ... Thanks$20.00 USD
30 March 2022$5.00 USD
30 March 2022We'd have floating hotels on jupiter if Bill Gates provided windows with this from the get go$10.00 USD
30 March 2022Seriously, this is the best program ever. Windows search is horrible and this is a breath of fresh air. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making and maintaining this program!$50.00 USD
28 March 2022Everything is straight up the best Windows utility I have ever used. Bill Gates ought to offer you 5 000 000 USD for the right to integrate Everything into Windows.200.00 SEK
28 March 2022Thank you.$5.00 USD
28 March 2022$20.00 CAD
28 March 2022$1.00 USD
26 March 2022€5.00 EUR
26 March 2022$10.00 USD
25 March 2022Tremendous!£10.00 GBP
25 March 2022Your program has been a time saver, and a panic stopper when I thought I had totally lost a file. Please keep up the great work.$10.00 USD
24 March 2022$50.00 USD
24 March 2022$5.00 USD
23 March 2022Wonderful program. I use it daily.$10.00 USD
23 March 2022Keep up the good work!$10.00 USD
23 March 2022$3.00 AUD
22 March 2022Just starting to use Everything, but am already convinced that this is one of the greatest pieces of software in existence. Keep up the awesome work!€11.11 EUR
22 March 2022$10.00 USD
22 March 2022$5.00 USD
22 March 2022$20.00 USD
21 March 2022Thank you David! There are many things Windows 11 does well, but Search still sucks. Microsoft should license this software!$5.00 USD
21 March 2022$5.00 USD
21 March 2022Thank you David so much for this tool, it's made my day to day life so much easier!$50.00 CAD
21 March 2022$20.00 USD
20 March 2022$10.00 USD
19 March 2022$20.00 USD
19 March 2022$1.00 USD
19 March 2022$20.00 USD
19 March 2022$12.00 USD
18 March 2022$2,000.00 USD
17 March 2022$20.00 USD
17 March 2022$10.00 USD
17 March 2022After signup to express Thanks, I remembered the old saying: "Don't say Thanks - just throw money!" So here's throwing some at ya! Thanks! :) $20.00 USD
17 March 2022€1.00 EUR
16 March 2022$2.00 USD
16 March 2022Merci pour ce logiciel vraiment efficace€10.00 EUR
15 March 2022Hi David, time I made another small donation to help with ongoing development of "everything". I use it quite regularly, so I am happy to support it. Cheers, Ian. PS. Go Blues! $10.00 USD
15 March 2022Nice!$20.00 USD
15 March 2022This is the type of software that any PC I use for a longer periode of time, can't be without. Great work David. Greetings from a happy Dane. //Hammer50.00 DKK
14 March 2022£20.00 GBP
14 March 2022Just sat down to find something in my 40 year accumulation of files and realized, once again, how useful your product is.$10.00 USD
14 March 2022Thank you for providing this very usefull tool, which I've been using for many years. Ludwig€24.00 EUR
14 March 2022$1.00 USD
14 March 2022$1.00 USD
13 March 202220$20.00 USD
13 March 2022I use this program daily. Fast, efficient and accurate. Kudos David and to your team. Could you add a "folder sizer" one of these days? $25.00 CAD
13 March 2022This software help too much on finding easily files that I have lost from years. $10.00 USD
13 March 2022Super utility! Thank you David...$20.00 CAD
12 March 2022I use "Everything" every day. Has changed the way I search for files.$100.00 CAD
11 March 2022Great job David!$10.00 USD
11 March 2022This app is simply fantastic! I have no idea how I lived without it all these years. THANK YOU!$10.00 USD
11 March 2022Best software on my computer; saved me hours and hours of work. Never let me down!€50.00 EUR
10 March 2022$20.00 USD
10 March 2022$2.00 USD
9 March 2022$25.00 USD
9 March 2022£10.00 GBP
9 March 2022The more I use this software the more valuable it becomes. Please accept my small donation as a thank you and to help keep your foresighted developments underway. Thanks again. $10.00 USD
9 March 2022€1.00 EUR
8 March 2022Nice piece of kit. Thanx-$10.00 USD
8 March 2022The best and most useful utility I have ever installed. I use it every day! Gladly, sending you some more money.$20.00 USD
8 March 2022$15.00 USD
7 March 2022Fantastic software, a real time-saver.$25.00 USD
6 March 2022Great software!$25.00 USD
6 March 2022$20.00 CAD
6 March 2022Thank you for this program. Can't imagine life without it. It's the only program I push onto all of my friends and install for them first chance I get.$10.00 USD
6 March 2022This is a very useful tool for my searches$5.00 USD
5 March 2022$20.00 USD
5 March 2022Truly excellent piece of software. Can't wait for 1.5.$15.00 USD
5 March 2022Great little tool$10.00 USD
4 March 2022€20.00 EUR
4 March 2022It's my second donation and I will continue as this great piece of software makes me save so much time.$50.00 USD
3 March 2022$2.00 USD
2 March 2022$5.00 USD
2 March 2022Thank you$10.00 USD
1 March 2022Amazing how fast Everything is. Why is it so much better than everything else?$5.00 USD
28 February 2022This simple software changed my life. From daily tasks to software development ones: it boosted productivity and reduced stress. The SDK is the perfect icing on the cake. Thank you so much.€75.00 EUR
28 February 2022$5.00 USD
28 February 2022Thank you!$10.00 USD
28 February 2022$1.00 USD
28 February 2022$20.00 CAD
27 February 2022Thank You! for making my searches easier and simpler than with just Windows search.$5.00 USD
27 February 2022Fantastic software.$20.00 USD
26 February 2022Thank you David Great Program!!$10.00 USD
26 February 2022very helpful$5.00 USD
25 February 2022This is the first tool I install after I boot a new operating system.$12.00 USD
25 February 2022$11.11 CAD
25 February 2022€10.00 EUR
25 February 2022Great Product! Thank you for developing it and making it available. Gary$20.00 USD
24 February 2022Such an excellent and essential tool! I'm using Alpha and the continuous refinement and improvement is impressive. Regex makes it powerful (and actually fun?). Grateful to have this.$25.00 USD
23 February 2022This utility saves me so much time and hassle, I owe you something! Thanks for creating a great piece of software!$20.00 USD
23 February 2022This is one of the more useful pieces of software I have installed on my PC. It is one of the first things I install when setting up a computer that I use regularly. Keep up the excellent work! 😎$25.00 USD
23 February 2022$3.00 AUD
22 February 2022Thanks so much for your work on Everything! 😊$15.00 USD
21 February 2022Thank you€10.00 EUR
20 February 2022Great! I wish there was something EXACTLY like it on macOS.€20.00 EUR
20 February 2022I'm 72. I've waited all my life and searched the world over to find a file indexer and search tool like this. Now I can die in peace. This program is fantastic - a real game changer. Thank you!$25.00 CAD
20 February 2022€5.00 EUR
20 February 2022Essential software.$22.00 USD
20 February 2022$20.00 USD
20 February 2022The MVP of tools! Many thanks and best wishes, Richard Link-Later.€10.00 EUR
20 February 2022It's everything I expected and more!$7.77 USD
19 February 2022$20.00 USD
19 February 2022Without a doubt, "...the most useful util I've used since 1988."! Thank You! $25.00 USD
19 February 2022$12.00 USD
19 February 2022The most useful tool in the kit! Indispensable!€20.00 EUR
19 February 2022$1.00 USD
18 February 2022$25.00 USD
18 February 2022€20.00 EUR
18 February 2022My pc cannot live without Everything! Thanks a lot for your hard work$5.00 USD
17 February 2022Soo much better than windows search. Thank you very much. Really apreciate great shareware like this$5.00 USD
16 February 2022$2.00 USD
16 February 2022Very useful. Thank you.$5.00 USD
15 February 2022Please allow text preview for any .exts and limit it by file size. It's very frustrating when I can preview .ts sources and can't .vue$2.00 USD
14 February 2022Just downloaded and tested. Superfast and very impressive. Within less than a minute, was able to search my NAS drive. Cheers.$2.00 USD
14 February 2022$1.00 USD
14 February 2022$1.00 USD
13 February 2022first time software made me smile in 20 years$20.00 USD
12 February 2022Probably the most useful util I've used since 1988.$20.00 USD
11 February 2022One of the most useful programs on my computer! Thanks.$20.00 USD
10 February 2022Excellent$1.00 USD
10 February 2022The best tool on this planet. No doubt! A big thank you. gian55$10.00 USD
10 February 2022Great tool!$3.00 USD
10 February 2022The best searcher ever. Never stop please ! Thank you.€5.00 EUR
9 February 2022$2.00 USD
9 February 2022Thanks, what a useful tool.€5.00 EUR
9 February 2022Thx for an absolutely mind-boggling software! It's so incredibly fast, it's truly unbelievable. Microsoft should give you a billion dollars and integrate it in the Windows OS! :-)€3.00 EUR
9 February 2022Exceptionally useful program, I rely on it daily. Thank you.$20.00 USD
9 February 2022Thanks so much for Everything - the useles taskbar search has annoyed me for so long. Best wishes John£10.00 GBP
9 February 2022€1.00 EUR
8 February 2022Thank you very much for your support!€40.00 EUR
8 February 2022Thank you, David, for Everything! Using it daily.€10.00 EUR
8 February 2022Single most useful freeware I use daily. Nothing comes close to how much this helps!$20.00 USD
8 February 2022I'm a real "fan" of everything.€10.00 EUR
8 February 2022$20.00 USD
8 February 2022SUPERFAST! Clean and simple user interface, shows results as I type, lots of options, includes my network drives, remote abilities... SO many good features! Excellent work, David and contributors!$25.00 USD
7 February 2022Grazie !€5.00 EUR
5 February 2022Thanks for a great search app that still even works in Win 11$10.00 USD
5 February 2022$10.00 AUD
5 February 2022I appreciate how fast and easy this is.$20.00 USD
5 February 2022Amazing - saved 15 minutes of useless searching with window!$15.00 USD
5 February 2022!!!€5.00 EUR
5 February 2022I've been using Everything for years and I love it!$10.00 USD
5 February 2022$5.00 USD
4 February 2022Thank you many times over! I've used your tool for a long time, and donated before. But I just discovered Filelist. Wow what a lifesaver for my HFS+ drives! OMG!! I have tortured myself for years. $15.00 USD
4 February 2022Obscure software files, ancient documents, ENERYTHING! Does it all!$50.00 USD
3 February 2022I use it everyday. Thanks.€10.00 EUR
3 February 2022This tool is the best. I wish Microsoft would use your code!$50.00 USD
3 February 2022One of the best tools I have ever used, my only wish is there was OSX version.$10.00 USD
3 February 2022Simply MA RA VI LLO SO !!!!!€5.00 EUR
3 February 2022$2.00 USD
2 February 2022I cannot imagine working on Windows without Everything! The most useful tool ever created for Windows. Thank you so much for your incredibly helpful product. You rock!$10.00 USD
1 February 2022it is a very useful search tools, fast and finds the things I am looking fore in my files loaded notebook. $10.00 USD
31 January 2022Every single one of my Windows machines runs everything. I don't know if i could find anything without it anymore.€20.00 EUR
30 January 2022I've made small donations before. Every time I am saved by your great tool AND each time I recommend it to someone, I will revisit this page and donate small again. THANKS! -Guyr8s$5.00 USD
30 January 2022I use it everyday. Thank you.$20.00 USD
29 January 2022David, we love "Everything", it is fantastic/helpful search tool for Windows. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work and keep developing lean and simple awesome apps.$20.00 USD
29 January 2022superb piece of software$10.00 USD
29 January 2022thanks. this shit is awesome.$100.00 USD
28 January 2022Heb al vaker gedoneerd, maar nog maar weer eens als dank voor fijne tool. E. The Netherlands$10.00 USD
28 January 2022$20.00 CAD
28 January 2022$10.00 CAD
28 January 2022$1.00 USD
27 January 2022This is the most useful search tool I have found. It is fast, simple yet flexible, and works with Google Drive. Kudos to you guys. Please keep it up!$10.00 USD
27 January 2022Thank you!!!$5.00 USD
26 January 2022$10.00 USD
26 January 2022I use Everything every day for numerous purposes. It's a fantastic time saver. Thank you very much.$50.00 CAD
26 January 2022$50.00 USD
25 January 2022THANK YOU !!!!!€30.00 EUR
25 January 2022Great programme€10.00 EUR
23 January 2022$3.00 AUD
22 January 2022Smooth and Helpfull =)€10.00 EUR
22 January 2022Thanks$10.00 USD
22 January 2022$100.00 USD
21 January 2022There are "must have" applications on every windows install - this is one of them$15.00 AUD
21 January 2022much love from UAE <3 i hope i can see Dark Theme in the upcoming release$10.00 USD
21 January 2022Thank you for a simple app that does one thing extremely well. It amazes me that something similar is not included in Windows or MacOS.$10.00 USD
21 January 2022I have found "Everything" to be indespensible. I cannot think of anything I could suggest to improve it.$15.00 USD
21 January 2022€10.00 EUR
20 January 2022€10.00 EUR
20 January 2022can't live without it. $10.00 USD
20 January 2022$10.00 USD
20 January 2022$10.00 USD
19 January 2022David; Really great program, has saved my bacon more than a few times. Thanks, Terry $5.00 USD
19 January 2022Any chance of coming out with a dark theme? I use this every day and it's the only piece of software that still hurts my eyes. Worth it - it's sooo good - but a dark theme would be much appreciated.$20.00 CAD
19 January 2022Este programa é excelente; esta é a minha 2ª doação; bom trabalho.R$50.00 BRL
19 January 2022$12.00 USD
18 January 2022$1.00 USD
18 January 2022I absolutely love this little utility.$7.77 USD
17 January 2022Très bon programme que j'utilise tous les jours. Bravo et merci !€15.00 EUR
16 January 2022Continue to love your program !!$20.00 USD
16 January 2022I use many programs as a power user. Everything is a real time-saver. Even better with .AHK script to focus file on hotkey from Everything to file manager (Altap). Thank you, keep up the great work!350.00 CZK
16 January 2022$5.00 USD
16 January 2022Thank you once again for... well, Everything!€5.00 EUR
16 January 2022Great work. Super tool. Thank you for being that generous everybody can use "Everything" for free. I will keep recommending. Danke, Merci, Grazie, Spassiba.€10.00 EUR
16 January 2022$2.00 USD
15 January 2022simple and great tool, that saved a lot of time. thank you$10.00 USD
15 January 2022$20.00 CAD
14 January 2022$20.00 USD
14 January 2022$1.00 USD
14 January 2022$1.00 USD
13 January 2022$10.00 USD
13 January 2022$10.00 AUD
13 January 2022I only started using Everything a few days ago, but now I find myself using it every day.$20.00 CAD
12 January 2022Merci pour nous permettre d'utiliser gracieusement votre précieux logiciel.€5.00 EUR
12 January 2022I love Everything and it is one of the first application that I install on a clean machine. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool.$10.00 CAD
11 January 2022This is one tool that I keep on recommending everyone. <3 <3 <3$10.00 USD
10 January 2022$20.37 USD
10 January 2022$20.00 USD
10 January 2022i use it every day. Great Job.€10.00 EUR
10 January 2022$2.00 USD
9 January 2022$20.00 USD
9 January 2022€1.00 EUR
7 January 2022Win 11 has just spent 30 minutes trying to locate a file from a part file name. In that time it found four files that matched the specification. I installed Everything found 100+ such files instantly!£10.00 GBP
7 January 2022€1.00 EUR
7 January 2022€0.01 EUR
7 January 2022$1.00 USD
7 January 2022Couldn't go without Everything, it's easily my most frequently used software!$20.00 USD
6 January 2022Life saver, so easy to find stuff using this. I use it frequently. Thanks for making this software free. I always wondered why search in the native windows file explorer was so slow and bad. $12.00 USD
6 January 2022Everything has been everything I needed _ been such a great help today! I'm bigging you up on Twitter too _ Many Thanks£5.00 GBP
6 January 2022Great job!$10.00 USD
6 January 2022Thank you!$5.00 USD
5 January 2022Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.$25.00 USD
5 January 2022Jim_M: I only wish I could pay more. What a great tool. I've been using it for years now, and I'll be donating again! Super handy.$25.00 CAD
5 January 2022Great tool. Thank you for your work.$5.00 USD
4 January 2022Thank you very much for the tool! I am astonished how good its UX comparing to tools from Microsoft.$5.00 USD
4 January 2022$20.00 USD
4 January 2022Excellent program. I wish it could be built into file open in other programs, ie not have to navigate to folder to find file, just type file name and would be found. Microsoft might pay for!£10.00 GBP
3 January 2022$5.00 USD
3 January 2022$2.00 USD
2 January 2022$5.00 USD
1 January 2022I use "Everything" every day!$20.00 USD
1 January 2022$10.00 USD
1 January 2022Use "Everything" constantly! Thanks.$11.00 USD
1 January 2022Hi David. thank you for your wonderful everything. Could not live without it:) Greetings Roland$20.00 AUD
31 December 2021$20.00 USD
31 December 2021$30.00 CAD
31 December 2021€20.00 EUR
31 December 2021€10.00 EUR
30 December 2021thanks!!!!!!$10.00 USD
30 December 2021$25.00 USD
30 December 2021$10.00 CAD
30 December 2021GREAT!!!!€5.00 EUR
29 December 2021$20.00 CAD
29 December 2021Thank you for this excellent tool. ...Berlin.. :-)$7.77 USD
29 December 2021Great job, thank you!$10.00 USD
29 December 2021Zeus04: Thank you for a excellent product!100.00 SEK
29 December 2021€10.00 EUR
29 December 2021Dude, This piece of art should be integrated in windows itself I can't live without it. here is a cup of coffee to keep you going!$20.00 USD
28 December 2021Thank you for this excellent tool.€5.00 EUR
28 December 2021Great program, still found nothing better to search.. !€10.00 EUR
27 December 2021$1.00 USD
27 December 2021$20.00 CAD
27 December 2021Thank you, David. Using it daily for few years now. Great software! $20.00 USD
26 December 2021Thank you for your great program.$10.00 USD
25 December 2021$10.00 USD
25 December 2021£5.00 GBP
25 December 2021€10.00 EUR
24 December 2021Fabulous, I use everything every day. Thank you.$10.00 AUD
24 December 2021I've used this for years and can't tell you how much time I've saved whenever I've needed to find any obscure file!$25.00 USD
23 December 2021I find this superb tool indispensable - I use it constantly and it makes all other general search tools pointless.£10.00 GBP
22 December 2021From one Geek to another: Blessings for a job well done!$25.00 USD
22 December 2021I can't believe Microsoft doesn't have this capability. I couldn't do computer work without it. Thanks for Everything!$20.00 USD
22 December 2021I have a ton of files, I’m old and my memory ain’t what it used to be. This tool is a godsend for me. Thanks so much!$20.00 USD
22 December 2021One of my "must have" applications.$25.00 USD
21 December 2021Amazing, Invaluable. Thanks David.$25.00 USD
20 December 2021Thank you David for another year of development, Merry Christmas to you and everyone supporting voidtools.£35.00 GBP
20 December 2021R$5.00 BRL
19 December 2021$10.00 USD
19 December 2021$20.00 USD
19 December 2021$1.00 USD
19 December 2021$12.00 USD
18 December 2021Thanks, David. You make life easier for us.€5.00 EUR
18 December 2021I am a developer. Everything is my main tool for finding things on my PC. THANKS! €25.00 EUR
18 December 20213,000.00 RUB
18 December 2021Danke für das sehr hilfreiche Tool. Alles Gute für 2022 aus München und bleiben Sie vor allem gesund !!!$10.00 USD
18 December 2021You keep our business humming. Thank you!$20.00 USD
17 December 2021Everything is indeed everything.$20.00 CAD
17 December 2021Thank you very much.$10.00 AUD
17 December 2021$10.00 USD
16 December 2021$2.00 USD
15 December 202140.00 PLN
14 December 2021$10.00 USD
14 December 2021$1.00 USD
14 December 2021$1.00 USD
13 December 2021$25.00 USD
12 December 2021$1.00 USD
12 December 2021Thank you for this awesome tool. It's incredible that MS is incapable of creating search that's fast and just works. I would love to be able to make Everything the default search engine.€20.00 EUR
12 December 2021Thank you for this program. I use it every day.$10.00 USD
11 December 2021I can finally search my NAS. Thank you so much. You just made my life so much easier.$10.00 USD
11 December 2021Using it almost every day, so thanks€10.00 EUR
11 December 2021Ich danke dir für dieses ausgerzeichnete Tool (App). €10.00 EUR
10 December 2021Thank YOU, David. I've been at the mercy of BillyGodGates and Micro$oft Windozed since DOS. No M$B$..., your search program works! Just heard of it ten minutes ago, installed and used it! Fast!$10.00 CAD
10 December 2021$2.00 USD
9 December 2021I really like 'Everything', I'm always losing track of stuff in spite of telling myself I'm very organised. It is a big help here in England. Regards and Season's Greeting from Another David £5.00 GBP
9 December 2021Awesome work guys! Take my money!!!€15.00 EUR
9 December 2021Great software!$10.00 USD
9 December 2021€1.00 EUR
8 December 2021your software is fantastic! seriously! I appreciate you releasing it as freeware, too! I try to always make sure to financially support efforts in similar vein to yours, to keep free software areality$25.00 USD
8 December 2021Thanks for such an excellent program! Greetings from Mexico $200.00 MXN
7 December 2021Amazing Program! $25.00 USD
7 December 2021Thank you. BIG help. Making a hard job easy!!! Helping make computers what they should and could be. And best of all, finding what I have lost! $20.00 USD
7 December 2021€5.00 EUR
7 December 2021Vielen Dank und weiter so!€10.00 EUR
6 December 2021Thank you.$15.00 USD
6 December 2021Such an amazing tool. I wish I had known about it years ago already. Thanks a ton!€10.00 EUR USD
5 December 2021Thank you again for your kind and immediate reply. Thanks- Uday Saturday, December 04, 2021 - 04:49 PM PDT $25.00 USD
5 December 2021Excellent app! Blows away Windows indexing, thank you!$20.00 USD
5 December 2021THX! cannot live without it €20.00 EUR
5 December 2021I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY, for EVERYTHING, and helped me so much in having all my files under control. A small donation for appreciation and to please keep up with your great work!€15.00 EUR
5 December 2021the best$20.00 USD
5 December 2021Thanks! Nice Greetings from Austria!€20.00 EUR
4 December 2021Prima$20.00 USD
3 December 2021$40.00 USD
3 December 2021Use it very frequently. Extremely helpful! Tnx for all your work!$20.00 USD
3 December 2021Great tool!! It's just work superfast$5.00 USD
3 December 2021€10.00 EUR
3 December 2021$2.00 USD
2 December 2021DANKE für das Super-Tool ... Viele Grüße aus Deutschland, Elke & Bernd€10.00 EUR
2 December 2021Thanks for everything from Germany & Switzerland :)€500.00 EUR
1 December 2021$10.00 USD
1 December 2021$20.00 CAD
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