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Donation HistoryCommentAmount
2 June 2023I love your program. This has been my go to for search on my pc and I find it extremely useful and beneficial. Excellent software!$25.00 USD
2 June 2023Fantástico, me lo recomendó un amigo informático y es brutal. Hace tiempo que no había visto nada parecido. Enhorabuena.€20.00 EUR
2 June 2023Brand new computer, first thing I install. Can't live without the best searchprogram! 150.00 SEK
2 June 2023Great software has improved the efficiency of a lot of my workflows!$20.00 USD
2 June 2023$5.00 USD
1 June 2023$15.00 USD
31 May 2023$5.00 USD
30 May 2023€10.00 EUR
30 May 2023$5.00 USD
29 May 2023£5.00 GBP
29 May 2023Love the software, install it as soon as I've completed a fresh install. The server option is going to be great.$25.00 USD
29 May 2023Espectacular tool!!!$20.00 USD
29 May 2023Thank you for this very much needed software $5.00 USD
29 May 2023made the switch to the alpha and it's great. the feature set has only gotten better, and honestly, Everything is my favorite program in general, not just for its purpose. it's such a pleasure to use$25.00 USD
28 May 2023$50.00 USD
28 May 2023Merci/Thanks :-)$5.55 CAD
28 May 2023Thank-you! Use this all the time. MS could learn a few things from you.$10.00 CAD
27 May 2023Great tool!!!$10.00 USD
27 May 2023$25.00 USD
27 May 2023€1.00 EUR
27 May 2023$20.00 CAD
27 May 2023$1.00 USD
27 May 2023WOW! What is this sorcery :O£11.11 GBP
27 May 2023Thank you for a great search tool, the best I've seen so far! :) All the best100.00 DKK
27 May 2023Fastest search tool I have seen so far. Saved me so much time. Thanks David for all your hard good work.$20.00 USD
27 May 2023€1.00 EUR
27 May 2023$25.00 USD
26 May 2023Thanks for creating "Everything"! Lifesaver retrieving files across disks and servers.€50.00 EUR
26 May 2023Everything finds everything.Top!€10.00 EUR
26 May 2023Thanks for a great program. Works better than anything else I've used. Great Job. $25.00 USD
26 May 2023Just discovered the tool and am kinda struck at how much better it is than the standard way of doing things. Thanks for making it!€5.00 EUR
26 May 2023€10.00 EUR
26 May 2023Simply the best at what it does!$25.00 USD
25 May 2023$25.00 USD
25 May 2023$10.00 USD
25 May 2023Been using this forever. Great productivity saver and replaces ALL app launchers. Powershell interface would be nice. Terminal UI integration with Ironman Terminal-ui-designer would be a big plus.$1,000.00 USD
25 May 2023Great work!€50.00 EUR
24 May 2023$10.00 USD
24 May 2023$10.00 USD
24 May 2023Everything is so handy. Thankyou.$30.00 USD
24 May 2023$10.00 USD
24 May 2023$400.00 USD
22 May 2023$10.00 USD
22 May 2023David, Everything has really helped me more than once. Thank You for creating Everything and making it available to everyone!$5.00 USD
21 May 2023came to the website trying to find out why one of my drives isn't being searched. But thought I should leave a small donation to express my appreciation for this great utility. Thanks for Everything! $5.00 USD
20 May 2023Fantastic little friend of a programme.Love it lots.Makes/exposes MS search as crap. Very happy to donate,unfortunately ot as much as I would like. $40.00 AUD
20 May 2023Another small donation for this fantastic tool. Thanks so much.$10.00 USD
20 May 2023$20.00 USD
20 May 2023$10.00 USD
19 May 2023Could I use a computer every day without Everything? Maybe. Would I? Unlikely. Please keep up the good work David.$50.00 AUD
19 May 2023$1.00 USD
19 May 2023$12.00 USD
18 May 2023$15.00 USD
18 May 2023$5.00 USD
16 May 2023€1.00 EUR
16 May 2023Thank you, VoidTools! Your program transformed my workflow and life! It's been a game-changer, making everything easier and more efficient.€10.00 EUR
16 May 2023I occasionally donate as I use this a lot/would pay for it if it were paid. The only real things I could possibly want more'd be source code and or extensibility/Linux support/longevity for voidtools.$10.00 CAD
16 May 2023$20.00 USD
16 May 2023$10.00 USD
16 May 2023$2.00 USD
15 May 2023$20.00 USD
14 May 2023I have donated in the past and will continue to do so at intervals. Just a brilliant piece of software that I use constantly. As somebody said it is a mystery$10.00 AUD
14 May 2023Thank you for the great app - the new 1.5 alpha is "everything" I was looking for in a file manager. $25.00 USD
14 May 2023HOW it does WHAT it does (AND SO WELL!) is a mystery to me: and in less than 3MB of programming code! Thanks again, David.$25.00 USD
14 May 2023Thank you. What else can I say.$20.00 USD
13 May 2023$1.00 USD
13 May 2023$1.00 USD
13 May 2023$1.00 USD
13 May 2023$3.00 USD
13 May 2023This just works amazingly well. Thanks!$100.00 USD
13 May 2023Just found this and it works great$5.00 USD
13 May 2023$20.00 USD
13 May 2023$5.00 USD
12 May 2023Thanks for creating this excellent product. Hope this helps...$25.00 USD
12 May 2023time saver! thanks!€20.00 EUR
12 May 2023I couldn't possibly overstate how much I appreciate this software! Thank you.$10.00 USD
12 May 2023$25.00 AUD
11 May 2023Beats everything else, hands down.$25.00 USD
11 May 2023Thank you for this 'simple' yet fastest tool€10.00 EUR
11 May 2023$6.00 USD
11 May 2023$10.00 USD
11 May 2023one of greatest every day tools$30.00 USD
11 May 2023I use this thing on all my Windows machines. It's invaluable. I wish there was a Mac version! I've donated before, but don't remember when, but I probably owe you another donation. $25.00 USD
11 May 2023Fantastic piece of work David - a real GAME CHANGER! Been using it for many, many years and it's high time I made a generous donation.$50.00 USD
11 May 2023Wow folks, this is a wonderful piece of software. It has saved me countless hours, not only finding buried documents, but also finding misbehaving software components. Thank you so much! ~Pat$10.00 USD
11 May 2023this is a great tool which I use everyday. Thank you and much appreciated$50.00 USD
11 May 2023Extremely useful. Faster than Windows Search by several seconds. Finds things Windows does not.$25.00 USD
11 May 2023$25.00 USD
11 May 2023€10.00 EUR
10 May 2023$50.00 USD
10 May 2023$3.69 USD
10 May 2023$5.00 USD
10 May 2023$10.00 USD
10 May 2023Many thanks, David, for your efficient software,such great help to me!€5.00 EUR
10 May 2023$1.00 USD
10 May 2023€15.00 EUR
10 May 2023Thanks €5.00 EUR
10 May 2023€5.00 EUR
10 May 2023$50.00 USD
10 May 2023$2.00 USD
9 May 2023$25.00 USD
9 May 2023This is superbly fast and well-designed$15.00 USD
8 May 2023$10.00 USD
8 May 2023$25.00 USD
8 May 2023Спасибо за труд и за отличную программу. Thank you very much for your work and for the best program. $40.00 USD
6 May 2023₪20.00 ILS
6 May 2023Yall are awesome, thank yall so much.$100.00 USD
6 May 2023best software ever, thank you very much€20.00 EUR
5 May 2023Searches across multiple drives are lightning quick. Simple, fast, awesome tool. Thanks very much.$25.00 USD
5 May 2023Many thanks for this time-saving piece of Software. You are my personal hero for developing it!€10.00 EUR
4 May 2023$10.00 USD
4 May 2023been using it daily for many years, now you've done a QoL improvement for me too, high time I donated, you deserve it€20.00 EUR
3 May 2023Wonderful! Fixed my trashy Windows 10 Search better than Windows 7 was... THANK YOU! $25.00 USD
3 May 2023$15.00 NZD
3 May 2023$20.00 USD
3 May 2023$5.00 USD
3 May 2023$10.00 USD
3 May 2023£2.00 GBP
3 May 2023$2.00 USD
1 May 2023Powerful and blindingly fast. Cannot live without it.$25.00 USD
30 April 2023€10.00 EUR
30 April 2023€5.00 EUR
30 April 2023$4.00 USD
28 April 2023Indispensable tool. Thank you! $25.00 USD
28 April 2023$20.00 USD
28 April 2023$7.00 USD
27 April 2023I've been in love with Everything for years, I use it everywhere! <Emanuele from Italy>€10.00 EUR
27 April 2023€1.00 EUR
27 April 2023$20.00 CAD
26 April 2023Die Version 1.4 war schon sehr gut, die neue Version 1.5 (1343a) noch besser. Klasse!€10.00 EUR
26 April 2023$25.00 USD
26 April 2023Apart from the browser and file manager, this is definitely my most-often-used Windows tool. Thanks for keeping it updated!$10.00 USD
25 April 2023valuable program, often used. Thank You€10.00 EUR
25 April 2023$25.00 USD
23 April 2023dude I can not function without this program it is like missing my arms.$5.00 USD
23 April 2023It works well!$5.00 USD
23 April 2023$5.00 USD
23 April 2023$20.00 USD
22 April 2023$3.00 AUD
22 April 2023$10.00 USD
22 April 2023Makes my job so much easier. Looking forward to release of version 1.5!$20.00 USD
21 April 2023$10.00 USD
21 April 2023$10.00 USD
21 April 2023$25.00 USD
19 April 2023$10.00 USD
19 April 2023GREAT SOFTWARE and SUPERB Quick tech support by David. Nothing comes even close to EVERYTHING when you need a quick and reliable search results for work or personal use. Thank you David, Amanda $25.00 USD
19 April 2023€15.00 EUR
18 April 2023$12.00 USD
18 April 2023$1.00 USD
18 April 2023Wonderful Program!$10.00 USD
17 April 2023$5.00 USD
17 April 2023$30.00 USD
17 April 2023$20.00 USD
16 April 2023€1.00 EUR
16 April 2023$1.00 USD
16 April 2023$20.00 USD
15 April 2023everywhere is awesome software. Instant results. I still need to brush up on the details of searching. That will be easy enough I saw links in the help section. Thanks.$25.00 USD
15 April 2023$5.00 USD
15 April 2023$2.00 USD
15 April 2023$15.00 USD
15 April 2023$10.00 USD
14 April 2023Dear Mr David Carpenter, I emphatically agree with every positive word everyone has conveyed! Wishing for you all wish for yourself, plus: Illegitimi Non Carborundum And, Thank You for EVERYTHING$18.00 USD
14 April 2023$20.00 USD
14 April 2023$10.00 USD
14 April 2023$100.00 USD
13 April 2023$1.00 USD
13 April 2023$1.00 USD
13 April 2023$3.00 USD
13 April 2023$1.00 USD
13 April 2023$5.00 USD
12 April 2023$5.00 USD
11 April 2023Super programme€20.00 EUR
11 April 2023$5.00 USD
11 April 2023$3.69 USD
10 April 2023$20.00 AUD
9 April 2023Pure Genius, many thanks!€5.00 EUR
9 April 2023$2.00 USD
9 April 2023€10.00 EUR
8 April 2023Me encanta que siga funcionando de maravilla y que no cambie y que sea tan veloz como el rayo€5.00 EUR
8 April 2023Everything is very good. Good job! €5.00 EUR
8 April 2023€5.00 EUR
8 April 2023$20.00 USD
8 April 2023Wonderful software one of the best possible additions to Windows! Amazing. (Since I'm here, I'd love to have a left side panel for View as: details, medium thumbnails etc) :)$20.00 USD
8 April 2023Microsoft shouldn't buy everything, but to Everything ;) But if you consider... please don't sell it under it's price! Finally hope this will never happen, so here are a few bucks from me!€20.00 EUR
8 April 2023Your tool feels like magic, it is a real time saver. Thanks!€10.00 EUR
7 April 2023$50.00 USD
7 April 2023My favorite windows application of all time.$35.00 USD
7 April 2023$10.00 USD
6 April 2023Great product, you changed the way I interact with my files.€10.00 EUR
6 April 2023Unbelievable work. Thanks for the XYplorer support, greatly appreciated.$20.00 USD
6 April 2023$10.00 USD
5 April 2023$10.00 USD
5 April 2023Thanks€10.00 EUR
4 April 2023I've used this for years. I love it!$20.00 USD
4 April 2023Awesome peace of software.Super fast searching with regex, exporting, i love it so much.Completely different level in compare to windows search.Thank you !€10.00 EUR
2 April 2023€28.00 EUR
2 April 2023£2.00 GBP
2 April 2023$2.00 USD
2 April 2023Thanks! Makes Life so much easier!€5.00 EUR
2 April 2023Everything is very good. Good job!$10.00 USD
2 April 2023$25.00 USD
2 April 2023Thank you David, Jan€2.00 EUR
1 April 2023$25.00 USD
1 April 2023$3.00 CAD
1 April 2023$1.00 USD
31 March 2023$10.00 USD
31 March 2023Such a useful bit of software, thanks. £10.00 GBP
31 March 2023$20.00 USD
30 March 2023$1.00 USD
30 March 2023$4.00 USD
29 March 2023$30.00 USD
29 March 2023$1.50 USD
29 March 2023Un grand merci pour le développement de Everything depuis ces longues années. C'est un gain de temps fort appréciable en tant qu'utilisateur depuis 2008 Merci David €10.00 EUR
28 March 2023$1.00 USD
28 March 2023$1.00 USD
28 March 2023$5.00 USD
28 March 2023€1.00 EUR
28 March 2023$20.00 CAD
27 March 2023€10.00 EUR
27 March 2023$5.00 USD
27 March 2023$1.00 USD
27 March 2023$1.00 USD
27 March 2023$1.00 USD
26 March 2023Essential!$15.00 USD
26 March 2023$1.00 USD
26 March 2023 Very good program, useful help-€10.00 EUR
24 March 2023$10.00 USD
24 March 2023₪20.00 ILS
23 March 2023$20.00 USD
23 March 2023very nice & fast. thanks$20.00 USD
23 March 2023Perfect Tool!€10.00 EUR
22 March 2023$3.00 AUD
22 March 2023Amazing Program! Really made life easier for searching files on PC!€10.00 EUR
21 March 2023Thanks for the best search tool on Windows, ever. $3.00 USD
20 March 2023$1.23 USD
19 March 2023$10.00 USD
19 March 2023$10.00 USD
19 March 2023$10.00 USD
18 March 2023$12.00 USD
18 March 2023$10.00 USD
18 March 2023$25.00 USD
18 March 2023$5.00 USD
17 March 2023I donated a few years ago but I suddenly realized again how useful your software is and how happy it makes me :) So I thought, what the heck, I’ll donate again right now!€5.00 EUR
17 March 2023€1.00 EUR
16 March 2023Where have you been all my life? No more messing about with CMD lines; "Everything" is stunningly comprehensive (all disks, all folders) and unbelievably fast (updating results as a alter the search)$50.00 USD
16 March 2023$2.00 USD
15 March 2023$5.00 USD
15 March 2023$100.00 USD
15 March 2023$2.00 USD
15 March 2023Hi, David. I really thank you for creating this software. I've been using it for some years now on a daily basis. There's nothing even close to what you did here. Thank you so much!$5.00 USD
15 March 2023$1.00 USD
15 March 2023Use this daily, couldn't get along without it! Currently running 1.4 and 1.5 side-by-side. Thanks for Everything! :-)$25.00 USD
14 March 2023$20.00 USD
14 March 2023$1.00 USD
14 March 2023$1.00 USD
14 March 2023$1.00 USD
13 March 2023Thanks. I have used everything for many years now and just downloaded 1.5. The content search is fantastic. I'm long overdue for a donation...sorry and thank you!$30.00 USD
13 March 2023$5.00 USD
13 March 2023€10.00 EUR
12 March 2023Your "Alpha" software is better than most gold/release software out there, as is your level of support. I'm sorry that I can't donate more.$10.00 USD
11 March 2023I use Everything Search Tool a few times per week. Here's a small donation.$3.00 USD
11 March 2023$3.69 USD
11 March 2023$10.00 USD
11 March 2023$15.00 USD
10 March 2023$25.00 USD
10 March 2023$20.00 USD
10 March 2023$2.00 USD
9 March 2023Fabulous and super quick file searching tool. Much appreciated$25.00 USD
9 March 2023$10.00 USD
9 March 2023$5.00 USD
9 March 2023$20.00 USD
8 March 2023$20.00 USD
8 March 2023$10.00 USD
8 March 2023$100.00 USD
8 March 2023$10.00 USD
7 March 20231.5 alpha new dark mode is what I was waiting for! Thanks for all your hard work$20.00 AUD
7 March 2023$20.00 USD
7 March 2023Thanks and I love the program. $25.00 USD
7 March 2023Well done. Hope version 1.5 Alpha will soon receive beta status.€50.00 EUR
7 March 2023₪20.00 ILS
6 March 2023One of the best tools I've ever used on PC. And it's free!$3.00 USD
4 March 2023Just installed alpha 1.5 for the new features and had to donate. Thanks for the hard work.$100.00 USD
4 March 2023£20.00 GBP
3 March 2023$10.00 USD
3 March 2023Keep it free, keep it far away from big M. This software changed how I use my computer and 1.5 keeps improving, where improvements seemed impossible.$30.00 USD
3 March 2023$2.00 USD
3 March 2023£2.00 GBP
2 March 2023Fantastic program. I recommend it to everyone I know who runs Windows. It should be part of the OS.$25.00 USD
2 March 2023$20.00 USD
1 March 2023$3.00 CAD
1 March 2023$10.00 USD
28 February 2023Have been using Everything for some time, propably several years... Honestly, the first time i used it, i shout of happiness :D This man deserves some reward for coding Everything. €50.00 EUR
28 February 2023$10.00 USD
28 February 2023€1.00 EUR
28 February 2023$20.00 CAD
27 February 2023Just tried Everything based on a review. So far it seems to be all that it was made out to be. I will be installing this on my other systems for sure.$10.00 USD
26 February 2023Very useful program -thank you£10.00 GBP
26 February 2023Thank you!$20.00 USD
26 February 2023$10.00 USD
26 February 2023I was hesitant to install it, but I did install it. The first use blew me away. It was showing me where things were even before I finished typing what I was looking for. Super AWSOME software David. T$20.00 USD
26 February 2023$20.00 USD
26 February 2023$20.00 USD
25 February 2023$10.00 USD
24 February 2023literally one of the best and most useful programs i've ever used. thank you.$10.00 USD
24 February 2023$20.00 USD
24 February 2023$10.00 USD
23 February 2023$20.00 USD
22 February 2023$3.00 AUD
21 February 2023Hey David! Damn. This software is so easy to use and very, VERY helpful. Much love from Philippines. Will give more donations soon! -David too :)P1,500.00 PHP
21 February 2023$25.00 USD
21 February 2023$10.00 AUD
21 February 2023$2.00 USD
21 February 2023Thank you so much David!!! I realise now that we share the same first name... €5.00 EUR
20 February 2023$20.00 USD
20 February 2023Thank you for such an awesome tool. Please keep it up for as long as practical, and don't sell it to a company.$20.00 USD
20 February 2023$25.00 USD
20 February 2023$1.00 USD
19 February 2023$10.00 USD
19 February 2023This is the most useful utility I have ever used.$20.00 USD
19 February 2023Thank you.$10.00 USD
19 February 2023$10.00 CAD
19 February 2023$10.00 USD
19 February 2023$12.00 USD
19 February 2023$1.00 USD
18 February 2023This program has saved my ass more times than I can count. Definitely worth the donation!$30.00 USD
18 February 2023$25.00 USD
17 February 2023$5.00 USD
17 February 2023$20.00 USD
17 February 2023$20.00 USD
17 February 2023€1.00 EUR
16 February 2023€10.00 EUR
16 February 2023$2.00 USD
15 February 2023$50.00 USD
15 February 2023Hi David, Thanks for a great app. I use it every day. I've donated before, but giving a bit more this time. Rick$30.00 CAD
15 February 2023The best over the rest app for searching under windows system. $25.00 CAD
15 February 2023$20.00 USD
14 February 2023Hi David, Just wanted to say thank you - not just for Everything (which quite frankly rocks) but also for your kind, patient and gracious support on the forums. Cheers£10.00 GBP
14 February 2023The best app for windows ever. I will promote your app.$20.00 CAD
14 February 2023thanks you carlo€5.00 EUR
14 February 2023The best app for windows ever. I will promote your app.$20.00 CAD
14 February 2023HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY DAVID!$20.00 USD
14 February 2023$1.00 USD
14 February 2023$1.00 USD
14 February 2023$1.00 USD
13 February 2023$5.00 USD
13 February 2023This is a very easy, friendly, fast, accurate, reliable search engine! But you already knew that. ;-) Now I can finally stop using my vintage 2003 google Desktop Search.$50.00 USD
13 February 2023$5.00 USD
12 February 2023€25.00 EUR
12 February 2023$10.00 USD
11 February 2023Literally use Everything everytime I use my laptop. Recently started using 1.5 windows 64bit, gotta have dark mode! Wishing David all the best...$5.00 USD
11 February 2023$20.00 USD
11 February 2023$10.00 USD
11 February 2023$3.69 USD
10 February 2023Muchas gracias por tu programa. En mi opinión, es una maravilla. Sin duda, el mejor buscador de archivos locales de la historia. Su rapidez me sorprende cada día.€5.00 EUR
9 February 2023This is one of the best windows tools I've ever used. Someday when I have the means, I will donate more. Thank you and best regards to Mr. David Carpenter.$5.00 USD
9 February 2023Sensational, the most useful program of all.€10.00 EUR
8 February 2023Very useful. Much better than Windows.$25.00 USD
7 February 2023A new PC always gets a new install of Everything - it's indispensable!£10.00 GBP
7 February 2023MOST USED tool, -for years-, thank you so much!€50.00 EUR
7 February 2023$10.00 USD
7 February 2023This software changer my life : I have more than 10000 files on my computer aond always lokking for them. I use exclusively Everithing !! Thank You.€10.00 EUR
7 February 2023₪20.00 ILS
6 February 2023Thanks David. Really useful. All the best for 2023€10.00 EUR
5 February 2023one of the most usefull softwares a came across ! thanks thanks thanks hans$5.00 USD
5 February 2023$20.00 USD
5 February 2023$5.00 USD
5 February 2023Thanks you again for this fantastic software .... With warm regards ... Joelmo €50.00 EUR
4 February 2023$20.00 USD
4 February 2023$10.00 USD
4 February 2023$50.00 USD
4 February 2023Thanks! One of the most useful tools i have on my system.€20.00 EUR
3 February 2023Really Simple and helpful€5.00 EUR
3 February 2023Danke. Gruß aus Deutschland€2.00 EUR
3 February 2023$15.00 USD
2 February 2023£2.00 GBP
2 February 2023Blessed software 🙏$100.00 USD
2 February 2023Thank you David for your intelligent search engine :-)€10.00 EUR
2 February 2023File Explorer no longer finds files and this has solved the problem. Thank you. One suggestion: way to keep the advance search window open all the time.$15.00 USD
1 February 2023$15.00 USD
1 February 2023$15.00 USD
1 February 2023$3.00 CAD
31 January 2023$5.00 USD
31 January 2023$15.00 USD
31 January 2023Thanks for this great tool - so useful!$25.00 AUD
31 January 2023€5.00 EUR
31 January 2023€15.00 EUR
30 January 2023$20.00 USD
30 January 2023€20.00 EUR
29 January 2023:)€1.00 EUR
29 January 2023$20.00 USD
29 January 2023Lightning fast results! Wonderful!€20.00 EUR
29 January 2023€5.00 EUR
28 January 2023$10.00 USD
28 January 2023$20.00 USD
28 January 2023$20.00 CAD
28 January 2023€1.00 EUR
27 January 2023$10.00 USD
27 January 2023$100.00 USD
27 January 2023Thank you, David. A great search too that I'm just recently beginning to use. Well done ! ! !$10.00 USD
25 January 2023Best search tool ever. Plain simple, David: THANK YOU!$15.00 USD
25 January 2023Been using this for a couple years and would say probably every day!! here's a little tip for making life easier. : )$10.00 USD
25 January 2023Longtime User. Thanks for the Great Tool.$5.00 USD
25 January 2023$10.00 USD
25 January 2023Sent here from cooltools.$5.00 USD
25 January 2023Can't live without this. Over many years and many laptops it is one of the few utilities I always, always install.$25.00 USD
24 January 2023Tolles Programm€10.00 EUR
23 January 2023$10.00 USD
23 January 2023this program is awesome!!$15.00 USD
23 January 2023Works Wonderful and helped me a lot. Thanks for your effort and work, it is great!$15.00 USD
22 January 2023$3.00 AUD
22 January 2023$1.80 USD
22 January 2023$20.00 USD
21 January 2023$50.00 USD
21 January 2023$20.00 USD
21 January 2023Great utility! Thank you!$10.00 USD
20 January 2023Long time user, and this software is invaluable. Thank you! $3.00 USD
20 January 2023$50.00 USD
20 January 2023Grazie di esistere David,un abbraccio dall'Italia,ciao Michele€1.00 EUR
20 January 2023$20.00 USD
20 January 2023thank you forever love you so much$2.22 CAD
20 January 2023$20.00 USD
20 January 2023Hallo David Eine Bitte und eine kleine Spende. Ich hätte gern, dass über die Befehlszeile die Funktion Filters >>> -Filters dazu geschaltet wird. Weiteres per Mail$20.00 USD
20 January 2023$10.00 USD
19 January 2023$10.00 USD
19 January 2023Worth its weight in Gold! Thank you!$10.00 USD
19 January 2023Thanks, Great tool! This is how Windows Explorer should work! Take care! $5.00 USD
19 January 2023$5.00 USD
19 January 2023David, this is the best piece of software - so useful, and really appreciate your work on this - gladly support you!$15.00 USD
19 January 2023Awesome product. Thank you.$10.00 CAD
19 January 2023$12.00 USD
19 January 2023$1.00 USD
18 January 2023$20.00 USD
18 January 2023$5.00 USD
18 January 2023I could not live without it. Fantastic job guys!€10.00 EUR
17 January 2023$10.00 USD
17 January 2023Fantastic software, I wish Windows 10 default search could have such capability.$5.00 USD
17 January 2023Thanks very much for this great software. $10.00 AUD
17 January 2023$5.00 USD
17 January 2023€1.00 EUR
16 January 2023everything rocks!$10.00 USD
16 January 2023$20.00 USD
15 January 2023$2.00 USD
15 January 2023Great app. Its a must tool for any windows user who is disorganized like me.$20.00 USD
15 January 2023Great tool! Wrote blog post about this in Finnish in https://casamedia.fi/blogi/tiedostot-hukassa Feel free to check my android apps! https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=5378222715837049926$5.00 USD
14 January 2023This search engine is as near perfect as possible.I can't live without it.$25.00 USD
13 January 2023$1.00 USD
13 January 2023Amazing fast, finds everything! Super! Excellent!$10.00 USD
13 January 2023$1.00 USD
13 January 2023$1.00 USD
13 January 2023$0.35 USD
13 January 2023Great, thank you!£20.00 GBP
13 January 2023£20.00 GBP
13 January 2023$10.00 USD
12 January 2023This program is SUCH A TIME SAVER!!!!$20.00 USD
12 January 2023$5.00 USD
12 January 2023$5.00 USD
12 January 2023$40.00 USD
12 January 2023$10.00 USD
11 January 2023$20.00 USD
10 January 2023Hi David, Thanks for your fantastic search machine! Alex€10.00 EUR
10 January 2023$10.00 USD
10 January 2023$30.00 AUD
10 January 2023When I use SearchEverything it finds what I'm looking for. That's all I can ask for these days.$20.00 USD
10 January 2023$2.00 USD
8 January 2023$1.00 USD
7 January 2023Vielen Dank David für deine wundervolle Arbeit!€20.00 EUR
7 January 2023$5.00 USD
7 January 2023₪20.00 ILS
6 January 2023$10.00 USD
6 January 2023Thank you so much for the time and effort you have saved me.$25.00 USD
6 January 2023Finally in Everything 1.5 Alpha: Folder size display, sortable. I've been waiting for this for a long time, finally I can find duplicate folders. Many Thanks. Kurt€50.00 EUR
6 January 2023Heavy user for >15 years, recommended it hundreds of times. I am really dependent on this software. It has saved me an uncountable amount of time. Thanks, David!€10.00 EUR
6 January 2023Happy New Year and thank you for this excellent tool. Way long ago I use PCO [PC Outline] the simplest thing ever. Now everything [not your everything] is too complicated. $10.00 USD
6 January 2023Thank you for this magnificent tool.$20.00 USD
5 January 2023Incredibly useful piece of software - I am most grateful for your efforts. Best wishes for 2023!$10.00 USD
5 January 2023$20.00 USD
4 January 2023$20.00 USD
4 January 2023$20.00 USD
3 January 2023$20.00 USD
3 January 2023$20.00 USD
3 January 2023I cannot say enough how awesome your software is. Thank you!!!$10.00 USD
3 January 2023$2.00 USD
2 January 2023£2.00 GBP
2 January 2023$3.00 USD
2 January 2023$20.00 USD
2 January 2023$10.00 USD
2 January 2023$5.00 USD
1 January 2023I like "Everything" a lot ... Thank you for your work. This is beer for you... Happy new Year David!€5.00 EUR
1 January 2023Hello David, this is still an awesome tool. Thanks so much for sharing & maintaining Regards Mat€25.00 EUR
1 January 2023Thank youNT$100 TWD
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