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Donation HistoryCommentAmount
19 October 2021$1.00 USD
19 October 2021$1.00 USD
19 October 2021$12.00 USD
19 October 2021Excellent program. Thank you for your work.$50.00 USD
18 October 2021It's a great tool. I've been using it for more than a decade. It allows me to turn off Windows Search - as I deal mostly with image files, it's useless and keeps the computer busy. Thanks for this gem$8.00 USD
18 October 2021Thank you so much for just absolutely incredible program! It saves huge amount of time for me daily - really appreciate your work, thank you soooo much!!!$20.00 USD
18 October 2021indispensable!€10.00 EUR
17 October 2021€20.00 EUR
17 October 2021This tool is one of my go-to installs on any machine I use. Absolute gem!$15.00 USD
17 October 2021$30.00 USD
17 October 20211
17 October 2021I introduced my father to this app when I saw him struggling to find files on his work computer. His business is >10 years old, so his filesystem is wild. He loves it and told me he uses it every day$50.00 USD
16 October 2021€35.00 EUR
16 October 2021$2.00 USD
16 October 2021€10.00 EUR
16 October 2021$2.00 USD
15 October 2021As a sysadmin this tool is indispensable in searching through hundreds of files for that command tip I seem to always be forgetting. Thanks for a great tool!$10.00 USD
15 October 2021I wish I could afford to make you as rich as you deserve to be for having created this wonderful staple of my everyday computing but these modest periodic donations is the best I can do. Thanks David!$20.00 USD
15 October 2021Thanks for Everything!1,000.00 RUB
15 October 2021$1.00 USD
15 October 2021$1.00 USD
13 October 2021Thank you very much! Very useful tool!$5.00 USD
12 October 2021Thanks!$10.00 CAD
12 October 2021I'm a developer on a massive project and frequently need to find files in a 600+ GB source tree. Everything has made my life so much easier. Thanks!$5.00 USD
12 October 2021So fast! Microsoft look and wish you could do this...£10.00 GBP
11 October 2021$15.00 USD
11 October 2021$30.00 AUD
10 October 2021$20.00 USD
10 October 2021$2.00 USD
8 October 2021$20.00 USD
7 October 2021€20.00 EUR
6 October 2021Thanks for the support and continuous development of Everything! $10.00 USD
6 October 2021Very good program, thank you.€15.00 EUR
6 October 2021Thank you David! Luca€50.00 EUR
6 October 2021$7.00 USD
3 October 2021I use Search Everything like, every day. It's the best tool to just locate anything quickly on a Windows machine.€10.00 EUR
3 October 2021€30.00 EUR
3 October 2021I depend on Everthing for my searches. Too bad that searching for content is so slow.$25.00 USD
2 October 2021$2.00 USD
2 October 2021The best desktop search tool for FREE! So I'm happy to pay :-) Even the new Google Drive is searchable after adding the folder. €20.00 EUR
1 October 2021Lifesaving. I have no other word. Really lifesaving. Keep up the good job!€10.00 EUR
1 October 2021$20.00 USD
30 September 2021$1.00 USD
29 September 2021It just found a video that I had been looking for. Thanks.£10.00 GBP
29 September 2021This program has changed my life. Thanks so much.$10.00 USD
29 September 2021$10.00 USD
28 September 2021The best desktop search tool free or paid!$20.00 AUD
28 September 2021$10.00 USD
28 September 2021$1.00 USD
28 September 2021$10.00 USD
27 September 2021$20.00 CAD
27 September 2021Replaced Windows Search with this program ever since I discovered it. The options are amazing and its speed is wonderful.$10.00 USD
27 September 2021Appreciated very much.$15.00 USD
25 September 2021Thanks!$10.00 USD
24 September 2021Very, very useful tool!$20.00 USD
23 September 2021The most useful utility I have. Thank you.$35.00 USD
23 September 2021Your product is indispensable and absolutely wonderful$65.00 USD
22 September 2021I don't use this everyday but when I do, it's most appreciated. Thanks$20.21 USD
22 September 2021One of the most awesome tools I ever found. Together with Wox and QTTabBar Windows feels so much more awesome and usable. Thanks for the great work.€15.00 EUR
22 September 2021An essential tool. Thank you.$25.00 USD
22 September 2021I use this tool on every Windows machine I deploy. It is fantastic; how Windows search should function. Thank you.$20.00 USD
22 September 2021$15.00 USD
21 September 2021Excellent program, amazing support. Thank you void.$10.00 USD
21 September 2021Thanks for the continuous development and support of such an awesome tool!$30.00 USD
19 September 2021$10.00 USD
19 September 2021$20.00 USD
19 September 2021Everything is fabulous! Thanks for making this so available to everyone. Glad to support your work!$25.00 USD
19 September 2021$1.00 USD
19 September 2021$12.00 USD
18 September 2021Love it. A brilliant program.$5.00 USD
18 September 2021Repeatedly useful.$10.00 USD
17 September 2021$20.00 USD
17 September 2021Everything has become invaluable for me as an app I use almost every day. It's the best file finder for Windows.$10.00 USD
17 September 2021Hi David, I'm just starting to test out v1.5a - so far it's awesome! I wanted to send a thank you for all of your amazing design, UX, and engineering in this latest version. Beta release soon? -JT?$25.00 USD
16 September 2021I can't live without this software anymore <3 Thanks for the excellent work!R$35.00 BRL
16 September 2021I love this program. I use it everyday and have integrated it into some automation tools. I probably use it 100x a day no exaggeration.$25.00 USD
16 September 2021$2.00 USD
15 September 2021$50.00 USD
15 September 2021I'm an IT User and Sys Admin of 20 years and I have never come across anything so good. I can search for and/or organise my files and folders. This is an amazing piece of software!!£10.00 GBP
14 September 2021I can no longer have a machine without this..$25.00 USD
13 September 2021$1.00 USD
13 September 2021$1.00 USD
12 September 2021Thanks for making vital "must use" software that's made with love and attention.$10.00 AUD
12 September 2021I use this every day. Thank you.$20.00 USD
11 September 2021Hello Dave, I'll email you a question after I donate. SS$5.00 USD
11 September 2021Great work :)$3.33 USD
10 September 2021I have been using your excellent software for quite some time. And I feared that it had died. Since it was not upgraded for a long time. Now I feel I'm giving you a small token of appreciation$5.00 USD
10 September 2021$15.00 USD
10 September 2021$2.00 USD
9 September 2021$5.00 USD
8 September 2021Useful app packed with features!50.00 DKK
7 September 2021Thanx$20.00 AUD
7 September 2021€50.00 EUR
6 September 2021Excellent program. It would be terrific if the content search was indexed so it would be fast.$20.00 USD
6 September 2021Long-time user and first-time donator. I love everything about this little program: fast, free, no-nonsense. Thanks for your great work.$20.00 USD
4 September 2021Thank you so much for solving my "Show only exactly named files while excluding other files that have the selected file name within their names..." problem. I can only afford to donate $20.00 n$20.00 USD
4 September 2021Very nice program!$20.00 USD
3 September 2021$2.00 USD
3 September 2021Thanks you very much for your programm ,it saved me a lot of time.€30.00 EUR
2 September 2021Thank you for such a great program!$15.00 USD
2 September 2021$10.00 USD
2 September 2021Used it for years, figured it's time to give back a little.$150.00 USD
1 September 2021GOOD SOFT DAVID!$5.00 USD
1 September 2021I love this tool! I use it on a daily basis. I can't imagine managing all of my files without it.$20.00 USD
1 September 2021Time is of the Essence these Days and the time this simple tool has saved me in finding files is amazing. Especially when searching slower Network rives this is invaluable.$10.00 AUD
31 August 2021€30.00 EUR
31 August 2021$5.00 USD
31 August 2021Besides an editor this is probably my most used tool at work. Tiny very powerful program that saves me tons of time! Thank you!€35.00 EUR
30 August 2021Been a great help cleaning up things left after uninstalls, as well as just finding the full paths to things... and finding them quickly. No more "Search Results in This PC" "Working on it..." Thanks$12.00 USD
30 August 2021Lightning fast search tool in a 1.5 MB Package, puts the built-in MS Search to shame. Ridiculous and awesome at the same time.$4.00 USD
30 August 2021$30.00 USD
29 August 2021Nice program. So much quicker than MS search tools. Thanks also to Ed Tittel at Tom's Hardware for the heads up. Never would have found this useful application otherwise.$10.00 USD
29 August 2021Saved me half an hour and I only installed it 5 minutes ago. Why Windows is still so slow at listing folders, and how Everything does it so much faster, are a mystery to me! Thank you!€20.00 EUR
28 August 2021Amazing, why didn't I discover this long ago .. does exactly what I wanted .. to search for folders£10.00 GBP
28 August 2021$1.00 USD
27 August 2021I thank you for the power and elegance of Everything. $15.00 USD
26 August 2021Thank you so much for this amazing piece of SW. I can't wait for the 1.5 release (or a beta with MSI-installer)€11.00 EUR
25 August 2021I'm 74 years old and started on computers in 1988. Where have you been all my life? Your Everything search program is simply brilliant$20.00 USD
25 August 2021Hi David, thank you very much for this VERY USEFUL tool! Best regards from Berlin, Thorsten€10.61 EUR
25 August 2021Really great work starting several years ago adobe should incorporate it in Premiere£10.00 GBP
24 August 2021Probably best Windows program I've used. Doesn't freeze, doesn't auto update or nag for updates...no annoying notifications...Just does what it is supposed to do & does it very well. Thank you David!!$10.00 USD
23 August 2021$5.00 USD
23 August 2021$12.00 USD
22 August 2021Thank you so much for this wonderful application. After switching from Mac OS to Windows, search was absolutely terrible. But Searchh Everything has been absolutely saving my life for years!!!$20.00 USD
21 August 2021David, thank you for the prompt reply to my question. You solved my problem. This is a great piece of software that I cannot live without. Sending a donation today to express my appreciation. $45.00 USD
20 August 2021THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$150.00 USD
20 August 2021$5.00 USD
20 August 2021More and more I find myself using Everything for all my searches. Fantastic tool!$10.00 USD
20 August 2021€15.00 EUR
20 August 2021$10.00 USD
19 August 2021$10.00 USD
19 August 2021Thank you so much for providing this as free software.€5.00 EUR
19 August 2021Thank you. Everything has got me out of trouble quickly plenty of times when I couldn't find something. You could teach Microsoft a lot about reliable search. I'm fed up with their poor efforts.£25.00 GBP
19 August 2021$12.00 USD
19 August 2021keep up the good work$2.22 USD
19 August 2021$1.00 USD
18 August 2021Thanks for creating such a useful and FAST way to look for files. Been using this for quite some time and it is outstanding!$10.00 USD
18 August 2021This tool represents the functionality that should be present in every OS but isn't. One of my most valued tools.$10.00 USD
17 August 2021Thanks for your work. Wish I could help more. John Jenkins$10.00 USD
17 August 2021Excellent program, thanks!€10.00 EUR
16 August 2021Everything is awesome. So fast and flexible. As long as my files are named appropriately, I can find them every time.$10.00 AUD
15 August 2021€10.00 EUR
15 August 2021Everything is how file search ought to work on every OS, and has become pretty much the first thing I install on every Windows computer I use. Thank-you£15.00 GBP
15 August 2021$2.00 USD
14 August 2021So, a simple query with Everything yields instant results. Same query on Windows Search (Win+S, Documents takes... well, I don't know because it's still grinding through all my drives. $25.00 USD
14 August 2021Wow. Thank you. I'm pissed at Windows search. Just stopped working. Your tool is great. $30.00 USD
14 August 2021$1.00 USD
14 August 2021$1.00 USD
13 August 2021$20.00 USD
12 August 2021$50.00 USD
12 August 2021An amazing product. Very speedy. One of the most useful products on my computer.$25.00 USD
11 August 2021Still using it 50 times a day; could not function without it! Thanks!$53.00 USD
11 August 2021$10.00 CAD
11 August 2021I use it many times a day, makes it so easy to find files i have been working on - eg after screen recording an avi, just type avi and there it is, ready to be dragged & dropped!£25.00 GBP
10 August 2021Given how fast Everything is-- both at indexing and at searching, it makes me wonder why Microsoft haven't figured this out in the last 20 years! Windows search is STILL broken.$5.00 USD
10 August 2021This is an excellent program. I find it extremely useful.$25.00 USD
10 August 2021$2.00 USD
10 August 2021$15.00 USD
9 August 2021$5.00 USD
9 August 2021I donated in 2010. On a new PC I used this to find where some software had saved a file. Less than 5 minutes to install Everything and find the file (over 1 million files). Best ever shareware IMO.£15.00 GBP
9 August 2021A beautifully written, focused, lightning fast piece of software - a rarity these days. Should be rewarded! Thanks for your work on this, you've made the world a little better.$15.00 USD
8 August 2021Big thanks for this beautiful piece of software. Unbeliavable speed, UI refined to the last detail, great Website with exactly balanced help – THE perfect tool. And free. Thanks again!$25.00 USD
8 August 2021great tool, thank you very much <3€20.00 EUR
7 August 2021Version 1.5 even in beta is fabulous. I'm scanning my cloud drives and it has picked up everything flawlessly (much better than Microsoft's own search tools). Thanks.₪100.00 ILS
7 August 2021Your utility is, without doubt, the best utility - not search utility, the best utility PERIOD that I have ever used, and I've been a computer user since 1983. I'm sorry that I can't give more. $10.00 USD
7 August 2021€10.00 EUR
6 August 2021The only tool I use on a daily basis. Keep up the good work$20.00 USD
6 August 2021Since years a musthave for me, great work !€10.00 EUR
5 August 2021IMHO Everything is part of IT history. It's unique and belongs on every system. Thank you for incredible work!€10.00 EUR
4 August 2021Please keep development going of this!$20.00 USD
4 August 2021Really, a great and useful search tool. It is really fast and free. The business license of Everything Server is a good idea! Keep it up! PSchuetz€50.00 EUR
3 August 2021This software has kept my sanity over many years now. Thank you.€10.00 EUR
2 August 2021$2.00 USD
2 August 2021Such a great tool, it is very appreciated.£10.00 GBP
1 August 2021Some of the best software I have ever used$50.00 AUD
1 August 2021I have a huge collection of work-related files that someday might be useful. Everything is the only tool that allows me to find what I am looking for quickly$10.00 USD
1 August 2021THANK YOU SO MUCH! Such a perfect tool!! I give it the F1 button to shortcut open it, and I use it 100x/day since maybe 15 yeas now! YOU make life easier!!€10.00 EUR
30 July 2021For your fast help. Thank you very much. Great tool.€10.00 EUR
30 July 2021This is an amazing app. Thank you so much! It's made upgrading my system so much easier.$20.00 USD
30 July 2021$3.00 USD
30 July 2021I own a computer repair shop and discovered this a few years back. Figured it was about time I gave you some support!!$25.00 USD
29 July 2021Amazing tool. You should market this more. I regret not knowing about it before last week...$20.00 USD
29 July 2021Literally one of the biggest reasons I can't switch to Mac full time for our post production work. I can't imagine our workflow without this app. Thanks so much!!$50.00 USD
29 July 2021$10.00 USD
28 July 2021I use it every single day; it's a must-have on every single computer I've ever used since discovering it.$10.00 USD
28 July 2021This is my GO-TO app$25.00 USD
28 July 2021$1.00 USD
27 July 2021$50.00 NZD
27 July 2021One of those pieces of no-frills software that is incredible at its job. I tell everyone I know who uses Windows to get it.$10.00 USD
27 July 2021Thanks heaps.$50.00 AUD
26 July 2021Many thanks for your great work. If anything, you made our life easier in this earth. A must have tool, indexing at its finest. To the developer and the rest of the team, keep up the good work! €10.00 EUR
25 July 2021My absolute favorite Windows productivity tool; couldn't imagine life without it (:-)) and recommending it to friends and family. Great job A minor point: double click on path opens directory should$20.00 USD
25 July 2021Grazie per questo fantastico software. Mi piacerebbe poter dare di più perchè per quello che avete creato tu e il tuo team meritereste davvero tanto. Grazie€15.00 EUR
25 July 2021Must-have tool.$5.00 USD
23 July 2021$20.00 USD
23 July 2021Excellent tool, I use it everywhere.$25.00 USD
22 July 2021$5.00 USD
22 July 2021$5.00 USD
20 July 2021Excellent tool. Keep up the great development work.£10.00 GBP
20 July 2021Helps with productivity. Everything is a well designed, light weight & powerful tool. When given the opportunity, I recommend everything to others. Thank you!$25.00 AUD
20 July 2021Great product...$25.00 CAD
20 July 202120$20.00 USD
20 July 2021$10.00 USD
19 July 2021$12.00 USD
18 July 2021$1.00 USD
16 July 2021Thanks for continuing to develop this indispensable program.$20.00 USD
16 July 2021thank you for this utility. I use it everyday. I don't know how to program my machine to make it more efficient and a better tool, but I really appreciate that you do, and the have given this to eve$25.00 USD
16 July 2021Thanks to David and to that long list of contributors. This is a great tool.€15.00 EUR
16 July 2021This looks unbelievable$10.00 USD
15 July 2021I never donate but I am donating. Everything solved my issues with search and its invaluable.$20.00 USD
15 July 2021Great Software David. I hope you keep at it. Michael P$10.00 USD
15 July 2021I'm glad Cloudeight featured you again since it's brilliant but it reminded me I should donate to show my appreciation.£10.00 GBP
15 July 2021Great Program!$10.00 USD
14 July 2021An instant live advanced search of your entire system. Absolutely essential!£5.00 GBP
14 July 2021$15.00 CAD
14 July 2021Windows indexing is broken - use Everything!$20.00 CAD
14 July 2021$1.00 USD
13 July 2021$1.00 USD
12 July 2021Awesome tool!$10.00 CAD
11 July 2021Probably the best written and most comprehensive software ever.$20.00 USD
11 July 2021Hi dear David, I can't get by without your absolutely essential program. Am combing all my external drives onto an8Tb external drive, and sorting to eliminate duplicates. I honestly believe it would take at least 10 times longer without EVERYTHING. God bless you. Kindest regards. PS$107.21 USD
11 July 2021Your software is one of the most useful pieces of day to day kit I've found. Sorry I can't afford much, but thank you so much for all you do!$10.00 CAD
11 July 2021EVERYTHING just gets better and better -- more productive with each new release, at least for me. Please keep up this truly spectacular work. 8>)$20.00 USD
11 July 2021Excellent program. Use it every day!!$20.00 USD
9 July 2021$2.00 USD
9 July 2021god bless you$20.00 USD
7 July 2021Again, thank you for a great program.$20.00 USD
7 July 2021Thank you for developing this light weight and effective application. This search tool has been a game changer for our workflow and efficiency in day to day operations. This application is exactly wha$400.00 CAD
7 July 2021Thank you for developing this software and for keeping it free.$25.00 USD
6 July 2021$20.00 USD
6 July 2021Fantastic tool, I'd be lost without it! Have a beer on me!$15.00 USD
5 July 2021$10.00 USD
5 July 2021David, we love you for developing and maintaining Everything Search. Please consider indexing content of only user-made files for instant search. Then, ocr of user image/pdf check "tesseract ocr". $5.00 USD
4 July 2021Just found you support Windows Search Index now, keep improving this!€20.00 EUR
3 July 2021$10.00 AUD
3 July 2021Great little search tool.$10.00 USD
3 July 2021Thanks for the quick reply and support on my post 6988€10.00 EUR
3 July 2021$2.00 USD
3 July 2021$2.00 USD
2 July 2021$20.00 USD
2 July 2021$5.00 USD
2 July 2021$5.00 USD
2 July 2021$10.00 USD
2 July 2021€5.00 EUR
1 July 2021200.00 SEK
1 July 2021P50.00 PHP
1 July 2021€10.00 EUR
1 July 2021$10.00 USD
1 July 2021$5.00 USD
30 June 2021$100.00 USD
30 June 2021$10.00 USD
30 June 2021€5.00 EUR
30 June 2021$10.00 USD
29 June 2021Great tool! Would be even better in use if You implement ALL the Columns available (choosable) as usual in windows, thank You from City Kiel, Germany!$20.00 USD
29 June 2021$20.00 USD
27 June 2021$1.00 USD
27 June 2021this tool is QUINTESSENTIAL - a mystery why M$ doesn't implement something like it but meh, I prefer this ultralite UI anyway to anything they'd make - thanks!$10.00 USD
27 June 2021$5.00 USD
27 June 2021$1.00 USD
26 June 2021Such a great little tool, hard to comprehend why the regular search in Windows is so slow when this is this amazingly fast. Even my OneDrive's give instant return of query.$10.00 USD
25 June 2021One of the absolute-must-haves on any Windows installation! Thanks$20.00 USD
24 June 2021I use your software every day. Adelaide, Australia$5.55 USD
24 June 2021$20.00 USD
24 June 2021Super usefull tool. Thanks!$10.00 USD
24 June 2021Thank you so much for Everything. I use it every workday and it saves me so much time.$10.00 USD
24 June 2021I'm already using it for a some time now. Want to say thank you, for one of the best tools with such a great user interface!$10.00 USD
23 June 2021$5.00 USD
23 June 2021What a phenomenal tool, especially as a companion for Total Commander! Awesome job :)$20.00 USD
22 June 2021$10.00 USD
22 June 2021Awesome. Thanks!$10.00 USD
19 June 2021$10.00 USD
19 June 2021Thank you for this wonderful search tool! I use it daily and I'd be lost without it.$10.00 USD
19 June 2021$5.00 USD
19 June 2021$12.00 USD
19 June 2021$1.00 USD
18 June 2021Great Tool, many thanks!$315.00 USD
16 June 2021Everything search tool - amazing software! Thank you!$20.00 USD
15 June 2021I don't pirate EVERYTHING, see? ;)$20.00 USD
15 June 2021Everything has been a true staple over the years. My donation amount does NOT reflect the value of Everything at all. I wish I could give more at this time . Thank you for making this life saver!$5.00 USD
15 June 2021$10.00 USD
15 June 2021$1.00 USD
15 June 2021$1.00 USD
13 June 2021$15.00 USD
13 June 2021Best tool for searching. I love you 3 - Denas Rakauskas$10.00 USD
13 June 2021Use this often - thanks!$5.00 USD
12 June 2021I'm not certain if I donated before, but if not, I should have. This is a real time saver. Thanks!$15.00 USD
12 June 2021$10.00 USD
11 June 2021Thanks for the outstanding program. Saved untold time and worry.$15.00 USD
11 June 2021$20.00 USD
11 June 2021$10.00 USD
10 June 2021Thank you Guys ! I realy appreciate your search tool$10.00 USD
10 June 2021$20.00 USD
10 June 2021$40.00 USD
10 June 2021$20.00 USD
10 June 2021FANTASTIC UTILITY! Can be used to find duplicate files across selected drives just by sorting alphabetically and PRESTO!, there they are! David, thank you for this and for being so responsive to my questions. You are a GEM!$25.00 USD
9 June 2021$2.00 USD
9 June 2021Thank You$12.00 USD
9 June 2021New computer and I was lost without Everything. Thanks again for the wonderful program.$15.00 USD
9 June 2021$3.00 USD
8 June 2021$10.00 USD
8 June 2021My favorite application ever!$10.00 USD
6 June 2021I cannot thank you enough for developing such an amazing application! Should be the default search program for Windows, period. Thank you again :D$50.00 USD
6 June 2021$10.00 USD
5 June 2021Your software saved my ass many times. Thanks$40.00 USD
5 June 2021$10.00 USD
5 June 2021The best utility I've ever come across. I use it daily - thanks!$15.00 USD
4 June 2021Amazing useful software! :)$50.00 USD
4 June 2021$10.00 USD
4 June 2021$20.00 USD
4 June 2021THE most useful app on my desktop. Thank you!!$15.00 USD
4 June 2021Great programme. Use it every day and wouldn't be without it. Phil S.$15.00 USD
3 June 2021$20.00 USD
3 June 2021$2.00 USD
2 June 2021Thanks for the great little program, and your quick responses to any questions or suggestions we have. Cheers!$12.00 USD
1 June 2021Great little program. Very reliable. Love the context menu entry, so that I can quickly search certain sub-directories.$12.00 USD
1 June 2021excellent program !$10.00 USD
1 June 2021$5.00 USD
31 May 2021Best search software I've ever used.$100.00 USD
30 May 2021Thank you David, your program has proven indisposable over the years. . . . Nothing else comes close!$15.00 USD
30 May 2021Excellent and intuitive to use application. You are very skillfull. Thank you.$8.00 USD
29 May 2021Thank you for creating & maintaining this fantastic program!$20.00 USD
29 May 2021$10.00 USD
28 May 2021Thank you!$10.00 USD
28 May 2021$10.00 USD
28 May 2021Hi David, thanks for your great and superfast search tool and keep doing your excellent work. Since Windows file explorer started not finding existing files i appreciate your tool even more. Greetings Elmar from Germany$5.00 USD
28 May 2021$1.00 USD
27 May 2021$10.00 USD
27 May 2021$10.00 USD
27 May 2021Thank you, David! This is just a small gesture of my big gratitude for your useful program.$5.00 USD
26 May 2021$10.00 USD
26 May 2021$50.00 USD
26 May 2021$15.00 USD
25 May 2021$10.00 USD
25 May 2021$10.00 USD
24 May 2021I use Everything every single day and it's the solution for so many different tasks, I don't want to miss it. It is well designed, without bugs, stable and fast. . . And: It's free ♥ I want to thank you with a little donate. Kind regards Chris Sauter$10.00 USD
24 May 2021Thanks for the best search app for Windows :)$10.00 USD
23 May 2021$1.00 USD
23 May 2021$5.00 USD
23 May 2021This program has saved my behind more times than I can count. I couldn't resist sending a little more for it. Great work!$5.00 USD
21 May 2021$10.00 USD
21 May 2021$30.00 USD
21 May 2021Everything is just excellent. Instantaneous search results unlike Windows Search. Love it.$20.00 USD
21 May 2021really great useful stuff$10.00 USD
20 May 2021Great tool!!!$25.00 USD
20 May 2021$5.00 USD
20 May 2021$100.00 USD
19 May 2021Windows Search? We don't need no stinking Windows Search!$25.00 USD
19 May 2021Thank you!!!$10.00 USD
17 May 2021Thank you for developing this great software and not having a nag in the software for payment. I gladly want to support your efforts.$25.00 USD
15 May 2021H. Scherle$20.00 USD
15 May 2021Thank you!$10.00 USD
14 May 2021Amazing software! Could not live without it!$15.00 USD
14 May 2021Many thanks.$25.00 USD
13 May 2021Thanks for all your hard work$10.00 USD
12 May 2021Great support for a free top tier app. Happy to show my appreciation. $15.01 USD
12 May 2021One of the best tools out there, everything a search tool should be. Puts windows search functions to shame.$15.00 USD
10 May 2021"Everything" Shareware - great tool & outstanding support$10.00 USD
10 May 2021It just works!$10.00 USD
9 May 2021Thanks!! -Anthony$5.00 USD
8 May 2021Thank you c:$5.00 USD
8 May 2021Fast, useful, a big time saver. Thanks!$15.00 USD
3 May 2021Thank you!$10.00 USD
3 May 2021"Everything" windows tool, shareware donation$25.00 USD
1 May 2021Amazing program! Saves so much time and provides such powerful control. And thank you for your recent help with indexing my NAS drive for super fast, convenient searches across my personal cloud!$25.00 USD
1 May 2021Thnx4Everything!! Long live the Tool!!$5.00 USD
1 May 2021This program means "everything" to me when I'm searching across multiple directories for a file whose name I only vaguely remember. Excellent work. I'm now on the Alpha version.$20.00 USD
29 April 2021Just tried this today. It's so fast!! Much better than what I was using before. many thanks.$5.00 USD
29 April 2021Great software, thank you$5.00 USD
29 April 2021Top tool. Fast, no bloat.$5.00 USD
29 April 2021Thanks! Amazing little app!$6.00 USD
27 April 2021Thanks for Everything, saves me so much time and energy. One of the main ingredients in the glue that holds this rickshaw called Windows together as a usable experience$20.00 USD
27 April 2021It Just Works!$25.00 USD
26 April 2021Excellent app. Its power lies in searching beyond internal HDD, and includes external drives. The go to app to find ANY file or folder. Pls keep it going and improving it. Tks.$9.99 USD
25 April 2021Had to find some old photo's for an art school admission portfolio. Couldn't find it for days, then I remembered that I had Everything installed, found it within a minute. Thanks David!$2.00 USD
25 April 2021Amazing Work David!! ♥ It's really the best Search Engine App there is!! Helps sooo much and you can't get it faster, because its instant!! Finally donated, because its really really good and a daily Helper! ♥ Hope many others donate as well now! Best regards from Germany, Maxim$22.22 USD
24 April 2021An excellent tool. Thanks!$25.00 USD
23 April 2021The most useful tool on my PC!$20.00 USD
23 April 2021Thank you for a great tool! I donate because it does NOT nag about it!$20.00 USD
23 April 2021This is an essential program! Thank you for developing it.$20.00 USD
22 April 2021I should have done this years ago, I've been using everything for a long time, and I'm sorry I can't give more. . .$20.00 USD
22 April 2021Your work has saved me so much time, thank you! It's insane how slow other searches are, and how fast yours is!$25.00 USD
21 April 2021A great tool that makes my life quite easier!$30.00 USD
21 April 2021Dear David, your App is MEGA !! For years I was annoyed with the bad Win XP search, this is a joke! Your Everything Tool is M E G A! Thanks!!$20.00 USD
21 April 2021David, Great Job. Everything makes my life easier, Thank you !!$10.00 USD
20 April 2021Thank you for your great tool. It helps me to avoid powershell all the time xD.$5.00 USD
20 April 2021Exceptionally useful utility, well made, easy to use and astoundingly fast. Thanks & keep it up!!$25.00 USD
19 April 2021Hi David, Your Everything software is the best searching application for windows. Excellent tool. Great software. I recommend it to all my colleagues and friends. I have also provided a recommend comment on pcmag. com/news/best-free-software and I encourage everyone to do the same. This software has saved me a lot of work. Very well done! Thanks a lot.$44.44 USD
18 April 2021Great program; so much better than the windows search tool$10.00 USD
17 April 2021Thanks for making a great product!! Value for Value$25.00 USD
17 April 2021Amazing app. Always part of my app arsenal as a programmer. Hope we can have an Android version of this$14.00 USD
16 April 2021David, I’ve been using Everything for almost a decade now, across multiple job roles and employers, so it seems long overdue for me to give back. It is absolutely indispensable part of my tech toolkit, and a credit to you for continuing to maintain it as a freeware product.$100.00 USD
16 April 2021Great. Hope to find an android version one day too$3.33 USD
14 April 2021The single most valuable piece of Windows software. Thank you!$25.00 USD
13 April 2021This is what built-in search in Windows should be, but Microsoft can't be bothered to make it. Lightning fast and has almost every feature you could need.$3.00 USD
11 April 2021Excellent tool. Well done. Thank you.$10.00 USD
10 April 2021This is so utilitarian! Thank you.$10.00 USD
10 April 2021Everything changed my life. I am eternally grateful.$4.20 USD
9 April 2021DAVID FOR PREZIDENT! Shoootout to Lauris GG$4.20 USD
9 April 2021This software is almost as good as Lauris.$4.20 USD
8 April 2021Da tanto tempo Everything è nel mio Cuore. GRAZIE. Everything: velocissima , I Love It. by Snk;):))$2.22 USD
8 April 2021Your app has made my life easier. Wonderful tool. Keep up the great work!$15.00 USD
8 April 2021You've saved me countless hours of searching my disk for that one file I made months ago. Thanks!$10.00 USD
7 April 2021Thank you for this fantastic tool$5.00 USD
4 April 2021Ditto to what others appreciate so much! I use EVERYThing EVERYDay! So another donation feels good to make :)$15.00 USD
4 April 2021Wanted to give something back for this very useful tool i've used as an integral part of my desktop for years.$15.00 USD
4 April 2021David, thank you again for creating this amazing search tool.$100.00 USD
2 April 2021Thanks, David. From a long, long time user. Everything is my go-to utility throughout the day. I've tried most of the other popular search tools available, but this Everything has been my main one for many years. Your absolutely appropriately-named program is one that I cannot do without: it is a genuine marvel.$25.00 USD
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