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Donation HistoryCommentAmount
9 December 2022What an awesome application! A must-have for me when a friend has "lost" their files and about to lose their mind..$10.00 USD
9 December 2022Amazing.$10.00 CAD
9 December 2022Thank you for this wonderful utility. It should be on every computer!$10.00 USD
9 December 2022just the best, thank you!$15.00 USD
9 December 2022A brilliant app. Thank you so much for developing it. JM Salisbury, UK£10.00 GBP
9 December 2022The article on How-To-Geek reminded me to make a donation.$10.00 USD
9 December 2022$10.00 USD
9 December 2022David I've been using everything since like forever and I do not even imagine how I will search Windows files without it. Thank you.$15.00 USD
9 December 2022$10.00 USD
9 December 2022Love using Everything!$3.00 USD
9 December 2022I saw a review in How-to-Greek and decided to try Everything. A few seconds after installing, I brought up instantly a list of filenames across my whole SSD containing a certain string. Amazing!£10.00 GBP
9 December 2022Don't thank me, thank Jason Fitzpatrick over at howtogeek.com I've been a subscriber to their newsletter for years now, and today he wrote an article praising Everything. You should check it out. $15.00 CAD
9 December 2022David, Just wanted to say thanks for this program, and all the help it provides. Sure appreciate it. Franklin$25.00 USD
9 December 2022$10.00 USD
9 December 2022$5.00 USD
9 December 2022Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.$50.00 USD
9 December 2022David, many thanks for creating Everything. It is a breath of fresh air after suffering the frustrations of using the Windows search tools!$10.00 USD
9 December 2022$10.00 USD
9 December 2022Thanks <3$10.00 USD
9 December 2022Fantastic program. Don't add any bells and whistles. It's perfect like it is.$20.00 USD
9 December 2022$5.00 USD
9 December 2022Amazing app David! And YOU are the icing on the cake! Thank you for your assistance with my unique issues and requests over the past couple days! Andy$100.00 USD
8 December 2022Ich bin Rentner und lebe in einem Alterszentrum in Zürich. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Ihrem Programm, und möchte Ihnen trotz wenigem Budget ihnen was Kleines zukommen lassen. A. Eicher $5.00 USD
8 December 2022$2.00 USD
8 December 2022I'm donating $2 for every year I've used Everything. This app is amazing and I use it every day.$26.00 USD
8 December 2022$1.00 USD
8 December 2022$3.00 USD
6 December 2022₪20.00 ILS
6 December 2022$5.00 USD
6 December 2022I use 'Everything' multiple times a day. Thanks for a great tool!$5.00 USD
5 December 2022I can't remember if a year's past since my last donation but your work is a life-saver! cheers, David£10.00 GBP
5 December 2022$5.00 USD
5 December 2022Great app. Thank you.$15.00 USD
5 December 2022Just for adding random sort, here's 10 smackers. You're doing the lord's work.$10.00 USD
5 December 2022Excellent tool, David. Please keep up the good work.£10.00 GBP
4 December 2022$20.00 USD
4 December 2022this dude has big pener enerG$5.00 USD
4 December 2022Brilliant!$50.00 USD
3 December 2022I use it every day, so my donation is out of my heart€10.00 EUR
3 December 2022$2.00 USD
2 December 2022Vielen Dank für dies tolle Programm. Selbst ich als Rentner kann damit wunderbar arbeiten. Und Deine Bereitschaft, schnell auf Probleme und Fragen zu antworten, ist beispielhaft! €20.00 EUR
1 December 2022applicazione utilissima.€20.00 EUR
1 December 2022It's beyond useful. It's saved me hours of searching for files.$10.00 USD
1 December 2022$3.00 CAD
1 December 2022$5.00 USD
30 November 2022Looked all over for a long time for something like this. It is great. If I have one suggestion its some way to make it faster to look in docs instead of typing content:""$40.00 USD
30 November 2022$10.00 USD
30 November 2022Keep up the good work. Everything is really a 'must have' for every PC-user!$50.00 USD
30 November 2022$1.00 USD
29 November 2022$20.00 USD
29 November 2022Can't wait for tags for bookmarks! And if we could add an image as the cover for a bookmark.$100.00 USD
29 November 2022€5.00 EUR
28 November 2022Great tool! Keep it free! Thanks a lot! €5.00 EUR
28 November 2022$10.00 USD
28 November 2022Awesome tool!€5.00 EUR
28 November 2022€25.00 EUR
28 November 2022$5.00 USD
28 November 2022$20.00 CAD
27 November 2022Great forum support! Thanks a lot! - verviers$5.00 USD
27 November 2022$10.00 USD
27 November 2022€1.00 EUR
27 November 2022$5.00 USD
26 November 2022I just wanted to say thank you!20.00 PLN
26 November 2022$28.00 USD
25 November 2022I have already donated in the past but, hey, this is the most intensivly used software on my computer, and I want to encourage you to keep it freeware. Great 1.5.x dark theme for OLED screens !€10.00 EUR
25 November 2022My go-to for searching. Why hasn't Windows bought this yet?$10.00 USD
23 November 2022Brilliant tool. Many thanks£10.00 GBP
23 November 2022Thanks €4.00 EUR
23 November 2022$3.00 AUD
22 November 2022Thank you for this awesome work€25.00 EUR
22 November 202240$40.00 USD
22 November 2022Thanks, David. I love Everything and wanted to show my appreciation. Great utility!$25.00 USD
21 November 2022Thanks for creating the search that windows search should be. It is amazing and helps me every day, I recommend it regularly!€25.00 EUR
21 November 2022$20.00 AUD
21 November 2022The F2 (rename) function with the IN-BUILT Regex feature that comes with it saved me 4 hours of repetitive work.£1.00 GBP
20 November 2022$10.00 USD
20 November 2022Just found this. thank you!$5.00 USD
20 November 2022$20.00 USD
20 November 2022Thank you for Everything. It works so well it's magic.$5.00 USD
20 November 2022$10.00 USD
19 November 2022Thank you for this glorious program. It saves me time and money to search my files instantly!$10.00 USD
19 November 2022$5.00 AUD
19 November 2022€10.00 EUR
19 November 2022$10.00 USD
19 November 2022OH. MY. GOD. I lost a Power Point with a week's worth of work on it and Everything FOUND IT. I love you I love you I love you.$50.00 USD
19 November 2022$10.00 USD
19 November 2022Hello, Mr. Carpenter, thank you for this great program. Thomas F€10.00 EUR
19 November 2022$20.00 USD
19 November 2022$8.00 USD
19 November 2022$12.00 USD
19 November 2022$1.00 USD
18 November 2022Thanks for your great program.€20.00 EUR
17 November 2022$10.00 USD
17 November 2022$5.00 USD
17 November 2022$20.00 USD
17 November 2022$10.00 USD
16 November 2022Hallo David Als Dank diese Spende JHBreuer Germany$20.00 USD
16 November 2022Great!! Thanks$10.00 USD
16 November 2022€10.00 EUR
16 November 2022$2.00 USD
15 November 2022$20.00 USD
15 November 2022Just discovering this is a donation based tool. I'm going to be sending a request for some help, but wanted to send a donation before I do so, since I've found the tool helpful before. Thanks!$20.00 USD
15 November 2022Thanks!€5.00 EUR
14 November 2022$20.00 USD
14 November 2022Thank you very much, Mr. Carpenter! I use "Everything" every day at work and it helps me very much.€20.00 EUR
13 November 2022I've been a user for years. Your software has saved my butt multiple times as well as making life easier.$5.00 USD
13 November 2022$1.00 USD
13 November 2022$1.00 USD
13 November 2022thank your for this great search engine - this saves me from having many headaches by using the slow windows search$10.00 USD
12 November 2022Your program has saved me so many hours of searching. I can't thank you enough. I will donate from time to time. Hope it's helps. 🙂$20.00 USD
12 November 2022$12.00 USD
12 November 2022€1.00 EUR
10 November 2022$20.00 USD
10 November 2022Hi David, Thanks for Everything - the great utility!! Please keep up the great work. Tom Z$20.00 USD
10 November 2022Please make a version of this tool that runs on my brain.$20.00 USD
10 November 2022$2.00 USD
9 November 2022Thank you for such a useful utility!$50.00 USD
9 November 2022$20.00 USD
8 November 2022€5.00 USD
7 November 2022€50.00 EUR
7 November 2022A 'must have' tool!!! excellent performance! ***** (5 Stars) SW$10.00 USD
7 November 2022₪20.00 ILS
6 November 2022US$5 donated. Would like to donate $100. Voidtools' EVERYTHING Search is Boss. $5.00 USD
6 November 2022Thank you so much for Everything! Why can't Microsoft implement a search even half as good as this one? I've used this so many times and it has saved me so much trouble that I just have to give back!$100.00 USD
6 November 2022$25.00 USD
6 November 2022€5.00 EUR
5 November 2022$30.00 USD
5 November 2022$7.77 USD
3 November 2022$5.00 USD
3 November 2022Thank you so much, David!!$50.00 CAD
3 November 2022Love this search app. Simply so easy to find things with too many docs on computer.$15.00 USD
3 November 2022£2.00 GBP
3 November 2022$5.00 USD
3 November 2022$2.00 USD
2 November 2022$10.00 USD
2 November 2022i just sent $10, but forgot to comment, so here's $10 more. Used Everything for years. Very happy with v. and previous versions. V.1.5.0 is even better! Amazing product!! Thank you.$10.00 USD
2 November 2022$10.00 USD
1 November 2022fantastic, usefull, stable A must have ! You've done an impressive work with this tool€10.00 EUR
1 November 2022$10.00 USD
1 November 2022$20.00 USD
1 November 2022Unless something besides plain old programming code is involved (like a pinch of magic) I don't understand how Everything can be SO MUCH BETTER than ANYTHING else even remotely similar to it.$20.00 USD
1 November 2022$3.00 CAD
31 October 2022With Total Commander it is an awesome and lightspeed symbiosis€20.00 EUR
30 October 2022Been using this for years. Always blows my mind how fast it is.$100.00 USD
29 October 2022$10.00 USD
29 October 2022$10.00 USD
28 October 2022$10.00 USD
27 October 2022$25.00 USD
27 October 2022Thanks, it's great software.R$10.00 BRL
27 October 2022$10.00 USD
27 October 2022$10.00 USD
26 October 2022$15.00 USD
26 October 2022$50.00 USD
25 October 2022$1.10 USD
25 October 2022Thanks for this excellent (and invaluable) piece of software$10.00 USD
25 October 2022This tool has been so useful for so many years. Thanks so much!$50.00 USD
25 October 2022David. I can't say enough that's GREAT about this software. I'm happy to donate in the hopes of keeping you around to make a great tool GREATER! Yes, I'm selfish that way! ~ Deb$20.00 USD
25 October 2022great program and you have been so helpful!$10.00 USD
25 October 2022$3.00 USD
24 October 2022The best indexing tool ever!€15.00 EUR
24 October 2022Thank you very much for developing and supporting this great program. Hard to imagine running my Windows 7 computer without it.$27.00 USD
23 October 2022$10.00 USD
23 October 2022can't live without this now$3.00 USD
22 October 2022$3.00 AUD
22 October 2022$5.00 USD
22 October 2022David, This program is incredibly useful! It's fast, flexible, stable, intuitive. All good! Thanks Tom Bates$50.00 USD
22 October 2022I just can't believe I lived without it for so long. Thank you so much! Keep the excellent work. $15.00 CAD
21 October 2022Thank you for this program, it means EVERYTHING to me (I bet someone's made the same pun already but eh, too good not to repeat!). €15.00 EUR
21 October 2022$25.00 USD
21 October 2022Thanks - this is a great tool and I use it FREQUENTLY$30.00 USD
21 October 2022One of my most used tools. Happy to pay to keep it going!$25.00 USD
20 October 2022Keep up the good work!$25.00 USD
20 October 2022$10.00 USD
20 October 2022Understand you use separate instances to have separate services running for separate datasets based on separate ini files. Still a kludge. Would like better support for separate datasets of files.$25.00 USD
20 October 2022Best tool ever! Use it every day. Makes life so much easier$10.00 USD
20 October 2022$10.00 USD
19 October 2022$100.00 USD
19 October 2022Really functional. I especially enjoy the right click options, open path or copy full path. So helpful when I need to locate a document fast and paste it into an upload or attachment. Just great!$25.00 USD
19 October 2022still use it every day. The one tool i could not work without. $30.00 USD
19 October 2022$1.00 USD
19 October 2022$12.00 USD
18 October 2022Thank you for the great and very useful program!€3.00 EUR
18 October 2022Hi David, thanks heaps for a great tool. Quick feature request: Indexing of content. Would make for the greatest app on earth :). Thank you. $10.00 AUD
18 October 2022$20.00 USD
18 October 2022Thank you David. Everything has been my everyday companion for many years!£25.00 GBP
18 October 2022$10.00 USD
18 October 2022Great program!€10.00 EUR
18 October 2022$5.00 USD
17 October 2022Thank you for this tool.$10.00 AUD
17 October 2022$50.00 USD
16 October 2022€1.00 EUR
16 October 2022€10.00 EUR
16 October 2022Super Programm!€20.00 EUR
16 October 2022$25.00 USD
16 October 2022$15.00 USD
16 October 2022The single most used tool on my PC!$10.00 USD
16 October 2022$2.00 USD
15 October 2022Super Programm Danke€10.00 EUR
15 October 2022$11.00 USD
15 October 2022$5.00 USD
15 October 2022$10.00 USD
15 October 2022$20.00 USD
15 October 2022I have been using Everything every day for 13 years. Thank you for over 10 years of file searching bliss!$20.00 USD
14 October 2022$20.00 USD
14 October 2022€11.11 EUR
14 October 2022Exceptional app$30.00 USD
14 October 2022Thanks for the fixes + updates, love this prog!£10.00 GBP
14 October 2022$10.00 USD
14 October 2022$35.00 USD
14 October 2022$10.00 USD
14 October 2022€10.00 EUR
14 October 2022Thanks for your update!€10.00 EUR
14 October 2022$10.00 USD
14 October 2022$10.00 USD
14 October 2022$20.00 USD
14 October 2022$20.00 USD
14 October 2022Fast, simple, light. Love it! Thank you$10.00 USD
14 October 2022$10.00 USD
14 October 2022$10.00 USD
14 October 2022Excellent program. It is very fast. I use it a lot.$25.00 USD
13 October 2022$22.22 USD
13 October 2022$10.00 USD
13 October 2022$1.00 USD
13 October 2022$12.00 USD
13 October 2022$1.00 USD
13 October 2022$10.00 USD
13 October 2022€10.00 EUR
13 October 2022Best indexer ever€5.00 EUR
13 October 2022A very nice tool. Thank you for this!€20.00 EUR
13 October 2022$10.00 USD
13 October 2022Maybe the only tool every computer must have !€10.00 EUR
13 October 2022$5.00 USD
13 October 2022$5.00 USD
13 October 2022Hello I love Everything: it's much snappier than Windows Search and I am using it daily. Thanks for such a great utility program. $20.00 USD
13 October 2022$15.00 NZD
13 October 2022$20.00 USD
13 October 2022£10.00 GBP
13 October 2022I've been using Everything free for a couple of years and am happy with it. Thanks!♫♪♫$10.00 USD
13 October 2022$10.00 USD
12 October 2022Keep up the good work! I have turned off all Windows indexing, and I have started using Everything exclusively.$12.00 USD
10 October 2022$2.00 USD
9 October 2022$10.00 USD
8 October 2022$0.32 USD
7 October 2022$15.00 USD
7 October 2022$10.00 USD
6 October 2022$5.00 AUD
5 October 2022$25.00 USD
5 October 2022$22.22 USD
5 October 2022€5.00 EUR
4 October 2022Hello David, I use Everything often and thank you for your work.$10.00 USD
3 October 2022$20.00 USD
3 October 2022$20.00 USD
3 October 2022£2.00 GBP
2 October 2022$2.00 USD
2 October 2022My go to search engine for years. Still great in Windows 11$10.00 USD
1 October 2022€10.00 EUR
1 October 2022$30.00 USD
1 October 2022Have rarely used such good software. Fast, clear, slim, smooth Thank you so much for developing.€10.00 EUR
1 October 2022I usually donate $10, but here's $20 as a special thanks for Dark Mode. $20.00 USD
1 October 2022$10.00 USD
1 October 2022$3.00 CAD
30 September 2022$15.00 USD
29 September 2022$25.00 USD
29 September 2022Searches are not only quicker but also easier to find partial file names$10.00 USD
29 September 2022Great tool, especially in combination with TC€20.00 EUR
29 September 2022$25.00 USD
28 September 2022Fantastic tool. Many thanks£5.00 GBP
28 September 2022$10.00 USD
27 September 2022€1.00 EUR
27 September 2022$10.00 USD
27 September 2022$20.00 CAD
26 September 2022This search tool rocks, especially when compared to Windows search. I've been using it for 6+ months now, and it has been a solid tool. Thanks!$50.00 USD
26 September 2022Thank you for creating this free softwareP150.00 PHP
25 September 202250.00 DKK
24 September 2022Been using for years and have got lots of other people onto it as well, super valuable for searching through company servers etc, i use it to find cad files or word docs, pdfs, excel files, EVERYTHING$10.00 USD
24 September 2022Use it all the time. Insane time-saver.$25.00 USD
23 September 2022Thank God for YouTube! At 71 a convenient place to learn. Which has led me to your excellent programme. And as a previous contributor said, it is getting harder to remember everything$25.00 AUD
22 September 2022$1.00 USD
22 September 2022$3.00 AUD
21 September 2022I have find files with Everything since many years and it continues to do the job great. Thanks for this beautiful tool.€10.00 EUR
21 September 2022$5.00 USD
20 September 2022No longer working and getting older. This software tool has saved my ass so many times when the ol' memory fails. Wish I could afford more. $10.00 AUD
20 September 2022Hi there, I have been using your search tool for a while now. I moved permanently to Linux about 6 months ago. I miss EVERYTHING! (But not windows) Please consider a Linux version? Thanks, Ru$20.00 USD
20 September 2022$10.00 USD
19 September 2022$3.00 USD
19 September 2022I find myself using Everything more and more, saving me the time it took before navigating in the Windows Explorer. Such a great and simple tool, thank you!€30.00 EUR
19 September 2022$1.00 USD
19 September 2022$12.00 USD
18 September 2022$50.00 USD
17 September 2022$5.00 USD
17 September 2022Eins meiner wertvollsten Werkzeuge$22.22 USD
17 September 2022$5.00 USD
16 September 2022$5.00 USD
16 September 2022Amazing software, great support.£10.00 GBP
15 September 2022$30.00 USD
15 September 2022have been using Everything for more than 10 years. Really useful and helpful even in the newest OS.£10.00 GBP
15 September 2022"Everything" blows Windows search out of the water. Every frustration I've had with Windows search was alleviated the moment I installed and ran it the first time. Super fast, and intuitive UI.$20.00 USD
15 September 2022Thank you for writing this tool David, incredibly useful.$40.00 USD
14 September 2022Fast and amazing$10.00 USD
14 September 2022$5.00 USD
14 September 2022$5.00 USD
14 September 2022$1.00 USD
14 September 2022This has been a great tool for years and year. Thank you$20.00 USD
14 September 2022$1.00 USD
14 September 2022$1.00 USD
13 September 2022Recommended by a colleague. Neat tool :)$20.00 USD
13 September 2022I love the Everything tool, thanks a lot!$5.00 USD
10 September 2022$100.00 USD
10 September 2022$10.00 USD
10 September 2022$10.00 USD
9 September 2022$2.00 USD
9 September 2022$1.00 USD
9 September 2022$1.00 USD
8 September 2022$10.00 USD
8 September 2022$5.00 USD
8 September 2022$25.00 USD
7 September 2022I've only just downloaded it and I love it already.$10.00 USD
7 September 2022$22.22 USD
7 September 2022$25.00 CAD
7 September 2022Amazing! Awesome! Just wonderful! Can't imagine surviving without this tool!$20.00 CAD
7 September 2022₪20.00 ILS
6 September 2022god bless america$20.00 USD
6 September 2022Absolutely perfect! Recently discovered the command line interface to create EFU files. Love the fact that the EFU file format is a easily readable plain text file.$20.00 USD
6 September 2022$10.00 USD
6 September 2022way better than widows search$10.00 USD
5 September 2022$21.69 USD
5 September 2022The only reason people could possibly not know that EVERYTHING is essential to work is that they are not (yet) using it!$10.00 USD
2 September 2022$20.00 USD
2 September 2022$10.00 USD
2 September 2022I love your Everything app! I constantly use it and just wanted to say thanks!$20.00 USD
1 September 2022$10.00
1 September 2022$6.00
1 September 2022I've donated before, but this has been so helpful it's time to do it again. Thanks!$20.00 USD
31 August 2022Top notch tool! Wide spread in our organization. One wish, it would be great with a search history combobox.$20.00 USD
31 August 2022$3.00 CAD
31 August 2022One of the most useful tools in computing!$10.00 USD
31 August 2022€40.00 EUR
31 August 2022Dear David, I just found out about version 1.5a and this is everything I've always wanted! I am now able to just select a folder and see Bitrate, Length, etc. Thank you very much! Cheers, Albert€10.00 EUR
31 August 2022In AWE. THX a lot€15.00 EUR
30 August 2022$10.00 USD
30 August 2022That's great! Switched to it after WizFile started to hang on network drives..$10.00 USD
28 August 2022$10.00 USD
28 August 2022$15.00 USD
27 August 2022$10.00 USD
27 August 2022$20.00 CAD
27 August 2022€1.00 EUR
27 August 2022Just perfect!$10.00 USD
26 August 2022$5.00 USD
26 August 2022I use it since years and still very happy. Thannks.$10.00 USD
26 August 2022What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor? "Make me One with Everything!"$10.00 USD
25 August 2022Just amazing! I love Everything search tool! Thank you so much! With the randomize search results feature in the Everything-, wow, I just love it even more!$20.00 USD
25 August 2022Great tool, thank you!£5.00 GBP
24 August 2022$20.00 USD
24 August 2022Thanks for you work. This is great software. €5.00 EUR
24 August 2022$0.01 USD
23 August 2022Thank you!! It's the best tool, ever! Better than "everything else".€11.11 EUR
23 August 2022Great Tool, Thanks$25.00 USD
23 August 2022Thank you for "Everything"$10.00 USD
23 August 2022$3.00 AUD
21 August 2022Everything saved me from diving into hours of tedious searches. Thanks a lot!$10.00 USD
21 August 2022$5.00 USD
20 August 2022Thank you for your wonderful efforts!!! Looking forward to your doing greater and greater!!! You're a hero!$10.00 USD
20 August 2022What a great program found a missing file that windows and other utilities could not fine. Thank you, Kris $5.00 USD
20 August 2022Exceptional. I'm constantly amazed by the versatility and attention to detail in this application. Thank you!$25.00 USD
19 August 2022$10.00 USD
18 August 2022$1.00 USD
18 August 2022$12.00 USD
18 August 2022:)$10.00 USD
18 August 2022Everything satisfied the most need in the Internet!$25.00 USD
18 August 2022I wouldn't know how to work on windows without this tool!€15.00 EUR
18 August 2022$5.00 USD
18 August 2022$5.00 USD
18 August 2022I use it almost every day, thanks! PS: I love your fast scroll with the middle mouse button, more programs should work like that€15.00 EUR
16 August 2022€1.00 EUR
16 August 2022Hello from beautiful San Diego, California. Great tool! I wish all software was written as good as this.$10.00 USD
16 August 2022$2.00 USD
15 August 2022$10.00 USD
15 August 2022$25.00 USD
15 August 2022Great tool, thanks!£30.00 GBP
15 August 2022really great tool. thank you ! greetings from France$10.00 USD
14 August 2022$1.00 USD
14 August 2022$1.00 USD
12 August 2022One of the best tools ever. Useful functions and superfast. Thanks, keep on running. Grüße aus Deutschland :-))€10.00 EUR
11 August 2022€5.00 EUR
10 August 2022I need this. You need this. The world needs this. Thanks!€10.00 EUR
9 August 2022$2.00 USD
9 August 2022Great! The best and simplest search tool. Microsoft should incorporate such a great tool in Windows.$2.00 USD
7 August 2022$20.00 USD
7 August 2022Great!$20.00 CAD
7 August 2022Amazing tool, a must have on any PC!$50.00 USD
6 August 2022₪20.00 ILS
6 August 2022Thank's for your masterpiece!$1.00 USD
5 August 2022It's been too long since my last donation!£20.00 GBP
3 August 2022Wahnsinn. Danke für das herrausragende Tool€5.00 EUR
3 August 2022Thank you. Speed, simplicity, and convenience. $50.00 USD
3 August 2022$2.00 USD
2 August 2022$10.00 USD
2 August 2022Exceptionnal tool ! Thank you so much...€10.00 EUR
31 July 2022Fabulous tool Thanks for the excellent work$50.00 USD
31 July 2022$5.00 USD
31 July 2022$10.00 USD
31 July 2022€10.00 EUR
31 July 2022Have been annoyed by the useless Windows search for many years, this is how it is supposed to be played. Intuitive & powerful while being unintrusive and transparent. Thank you for this gem.$5.00 USD
30 July 2022Very awesome search program, the windows search leaves it by lengths in the shade. Use it very often. Thanks a lot!€25.00 EUR
30 July 2022100.00 SEK
30 July 2022$10.00 USD
29 July 2022£10.00 GBP
29 July 2022Great tool! I don't know how I managed without it.$20.00 USD
28 July 2022This tool has increased my productivity in debugging and general workflows immensely! Thank you for this amazing work.$20.00 USD
28 July 2022Thanks a lot, this tool is amazing: just does the job! 100.00 NOK
28 July 2022€1.00 EUR
28 July 2022$10.00 USD
28 July 2022$20.00 CAD
27 July 2022$5.00 USD
26 July 20229gag recommended this$5.00 USD
26 July 2022One of the must have tools every time I install Windows. Simply a must have.$10.00 USD
25 July 2022I donated more money for this tool than I spent on the licence key for Windows 10 Pro. That should say it all.€3.33 EUR
25 July 2022Excellent software. Since using it, it has become my favorite research and efficiency tool (compared to Copernic, etc.). Thank you. Francis€15.00 EUR
23 July 2022Some times epochonal €5.00 EUR
23 July 2022$15.00 USD
22 July 2022Thanks for this excellent, small and fast tool$20.00 USD
21 July 2022excellent, keep up the good work!$15.00 USD
20 July 2022This tool is amazing! Found a file instantly that Windows explorer took over 7 hours to find.$25.00 USD
20 July 2022$10.00 USD
19 July 2022Guten Tag Herr Carpenter, Vielen Dank fuer die tolle Software von Ihnen.Ich nutze diese seit Jahren im IT Umfeld. Besten Gruss und weiter so 👌 €80.00 EUR
18 July 2022David, Great software...Couldn't do without it! Jim Osborn$50.00 USD
18 July 2022$5.00 USD
18 July 2022£50.00 GBP
17 July 2022$100.00 USD
17 July 2022The program that makes the computer useful.$20.00 USD
17 July 2022€1.00 EUR
16 July 2022$5.00 USD
16 July 2022My all-time favorite software/search program for over 7 years!$50.00 USD
16 July 2022Just downloaded the latest Alpha - Great Job to the Developer!!! $60.00 USD
16 July 2022$2.00 USD
15 July 2022€10.00 EUR
15 July 2022$10.00 USD
15 July 2022A really good filemanager, so well thought ou. Thank you.$6.00 USD
14 July 2022€6.00 EUR
14 July 2022$1.00 USD
14 July 2022$1.00 USD
12 July 2022$20.00 USD
12 July 2022You created a very good program and there is also (very important for me) a german language available! I like this program very much. Thank You.€10.00 EUR
11 July 2022Man, this software is just awesome, it works flawlessly! I use it all the time, every day! It's just superior compared to any other similar software$50.00 USD
9 July 2022£10.00 GBP
8 July 2022Great software I have been using it for years : Western Australia$20.00 AUD
7 July 2022In appreciation of the current version and I hope enjoy your new project.$10.00 USD
7 July 2022Jimspoon from Austin TX USA. Glad to see the list of donations, lots of folks are donating! $20.00 USD
7 July 2022$5.00 USD
7 July 2022Man, I love your tool. Been using it for the past 5 years and it is time to say THANK YOU. Even your support pace is unmatched. Thank you, Dave. Mo Wahba$10.00 USD
6 July 2022₪20.00 ILS
6 July 2022Hi David, thanks a lot for your help !!! Id saved me a lot of time ;-) Best regards Joelmo from Germany €50.00 EUR
6 July 2022$10.00 USD
6 July 2022$10.00 USD
6 July 2022Excellent search tool, thanks you!$25.00 USD
6 July 2022Your utility makes our work so much simpler and has for years. Thank you!$20.00 USD
6 July 2022$10.00 USD
5 July 2022$10.00 USD
5 July 2022This is such a nice utility - so handy, and it always works perfectly. Such a breath of fresh air from the usual bloated, awkward, half-way apps we get everywhere!$20.00 USD
5 July 2022₪18.00 ILS
3 July 2022$8.00 USD
2 July 2022$2.00 USD
2 July 2022$10.00 AUD
2 July 2022€10.00 EUR
1 July 2022best searchable software around. I used it almost daily. Thanks.$10.00 USD
1 July 2022This is one of those software tools that is absolutely rock solid and fast while doing exactly what it's supposed to, without bloat, ads or being a resource hog. Should be a default install on any PC€10.00 EUR
1 July 2022Hi David. Thank you for one of my most useful utilities. Everything always finds what I am looking for. I just installed v1.5a in order to make use of the “Omissions” option. Even better!$20.00 USD
1 July 2022Thank you for a great tool!€10.00 EUR
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