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Donation HistoryNameCommentAmount
12 December 2019Amateur Radio Operator_Quickly finds Infineon TPM Professional Package for removal allowing Windows 10 installation on older HP Elite Business PCs. Excellent! Thank you!$5.00 USD
12 December 2019jjthank you; keep up the good work.$19.00 USD
12 December 2019SRSIf you recieve a kindness pass it on ....... Thanks / SRS$10.00 USD
12 December 2019theostill love it. In windows 7 opened from startup. Changed to windows 10: is there a way to avoid/circumvent the windows screen asking for permission each time I startup everything? form@compernolle.$10.00 USD
11 December 2019PhilippeGreat tool! Thank you!$5.00 USD
8 December 2019Tom$10.00 USD
8 December 2019Dave GarnerGreat tool. Great support.$10.00 USD
7 December 2019BobBEST APP! thanks so much, had to donate!$15.00 USD
7 December 2019AnonymousGreat product!!$20.00 USD
6 December 2019Dane TYou should keep this tool as freeware and in parallel charge Microsoft handsomely for them to license the code inside Windows. Amazing that one person has a superior search tool to $B company! $20.00 USD
6 December 2019PaulThanks for the great desktop search utility!$20.00 USD
6 December 2019AnonymousCheers for a wonderful software :)$10.00 AUD
5 December 2019AnonymousExtremely useful. Thank you for delveloping it. I hope you continue to improve on it. Maybe consider a Mac version as well. Happy Holidays $20.00 USD
4 December 2019AnonymousThank you for wonderful tool!$10.00 USD
3 December 2019Dave TExcellent!..Windows search & indexing ire actually off. One of a few free programs I donate to. Donation-ware a lot of times is better than commercial software. Thanks$10.00 USD
3 December 2019KimpleThank you for a very fast search tool$40.00 USD
1 December 2019Patrick SchützI have to donate again, because I love this tool, so please keept it up and continue to improve Everything :)$45.45 USD
1 December 2019alice jThanks for all your work.$40.00 USD
1 December 2019Dimitri SnijdersI donated few times in the past, but this tool I use almost everyday. I have 8 harddisk inside my computer and a SSD. With this tool, I can find a folder or file in seconds. Thank you.$10.00 USD
30 November 2019SteveThank you for creating an incredibly useful application. I apologize for taking so long to donate.$25.00 USD
29 November 2019Iurii GakhanovThank you for your work! Great program!$5.00 USD
28 November 2019JesperExcellent program. Hardly ever use Windows' search, so thank you.$20.00 USD
27 November 2019captdillyThe best search! Can't live without it!$20.00 USD
26 November 2019OnaisGreat Software, and even better support, never received such prompt and detailed replies from a paid software's support before. Thank You$20.00 USD
26 November 2019Bob DinerExcellent program. Thank you for., well, everything.$5.00 USD
26 November 2019BlavaNice Job. Thank you.$20.00 USD
26 November 2019Paul BishopThis is a superb utility. I'm not sure how I managed to work with Windows before!$20.00 USD
25 November 2019dr. philEverything works great! I am happy. You put microsoft to shame.$5.00 USD
24 November 2019jeroentsjiek NetherlandsMany thanks for this great, efficient en useful software, without ads etc.$15.00 USD
23 November 2019Markus MarxHallo David, thank for this wonderful peace of Software. The windows 7 search tool is trash, but with your Software i find everything.$10.00 USD
21 November 2019JandroThis program is a real time saver for me. I recommend it to everyone!!$15.00 USD
20 November 2019AnonymousI use Everything multiple times a day. Being a pack rat your tool is very helpful. Thanks!$15.00 USD
20 November 2019WaltCool tool!$10.00 USD
20 November 2019Robbo NaftaI absolutely could not use Windows without Everything. This tool is essential and really valuable. I have stuck with version 1.3.4 as it has everything I need.$10.00 USD
19 November 2019谢谢开发这么好的软件。$3.00 USD
19 November 2019Dave LeviI don't work on a PC without it!$10.00 USD
18 November 2019Kjellfh$10.00 USD
18 November 2019TinuGreat tool, thanks!$15.00 USD
18 November 2019AnonymousNice program. more complete than Win 10 search engine.$15.00 USD
18 November 2019AlexGood to see there is still genuinely useful software, being done well. Keep up the good work!$10.00 USD
16 November 2019drbr$3.00 USD
16 November 2019Ludwig.DGGRREEAATT!$10.00 USD
15 November 2019Dallas HintonWonderful tool, wonderful support!! Thanks!!!$15.00 USD
15 November 2019Gerry MullikaneI use it everyday, for..everything. Couldn't live without it (almost).$20.00 USD
15 November 2019Roberto RossiEs mucho que lo utilizo y me gusta. rr$10.00 USD
14 November 2019Herman'Everything' is what Windows 10 search ought to have been. I'm very happy to have discovered it. This donation is a shamefully tiny token of my enormous appreciation.$10.00 USD
12 November 2019Kurt KaeferboeckBest searche app ever ! It has been helping me a lot with my work for many years many thanks.$15.00 USD
11 November 2019CorkyFantastic search app!$5.00 USD
10 November 2019Javier GranaThanks! Gracias! Danke! Merci! Dankon! Arigato! Grazie! Obrigado! Spasiba! Xièxie! Imela!$15.00 USD
9 November 2019Rob GarnettFantastic - use it every day. I can't believe how fast it is. I have it indexing 8 hard drives. Suggestion: Could you add a field to the search to select a drive letter and/or add a path filte$20.00 USD
9 November 2019LarryFirst program I install inside any fresh Windows installation. Thank you much.$20.00 USD
9 November 2019Peter HäggblomVery fast search engine and easy to handle.$10.00 USD
7 November 2019RossGreat show! And that's coming from someone who is accustomed to the joys of the Mac OSX Finder.$10.00 USD
7 November 2019LeonDefinitely, one of my best SWs since I installed Windows 95.$10.00 USD
6 November 2019VojnovYou, sir, made a tool that saved me probably many hours. Please make everything even better. It's not much but enough for a relaxing coffee or a drink. Thank you and all the best!$5.00 USD
5 November 2019BARBARA MAISON - Victoria Australia-I have used Everything for years,found it invaluable,so easy to find my missing or misfiled items. Just found lost emails: am rapt so about time to donate! Thank you!$20.00 USD
5 November 2019Mike CI love this app. I had an uneasy feeling that I was just unfortunately going to use the Microsoft search tool, until I Found Everything. Thank you to the developers.$10.00 USD
5 November 2019AnonymousTrès bon logiciel, merci$10.00 USD
4 November 2019OldsirhippyWow - this is what microsoft search should have been and isn't. Thank you for an excellent easy to use tool$10.00 USD
3 November 2019QuickNETThank you so much for this tool. Puts Windows search to shame. This is one of the first things I put on any new Windows install.$30.00 USD
3 November 2019MarkHappy to donate to this simple but useful program that has saved me a LOT of time searching my large filebase. Thank you for taking the time to produce and share the Search Everything program free!$20.00 USD
2 November 2019Siebe AlbersThanks you much for the amazing tools and customer support.$5.00 USD
1 November 2019mtwtfssGreat tool, thanks~$10.00 USD
1 November 2019carlo barcellanok thank you$5.00 USD
30 October 2019ChakYou have provided a free tool, and your user support is excellent. Thanks$10.00 USD
30 October 2019AnonymousProgramma molto utile e versatile. Problema per anteprima files trovati in due o più directory. Dopo aver visualizzato i files di una directory, il programma non passa alla directory seguente.$8.00 USD
30 October 2019Jonathan SilvermanThank you for this excellent program. I really appreciate the effort though I'm not sure why microsoft can't give me the same search speed and functionality as your program.$25.00 USD
29 October 2019AnonymousVery useful search tool.$10.00 USD
29 October 2019kjerkThis is in the top three most important software I use _every day_. The HTTP server is a killer feature for DIY projects.$75.00 USD
29 October 2019PierrotSuper$5.00 USD
27 October 2019Steven RoussosTHANK YOU for this fantastic app. It truly makes Windows infinitely easier to use, and you are awesome to continue to update & enhance it. I am a software engineer so I appreciate the effort requi$25.00 USD
26 October 2019AnonExcellent program/app for finding files. Instant search results, yes, really. Instant re-sorting of results. Always up to date with all drives.$10.00 USD
24 October 2019Sobanath AttanayakeThanks for making this free. You really deserve more.$3.00 USD
24 October 2019Johannes$10.00 USD
23 October 2019LoganUsed it nearly every day for the last 5 years. First chocolatey package I install.$10.00 USD
23 October 2019Siddharthasearch everything is really awesome$5.00 USD
22 October 2019JamesThe first app I install on a new build$10.00 USD
22 October 2019Hashim JamalYour fan!!!!$2.00 USD
21 October 2019AnonymousBy golly this is the most useful tool I've ever downloaded in the 30+ years I've been in ICT$50.00 USD
21 October 2019DavidThanks for making this free, it has improved my productivity drastically.$5.00 USD
21 October 2019Leroy CasterlineCool tool, thank you!$10.00 USD
20 October 2019AnonymousGreat tool! Thank you!$5.00 USD
20 October 2019AnonymousGreat software, it reduces search time a lot! I can't wait for other features (e.g. media attributes indexing)! :)$40.00 USD
19 October 2019Diego CotaThe best tool around$5.00 USD
19 October 2019MagManOne of the most useful utilities I have ever used. Wish you had a version of this for Android as well.$5.00 USD
19 October 2019OscarI use the software daily to search though 20 years’ worth of CAD files and prints. I love the customizability of the software. Thanks.$20.00 USD
19 October 2019HannesThank you for making my digital life s much easier!$11.11 USD
16 October 2019DaStevoThank you so much for your work. I really appreciate it.$25.00 USD
15 October 2019lujernetaI wish this application could read and search on SD Cards$10.00 USD
13 October 2019Thomas LiangKeep up the excellent work!$25.00 USD
13 October 2019BennyGreat search utility, extremely fast, thank you for making it free !$5.00 USD
12 October 2019One Who Has Too Many FoldersEverything has transformed the way I access my meticulous catalog. I can't believe this is not integrated in Windows.$15.00 USD
10 October 2019CoryI've used this for so long and never donated. I cant really complain about all the freeware resorting to terrible adware if I never support the ones I use can I.$2.00 USD
9 October 2019R. RichterThe best Search Programm ever !!!$10.00 USD
9 October 2019Julie BergeGreat program! Thank you!!$20.00 USD
9 October 2019Danieljust perfect, thanks a lot!$20.00 USD
9 October 2019Nick AI've been looking for a decent Windows search utility for ages and thanks for publishing it now Cheers Nick A$5.00 USD
8 October 2019Your Fan :)One Smart Man vs. m$ - Smart Man Wins! Flawless Victory! Fatality!$1.00 USD
8 October 2019Michael GasperlNo Windows computer should live without Everything! I don't know why Microsoft can't integrate such a powerful search.$12.00 USD
7 October 2019LaurentWonderful application$25.00 USD
7 October 2019MatthiasExcellent and fast program. I love the simplicity, performance and reliability of your app.$15.00 USD
6 October 2019smorrisonI don't know how I've lived without this program. Thank you very much.$100.00 USD
6 October 2019A happy user from BulgariaI use Everything every day, i can't imagine how I lived without it. It's just so fast! Thank you very much for this wonderful program. Keep up the good work.$15.00 USD
6 October 2019Rajkumar - IndiaMany thanks to entire team. Very useful tool for all windows users. I like this software simplicity, stability and the excellent performance till now. Keep Rocking team. :)$10.00 USD
5 October 2019jesse millergreat software easy to use saves me tons of time$10.00 USD
4 October 2019Thierry BenderitterGreat piece of software. The best in its category $20.00 USD
3 October 2019Miles PalmerThank you for a great tool.$10.00 USD
29 September 2019Mr GVery impressed with the program. I hope it inspires you to keep on producing future programs for the benfit of others. Thank you.$15.00 USD
26 September 2019AnonymousThis program has been a huge help to me many times. It works extremely well and I don't know how I lived without it before!$10.00 USD
23 September 2019Doty Software, LLCThe command line interface is also fantastic! Here is an example. SHELL "es.exe -export-csv output.txt ext:bas;inc -full-path-and-name -date-modified -size -s",0$50.00 USD
23 September 2019AnonymousThank you!$5.00 USD
22 September 2019HeyZeus LumberbackHigh FIVE!$5.00 USD
21 September 2019The Guy with the DogsExcellent app! Had no idea how many directories windows' standard search omitted. It might be helpful to put a link to your search criteria specifiers in the main menu instead of only in help.$25.00 USD
21 September 2019Jeff LuntUse this every day so it is about time I donate. I'm on Social Security so my contribution is small, but know it is from the heart.$5.00 USD
20 September 2019Lucas FamelliIncredibly useful!$1.00 USD
18 September 2019georgTolles Tool$10.00 USD
18 September 2019DarioThis is a great software and saved me a lot of time when searching for certain files. I still have to explore all its hidden functionalities and regex.$15.00 USD
17 September 2019MattBeen using Everything for years, probably do a hundred searches a day to get files I need. Stopped using folders years ago. Love it! Thanks for such a great time saver.$75.00 USD
16 September 2019KimThank you!$20.00 USD
13 September 2019JPBThank you so much for this excellent tool. I'd be lost without it. Congratulations for this marvelous work.$15.00 USD
12 September 2019Jason LeschnikI'm always happy to pay for great software. Everything changes the way I see my Windows PC. No longer is my HDD/SSD a wasteland of lost files. I can quickly search for files with insane sp$15.00 USD
11 September 2019better worldGreat Tool for windows file search!$3.82 USD
9 September 2019Scott BruceExcellent tool finds things Windows choose for whatever reason not to find.$10.00 USD
9 September 2019JonathanAmazing.$5.00 USD
9 September 2019Richard FisterA great software, search function across external drives would be another huge relief. Otherwise, unreserved praise, keep it up! I dont want to miss this software anymore.$20.00 USD
8 September 2019JimPHave used it for many years, one of my most valued apps. Great job. I may have donated before, but I just loaded it on a new computer and want to donate again to support your great work. Thank you!$10.00 USD
7 September 2019arobaskethks for this wonderful piece of software: fast and find eveything..$10.00 USD
3 September 2019Dyress CorpWe have been using it for some years and it is one of the first tools I install right after refreshing any computer.$15.00 USD
3 September 2019Don K. EitnerEverything by voidtools is an incredible piece of software and I use it daily (multiple times per day). This is the file search tool Windows should have had built-in for years.$25.00 USD
30 August 2019Jose M. AlarconThis should be included with Windows out of the box. Outstanding job. Thanks!!$20.00 USD
30 August 2019Chris CThis software has never failed to amaze me. How'd you get it to go so Faaaasst!$20.00 USD
30 August 2019Werner FunkenhauserHave been using this gem for awhile now. Just updated it and want to show you my appreciation. Thanks ever so much.$25.00 USD
29 August 2019何吉飞非常好用的软件。。。。$5.00 USD
26 August 2019Silent254Excellent philosophy supported by an excellent individual in an excellent tool.$200.00 USD
26 August 2019MarcI use this program every day! It's the best! Thank you!$20.00 USD
26 August 2019CyrilEnjoying everything for years.Still waiting for the 1.5 version so that we could search through archives. Thank you for your great program, your work, and your support thru the forum. Cyril,Fra$5.00 USD
26 August 2019Andrea BorrusoThe first thing you must install$30.00 USD
25 August 2019MuhammadThe best in its category$30.00 AUD
24 August 2019mike davisVery nice work David. I've done work in retrieval for a long time and this is great work.$25.00 USD
24 August 2019AnonymousKeep up the good work!$5.00 USD
24 August 2019HaruneneI can't imagine my life without Everything anymore! Tons of Thanks to voidtools..$10.00 USD
23 August 2019BenVery useful proram Thank u.$10.00 USD
23 August 2019NelisGreat app!$25.00 USD
22 August 2019duanethis genius program saves me so much time and also makes me happy.$22.22 USD
22 August 2019Owen SpanglerThis program has been so helpful for finding files on my external hard drives. Thank you for your work!$10.00 USD
22 August 2019Edward J. SchmittI've been using your program since you published it on the web. Excellent tool please keep up the good development.$10.00 USD
22 August 2019Yigal ZanHas increased productivity beyond description$50.00 USD
20 August 2019AnonymousThank you!$5.00 USD
19 August 2019AnonymousGreat program - fast and very useful$15.00 USD
19 August 2019Southern Tier DigitalThank you for writing an OUTSTANDING ALTERNATIVE program to Windows Search/Index!$7.77 USD
19 August 2019MaryTHANK YOU!!!$10.00 USD
18 August 2019Foday ChurchTHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS PROGRAM! I've been searching FOREVER trying to find what was eating up all my memory on my computer and its like your program was a miracle!$5.00 USD
15 August 2019RwitThanks for the great simple, quick and effective search engine for Windows.$5.00 USD
14 August 2019Pete BurchThanks for this app, I'm sure it'll save me a lot of time over the years. Makes you wonder why Windows itself can't do the same.$5.00 USD
14 August 2019Bruce CunninghamOur business depends on this very simple utility. Thank You!$20.00 USD
14 August 2019Tom BurtonWould LOOOOOVE to see the "filter by type"$50.00 USD
13 August 2019AnonymousThis tool has become a vital tool in my life on the PC. Before knowing this tool, finding a file can sometimes become a real challenge, now, it just requires keyword to find. Thanks a lot.$3.00 USD
13 August 2019Marco BulgarelliThe best software on Windows!$5.00 USD
13 August 2019Erik StuurwoldThank you for the great and swift support,$5.00 USD
12 August 2019AnynomousThis is the tool Microsoft forgot to include in the OS. Todays searchengine in Windows 10 leaves much to be desired.$3.00 USD
9 August 2019Ling Ling Much Dingsoooo helpful <3 finds what windows search doesnt in years$9.99 USD
7 August 2019José Vera BarranqueroMuy buen programa. Lo uso mucho. Muchas gracias por tan buen trabajo. ¿Es posible indizar dos discos duros que no siempre están conectados, para no tener que explorarlos cada vez?$100.00 USD
7 August 2019mbComplimenti per il vostro utilissimo programma$5.00 USD
5 August 2019drbrUse it all the time, love it all the time. Naming files and folders logically I can find ANY document within seconds.$3.00 USD
5 August 2019StasReally looking forward the improvements in 1.5!$5.00 USD
4 August 2019AnonymousThank you! One of my favorite productivity tools!$13.00 USD
2 August 2019Puddythis program has completely changed my life. thankyou!$6.06 USD
1 August 2019Daniel RichardsThank you Mr.Carpenter.You helped me install a Win 10 upgrade by finding Infineon TPM for me quickly although all I can give you is 10bucks(your work is worth so much more)it'sallthis70yearcanafford $10.00 USD
1 August 2019nameless$5.00 USD
31 July 2019David G“How to” store many files on many topics and find them years later: use folders/subsubfolders+ filename conventions (e.g. author-date-title, but flexible depending on the material); locate$50.00 USD
30 July 2019CrashСпасибо за этот инструмент, Дэвид! Приятно находить та$5.55 USD
29 July 2019AmonynousThis is a great idea delivered in a great result. Thank you for building this tool.$20.00 USD
27 July 2019AnonymousThanks a lot for saving my time looking for file!$3.00 USD
26 July 2019Giorgio MacellariA really useful program. Thank you for your continued development!$10.00 USD
26 July 2019TDThis has saved me so much time. At work I use it at least once an hour. Thank you$15.00 USD
26 July 2019Mark PugnerITM$33.33 USD
26 July 2019Keith B. RigsbyFifteen(+) years back, I, tried EVERY 'File-search' app, which I could find. I read thru MANY comments-sections, to find more. NONE tops, 'S.-E.'!! Wish I could say more. (200-char. limit suxx!!).$25.25 USD
25 July 2019StFualVery useful program - much faster, less instrusive and more sensible than windows. Would appreciate some examples on how to configure for use with network drives - it just seems to hang when i try. $25.00 USD
24 July 2019andrew blinnalways thought it was great but tonight i went through every item in the options and now it's nearly perfect$50.00 USD
24 July 2019SebastianJust read about this tool on Reddit. I didn't know I needed this so bad. Thank you soooo much!!$15.00 USD
23 July 2019Lawrencethank you guys so much$1.00 USD
22 July 2019竜則Really great tool! Thank you!$10.00 USD
21 July 2019Scott McI love this program. It is far better than the Windows search tool.$5.00 USD
20 July 2019JoeMy work would be immeasurably harder without this app. Keep up the good work. $10.00 USD
18 July 2019Andi FThank you for this great tool.$25.00 USD
17 July 2019Michael LThank you for this amazingly useful search tool. The virtually instant searching and simplicity make this absolutely perfect - a real time-saver! (Do you make a duplicate file finder like this?)$40.00 USD
16 July 2019NathanThis is seriously an incredible tool. I've been using it for years, and it's indispensable. It's amazing. Good work!$20.00 USD
14 July 2019AllanThis tool is indispensible for those of us who have complex directory structures. In every tool, it shows the depth and the care given by David in the design and the updates$200.00 USD
13 July 2019SaturationThanks for all the good work. This beat Microsoft and more any day. $10.00 USD
12 July 2019HeikoNothing is better for searching file.$20.00 USD
12 July 2019GeorgesAbsolutely mandatory tool ! Spares an incredible quantity of time for the search of any file among several TB of files. $20.00 USD
11 July 2019Robert'Everything' is phenomenal! It is extremely quick, versatile, flexible and reliable. Best of all it is very easy and delightful to use. Please retain all these features during ongoing development. $15.00 USD
10 July 2019Jens Kirchhoff GERMANY$10.00 USD
9 July 2019MJperfect tool$25.00 USD
6 July 2019RouslanI use Everything daily, and am gladly telling my co-workers about it.$5.00 USD
5 July 2019OleExcellent tool$5.00 USD
5 July 2019guruWow! Just had a dream. a quick search plugin in Far Manager to avoid endless AltF7 queries.. previews of TXTs, JPGs, PDFs, MP3s? file commands like delete, or even CtrlC? network shares? fast$33.33 USD
5 July 2019Dumont.Next Cologne$56.00 USD
4 July 2019CoreyI love this tool. It's amazing. Thank you!$50.00 USD
4 July 2019Jamen Willisgreat tool$5.00 USD
4 July 2019Jacob$10.00 USD
3 July 2019Pravin TanlayThis is a Good Product. I use it every day. The most I like is it is Free.$10.00 USD
3 July 2019AdrianThanks for this great software David! It helps me a lot and reduces the time dramatically for me. Greetings from Mexico!$20.00 USD
1 July 2019TimThank you for an excellent search tool!$25.00 USD
30 June 2019KaiBest tool for searching files$3.00 USD
30 June 2019John D.I tell everyone about this software. Microsoft needs to quit their silliness and just buy and inline you codebase for their search!$10.00 USD
30 June 2019nairdaI use this app many times a day as it makes life so much easier.$15.00 USD
29 June 2019АлександрGreat tool!$6.78 USD
28 June 2019Eduardo GuerraThanks. Just sporadically use. In any case it is a surprise seen all the files bunch that there is in a W7 machine.$3.00 USD
28 June 2019lillipThank you so much for this absolut great tool and greatings from Hamburg - Germany$25.00 USD
27 June 2019zeus04Great job man! Your app is essential for my windows-experience.$10.00 USD
27 June 2019egkok$15.00 USD
26 June 2019Julien AmsellemLong time user, never too late to donate !$20.00 USD
26 June 2019Tom SharplessIndispensible.$22.00 USD
26 June 2019JerryAbsolutely great! Thank you so much.$7.50 USD
26 June 2019解磊非常感谢,这个软件很好用。$9.99 USD
24 June 2019JulianThanks, I was looking for a search tool that worked with NTFS mounted drives.$25.00 USD
23 June 2019drbr$3.00 USD
21 June 2019P.I. HublouGreat tool - Use it every day several times.$5.00 USD
17 June 2019NanchKeep up the great work.$103.14 USD
16 June 2019BerndtThank you so much, best tool ever!!!$10.00 USD
14 June 2019Ted PilWish you had this probram for Mac..maybe you do, but being 80 I just can keep up But thank you for this one. $15.00 USD
14 June 2019FaMaShGreat Job.. keen going hombre.. appreciate it$4.50 USD
13 June 2019AndreaYou've developped an amazing app, really! Thanks for doing that! Keep up the good work and best wishes from the other side of the world$10.00 USD
13 June 2019MarioIt got many fantastic features in the last years. But since I can include my NAS drives it's close to perfection (despite it's slower than NTFS indexing). Thx.$10.00 USD
12 June 2019AnonymousKeep on going. Cant live without Everything.$5.00 USD
11 June 2019SDhThank you.$20.00 USD
11 June 2019DaveAbsolutely brilliant!$10.00 USD
11 June 2019kavboyThe best tool! Really!$1.00 USD
11 June 2019SteveThanks for your help ahead of time!$10.00 USD
9 June 2019SteveReally great product.$20.00 USD
8 June 2019Paperino (GDA)My only regret is that couldn't find nothing that hasn't been yet said some lines down this list :-) I don't even imagine how I could work without it. Keep up the good work, and thank you. $10.00 USD
7 June 2019Eugene E KuntzYou should charge for this nifty little but powerful app!$10.00 USD
7 June 2019Andrew HeardI use this tool so much for so long. As already said it is vital. Sorry for not donating earlier.$6.72 USD
6 June 2019Marcelusing it since ever WAY better than any Windows tool. Nobody should go w/o it. Finally I get my lazy *** up for donating. Sorry it took so long$20.00 USD
6 June 2019RamirezThanks for creating my number 1 fave app!$5.00 USD
5 June 2019PeiranThis tool really helps me. Thank you, David!$10.00 USD
5 June 2019황금꽃열매fantastic app, thank you$10.00 USD
4 June 2019Gordon RobertsThis tool is vital, It's hard to imagine Windows without it.$10.00 USD
3 June 2019Vitali KramWhen I first saw this tool I didn't believe that it is possible -- search everything instantly! Thank you very much. It saves my time and nerves every day.$15.00 USD
2 June 2019John CartledgeWindows search function has always been terrible. Everything is everything that Windows search isn't.$20.00 USD
1 June 2019Jim jonesIt's saved the day for me many times. Essential tool. I use often. Nothing like it. Thank you so much!$25.00 USD
1 June 2019L erikssonfixes a big problem with w10$10.00 USD
31 May 2019Fred G HusbyThe first program I install on a new computer is Everything. I cannot understand why Big Blue hasn't eaten you. There is no function in Windows that beats your program. Thanks a lot$10.00 USD
29 May 2019Patrick SchützReally great software. Please keep it up and enhance it even more. If you plan to retire your work, please release the source code, so it can be continued.$35.35 USD
28 May 2019Samuel VollenweiderThanks also for your service$10.00 USD
28 May 2019Colby WeinhoferSaves me so much time. Thank!$40.00 USD
27 May 2019Vsevolod LukyaninSimple to use + powerful and quick engine = great software!$10.00 USD
24 May 2019KimCool and fast! Thank you!$20.00 USD
23 May 2019PhillipSuch a great piece of software. Great work.$5.00 USD
23 May 2019Jake CenturyEverything is one of the snappiest, most useful, on-target pieces of software I've ever encountered. Built for one purpose it does it as well as it can be done. Indispensable.$50.00 USD
23 May 2019AnonymousI've been using Everything for several years now. I've been using computers for well over 50 years (57 to be exact). This is one of the best 5 killer utilities I have ever used. Thanks!$25.00 USD
21 May 2019AbdulmajeedGreat work deserves praise .$20.00 USD
20 May 2019StFualThank you$15.00 USD
20 May 2019DComedianMany thanks for your work on this excellent tool$5.00 USD
20 May 2019judy hTremendously helpful in managing a windows environment. Use it every day.$25.00 USD
20 May 2019AnonymousGreat utility..ty$25.00 USD
19 May 2019Jan SemorádGood job. THX! I search in 10 million files every day. This is my most common assistant.$20.00 USD
18 May 2019АнтонОтичная тула!$10.00 USD
18 May 2019MigorGreat little product. $10.00 USD
17 May 2019Dennislove this. should be windows standard..$10.00 USD
16 May 2019Cole Instrument Corp.again, great software$75.00 USD
15 May 2019황보창우Thank you$5.00 USD
14 May 2019ArduinoIl vostro è un grande programma!$20.00 USD
14 May 2019CDQ良心工具软件!!!$5.00 USD
14 May 2019Don JacobsonThank you. Don$25.00 USD
13 May 2019Safuso much better than Win10 search$5.00 USD
12 May 2019ChaseEverything is exactly what desktop search should be. Thanks for a way out of the windows search hellhole.$20.00 USD
12 May 2019DDsKiNyDDPerfect$20.00 USD
10 May 2019Frank P.Absolutely outstanding. I use it so much that I almost forgot WinExplorer's search function exists. Thanks and keep up the good work!$15.00 USD
10 May 2019Peter SikachevGreat tool, thanks!$5.00 USD
10 May 2019MikeEverything has been so good for so many years! Saved me so much time. Thanks.$20.00 USD
9 May 2019Saravanan Musuwathi KesavanThank you for this very useful utility.$50.00 USD
9 May 2019Daniel BockThank you for this tool.$15.00 USD
9 May 2019AnonymousI can hardly live without this software. I have been using it for years. I can't remember if I have donated in the past, but I owe you something! Keep up the good work. Thanks, Jeff.$25.00 USD
7 May 2019StefanoReally a fantastic software! Easy, powerfull and with FTP, HTTP servers! I can't live without it.$20.00 USD
6 May 2019Francois$10.00 USD
6 May 2019AnonymousIdea: User-defined filters to allow to hide/unhide entries from the result by directory -- may be with a search query as filter, to allow to filter by attributes too, while still being in the DB.$20.00 USD
6 May 2019UsmaanAmazing piece of software, glad to see all these well-deserved donations. Keep up the good work.$15.00 USD
5 May 2019AnonymousThanks$20.00 USD
5 May 2019ricardofantastic app, thank you$5.00 USD
30 April 2019Ronoverwhelmingly fast$5.00 USD
30 April 2019AnonymousThank you. I use it all the time. Searches extremely fast. I highly recommend this program. I no longer use the ancient slow Windows search engine. Keep up the good work!$10.00 USD
30 April 2019DanJamTheLambAmazing Software. My job has been made easier in so many ways. I can search all of our drives in less than a second. Really impressive. I will recommend this to everyone with a computer.$20.00 USD
30 April 2019Travis VromanThis is one of the single best utilities around. Thank you for releasing it for free.$25.00 USD
29 April 2019Dubstardyou are the best$13.37 USD
27 April 2019RauruEverything > Cortana$2.00 USD
27 April 2019Andy DWorks amazingly well!!$10.00 USD
27 April 2019bogReally useful tool. Many thanks. I like the simplicity and the excellent performance. How about contents searching in the future? Oh - did I mention how much I like the speed?$20.00 USD
26 April 2019AnonymousJust coming back again to send you some more, with gratitude :) This program is essentially a vital tool for productivity! Fast, not bloaty, effective and thorough, and vastly appreciated. thank you!$20.00 USD
26 April 2019DAMNThanks for adding more features and create .sfv the crc check in the next version would be even better. You the best developer ever, thanks David.$10.00 USD
26 April 2019ThorstenGreat software, which I use on a daily base!$5.00 USD
25 April 2019KristianSaves me from headaches every day and many more years to come! Simply brilliant =)$50.00 USD
25 April 2019AdamTHE BEST SOFTWARE$10.00 USD
24 April 2019zcxkkkthank you.$10.00 USD
23 April 2019HalThis is my favorite tool on my PC. I have used this for years and appreciate how quickly it helps my find files.£7.60 GBP
23 April 2019nomadicsbrilliant #delightful back-to-the-future clarity and focus thank you !$20.00 USD
22 April 2019AsotosThe Sublime Text of filesystem search! Please create a version for linux. And thank you for making this free to use..$15.00 USD
21 April 2019AnonymousGreat file search utility use it all the time keep up the good work!$20.00 USD
21 April 2019Lothar KranerJust great$15.00 USD
19 April 2019magisterTY!$20.00 USD
19 April 2019RolfWhat should I do without it?$10.00 USD
19 April 2019Chuck DFantastic search program. I was using File Explorer windows 10. It would take an hour or more to get the results. Everything finds it in seconds.$10.00 USD
18 April 2019KronosThank you for Everything$1.00 USD
18 April 2019drbr$3.00 USD
17 April 2019BabakThank you for the great work, this tool is immensely helpful!$5.00 USD
17 April 2019AnonymousPerfect!$5.00 USD
14 April 2019NickWhy doesn't Microsoft just give you $10m and incorporate this into Windows Search? It's amazing, and amazing how bad Windows Search is.$20.00 USD
12 April 2019Ducky BronsonMr Carpenter, your application has become one of my,can't live without it tools. I use it at work and at home and at work, gives me the edge over other employees.$50.00 USD
11 April 2019AnonymousUseful and super fast - good work!$1.00 USD
9 April 2019Eugeniu T.This program is quite indispensable for windows. Once indexing is done (witch also is very fast) it's blistering fast.$3.00 USD
9 April 2019D.GorislavskiVery useful.$10.00 USD
9 April 2019AldoProgramma incredibile, la ricerca in un milione di file è letteralmente istantanea!$20.00 USD
9 April 2019duaneyahhh david, think i have been using yur beautiful program for 20 years$20.00 USD
8 April 2019NeoChenawesome$16.00 USD
8 April 2019Guy L. LyonsI have been using an older version of "Everything" and it was wonderful to find almost anything. With the latest version I was able to trim, in the last 4 hours, my large collection of 1.5 million files to half that size! $20.00 USD
8 April 2019JoachimDas Programm ist fantastisch.$10.00 USD
7 April 2019Benjamin DurthYour work is much appreciated, good wishes from a fellow developer!$10.00 USD
7 April 2019Dcell希望Mac上也能有这么好用的工具$2.00 USD
7 April 2019Klaus HoldgrünWhat a fantastic SEARCH machine. Keep up the good work. Love the very low CPU overhead. I did an involved search using Windows 10: 7-8 minutes. Same search: Everywhere: 1 second. best file tool ever.$9.99 USD
6 April 2019danmarbest file tool ever.$20.00 USD
4 April 2019Anonymousit's just such an awesome tool.$5.00 USD
4 April 2019Angela MerkelGenial!$20.00 USD
4 April 2019AnonymousThank you$5.00 USD
3 April 2019Raphael DouradoThis tool is just amazing!!!$2.50 USD
3 April 2019John SchillingThank you.$100.00 USD
3 April 2019Roberto AbreuKeep going ;)$15.00 USD
1 April 2019Rob HoffmanThanks for a very useful program$5.00 USD
31 March 2019Dick Loring Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT! Can't use terabyte devices without it. Ditto to all the other positive comments. Thanks!$25.00 USD
31 March 2019Tom ThomasGood software. I think it's worth donating:)! Big thanks.$10.00 USD
29 March 2019mbourgonFantastic tool! Thanks.$15.00 USD
27 March 2019drbr$3.00 USD
23 March 2019Masmur PratamaUnreal..it does what it meant by 'everything'$10.00 USD
23 March 2019Phillip DundasGreat tool, I use if often and want to give back. Thanks!$20.00 USD
23 March 2019Roger MintonWow, how did I use Windows before without this! I've actually found things I had lost track of. I recommend this program to everyone I know. Thanks for making it!$10.00 USD
23 March 2019GizelleYour app is amazing, keep it up.$10.00 USD
22 March 2019Tony KenobiThanks$10.00 USD
21 March 2019HAN TaeseokThank you!$10.00 USD
21 March 2019Art HeldLight and fast! Thank you!$10.00 USD
20 March 2019AnonThis is the best search tool, thank you.$10.00 USD
18 March 2019BillGreat product...$25.00 USD
18 March 2019MSGExcellent tool, good job.$12.00 USD
17 March 2019Foobar_manAmnazing software$8.00 USD
17 March 2019Corey CooperThis is just THE most useful, or at least used tool I have on my computer! Now, if there was a full text search as well done, I'd be a happy man.$35.00 USD
17 March 2019willcoBest search tool I have ever used!$5.00 USD
16 March 2019Ed TittelUsed the tool for years, and written about it for blogs at TechTarget (Windows Enterprise Desktop) and Win10.Guru. Because Everything gave me such great help yesterday, I'm upping my ante.$25.00 USD
15 March 2019dumpmanwhy isnt this part of any operating system in the world since 25years$5.55 USD
15 March 2019Szymon TurkiewiczGreat! Fast! Simple!$7.00 USD
15 March 2019PietroCaso unico sul Web. Efficiente, professionale, funzionale e gratis.$20.00 USD
15 March 2019BarnieGreat program - keep on going! Thanks!$20.00 USD
13 March 2019GresoBest thing ever made in Computer History!$20.00 USD
12 March 2019AnonymousThis is a great program--thank you!$20.00 USD
10 March 2019Gordon SchochetEVERYTHING is an indispensable search tool -- all the more so as our local drives and collections of files get ever larger: NO ONE orderly enough to find all her files but EVERYTHING is.$15.00 USD
10 March 2019dedlaExceptionally useful. I've watched Windows not see files in folders which I was directly searching in, and staring at the file. This program is a shining example of efficiency and subtlety. Thank you.$50.00 USD
10 March 2019Gary GW HicksTHANK YOU for your tool. I am HAPPY to support folks like you who provide useful tools to folks like me who are using Windows 10.$10.00 USD
9 March 2019MoThanks, the voidtools.com cert works perfectly with Firefox, now! :) Thanks for the awesome tool! I install it on everything I use, and encourage everyone else to as well!$15.00 USD
9 March 2019Thomas SkipperThis is my life-saver program! I used it several times every day in my work. Just love it!!$20.00 USD
9 March 2019Carl BevanHoly Crap!! What a fantastic SEARCH machine. Keep up the good work. Love the very low CPU overhead. I did an involved search using Windows 10: 7-8 minutes. Same search: Everywhere: 1 second.$50.00 USD
9 March 2019grelloGreat tool! Thank you!$10.00 USD
8 March 2019CarstenOutstanding, super fast piece of software. Never without again. Thank you very much!$10.00 USD
8 March 2019PhilThis is a great tool and I use it every day, thanks$10.00 USD
8 March 2019FredGreat SW ever I used. I hope you keep develop it. Thanks.$5.00 USD
7 March 2019Burjauer Apotheke$20.00 USD
7 March 2019John BowenSimply Brilliant$10.00 USD
7 March 2019thierryvery good software and very good jog continue is great software im use always days$5.00 USD
6 March 2019AnonymousI use Everything every day at work. It saves me lots of time searching for files. I have just started to explore the features and settings. This and FreeCommander make MS Windows bearable.$50.00 USD
5 March 2019Sameerfrom middle east, thanks a lot for this great app. $20.00 USD
5 March 2019lukOne of the core applications on all of my computers.$5.00 USD
4 March 2019eathan LEEThank you for making useful things. Always in good use.$1.30 USD
4 March 2019m.tofuExcellent product.$5.00 USD
4 March 2019Jorgeexcellent$9.00 USD
3 March 2019S BakerHelps me a lot$5.00 USD
3 March 2019Eureka-TechThank you for a great and fast search tool for Windows. Why the MS people did not make this an option, I'll never know, but they do not seem to consider their customer's time worth anything. Thank yo$30.00 USD
2 March 2019Mike BrownAin't got much dough, but I'm donating $9.11 because I've hoped for years Windows Explorer would treat searching for files as an emergency. Their's sucks. Yours is SO GOOD!$9.11 USD
2 March 2019ErnestThank you for your Everything . It saves me a lot of time .$20.00 USD
1 March 2019Raymond JenningsNo other file / search utility comes close for Windows. Everything is an essential app/util for any Windows install.$15.00 USD
1 March 2019AnonymousAwesome idea and even more awesome implementation. Sleek and powerful. Donation well deserved!! Thanks!$11.11 USD
1 March 2019Steve MillerAbsolutely phenomenal! Thank you, it's saved me hours of searching over the last couple years.$25.00 USD
1 March 2019DebCan't use Windows without this tool. Thank you!$40.00 USD
28 February 2019Oscar GottfiedI could not do without this wonderful utility! It is outstanding.$8.00 USD
28 February 2019DarioMorThe best in class. By far.$3.00 USD
28 February 2019djq$20.00 USD
27 February 2019LudgerGreat tool; I use it every day. I won't be without it.$10.00 USD
27 February 2019FrankGreat app. I use it constantly.$10.00 USD
27 February 2019AnonymousExcellent product.$20.00 USD
27 February 2019EasI've been using Everything for several years now and it's been very helpful every day. Thank you for your continued support!$13.37 USD
27 February 2019John MerkelAn excellent search tool that gets used every day.$20.00 USD
27 February 2019broberts103Great tool, nothing better$10.00 USD
27 February 2019Ivan Tanev$10.00 USD
26 February 2019Riccardo Chiarapini26.2.19 Grande applicativo. Veramente utile.$10.00 USD
26 February 2019ChristophYour tool is better than everything else! I would donate more with Bitcoin, Dash or Litecoin! $1.23 USD
26 February 2019PabloThanks for such a cool tool!!!!$20.00 USD
26 February 2019Luiz SestiOutstanding utility!! Can't live without it!! Thanks so much for this superb work.$50.00 USD
26 February 2019Lalatendu SwainBest Tool For Me.$1.00 USD
26 February 2019Jacek NowackiI'd switch to Linux, but Linux doesn't have Everything (fsearch is far away from Everything). Thank you!$6.66 USD
25 February 2019Chuck WilliamsonWow, David, the update is impressive! I've been using Everything for several years, many times a day, and it's indispensable. Thanks for your work.$25.00 USD
25 February 2019Bill RuppertTruly indispensable. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much!$100.00 USD
25 February 2019Jim GoodwinEver since Google Desktop went away, Everything has done as well, even better!! A very nice piece of kit. Thank you.$10.00 USD
25 February 2019Rich RothI really appreciate this program.$5.00 USD
24 February 2019hermannFast as hell and precise as heaven.$10.00 USD
24 February 2019Alex ZvenigorodskyMicrosoft ought to buy this tech and make it part of the OS. Can't use Windows without it.$20.00 USD
24 February 2019Mike DSometimes Microsoft needs a little help. This is program is very useful when needed. Nice Job. Thanks.$10.00 USD
24 February 2019CharleyGreat util. I've been using it since Google discontinued Desktop and I'm glad they did or I would have never gone looking for a replacement.$10.00 USD
24 February 2019Luka IslandOne of the best little tools, I use since years$10.00 USD
24 February 2019David RichardsGreat program. Use it multiple times per day.$20.00 USD
24 February 2019HelmutA very helpful untility. Thanks!$10.00 USD
24 February 2019Rudy StricklanEverything has saved my life more than once!$10.00 USD
24 February 2019Sudhanshu JainUnbelievably fast. Allows Regex. I've given up on using Microsoft's search which is pretty useless.$20.00 USD
24 February 2019CIMAGEExcellent tiny application. THANKS$2.00 USD
24 February 2019Christopher SegoHere's a vote for meta-tagging! Fantastic piece of software.$10.00 USD
24 February 2019JPGreat program, saves a lot of time.$10.00 USD
24 February 2019David BrumleyI would not be without this tool. Well worth the money.$25.00 USD
24 February 2019Richard CUse it nearly every day - it has become a core part of how I organize my files (mainly, use standard keywords in the file names so I can have a hope of remembering them when searching years later)$15.00 USD
24 February 2019Ray MGreat program. I use it daily. Super useful, but unobtrusive.$15.00 USD
24 February 2019wmikedThank you for this excellent utility programme$20.00 USD
23 February 2019Ivan FerrerThis awesome program changed the way I work with Windows! What Microsoft tried SO BAD to do with search/indexing, Everything does it perfectly! And the best of all, transparently. Thanks!!$10.00 USD
23 February 2019ArekkusuI use everything daily and can't say how much I like it. Is the first application I install on new computers.$5.00 USD
23 February 2019SeriaLabsolutely great$2.00 USD
23 February 2019FabioDavid really your program is a day saver!$10.00 USD
23 February 2019G.FriedrichIch liebe dieses Programm!$10.00 USD
22 February 2019AlbotechGreat !!!$10.00 USD
21 February 2019zz一点微小的感谢$1.00 USD
21 February 2019Chris Stokeswow. does just what it should. value!$63.75 USD
21 February 2019cschmimoUnbeaten in its usefulness$30.00 USD
20 February 2019Brian MurphyEverything File Search is incredibly useful software. The more you use it, the more you use it.$100.00 USD
20 February 2019Patsy SquireTHE very best and extra ordinary search program EVER. Thank you David.$102.18 USD
19 February 2019RetiredEngineerKeeps getting better from your users' perspective with each new release. I have a few questions and suggestions which I'll forward in a separate message. Keep up the good work!$20.00 USD
18 February 2019Anonymousvery useful!$1.00 USD
17 February 2019AnonymousThis tool is simply outstanding - thank you for this!$25.00 USD
17 February 2019Gene BurchThis is a fabulous search tool!$50.00 USD
16 February 2019AnonymousI lOVE Everything.exe search! Window search isso slow. Everything finds files so fast! Keep up the good work.$5.00 USD
15 February 2019drbr$3.00 USD
15 February 2019JiriVery good program!$50.00 USD
15 February 2019FriscoSoulUse your great app. at least times a day. Many thanks.$10.00 USD
15 February 2019Jiang YuEverything is good!$1.00 USD
15 February 2019yanqf强大的效率提升工具!$5.00 USD
15 February 2019Mike BuffingtonUsing for several months now and love it. Have recommended to several friends.$20.00 USD
15 February 2019ADEDVSGreat Tool!$10.00 USD
15 February 2019huwen很好很强大$1.00 USD
14 February 2019BillDavid - thank you for this tool. I look forward to learning how to use it. $10.00 USD
14 February 2019Gary ManningI've been using this FANTASTIC, FAST, and unique sorting software for awhile now. Thank you for writing such a wonderful product - couldn't do without it. Best donation money I've spent in years !$10.00 USD
13 February 2019ryangreat job!$20.00 USD
12 February 2019HannesThanks for all your time and dedication! Would be amazing to see it open source on GitHub.$40.00 USD
12 February 2019DayterBest tool I have on my PC :-))$10.00 USD
12 February 2019DianaI agree with Erwin Monday--Windows 10 killed the helpful search function. "Everything" saves me time and angst looking for my files. Thank you so much!$20.00 USD
12 February 2019Anonymousfast. I use it everyday.$20.00 USD
12 February 2019张 道辞I hope you can make the interface look better.$1.00 USD
8 February 2019Erwin MondaySaved my life! Since windows 10 destroyed the excellent start search from windows 7, I've been lost in directory browser hell. Until now. Thank you David!$20.00 USD
8 February 2019John CoppedgeLove this app!$20.00 USD
8 February 2019ralphI use it often, great tool$10.00 USD
7 February 2019Zach Dillard$20.00 USD
7 February 2019komorigumagood$6.66 USD
6 February 2019Nick OtteThanks for the stellar work! Everything keeps me sane!$10.00 USD
6 February 2019Tony MontannaThis is the best tool I have ever found for fast indexing and lightning fast searches! Fantastic work sir :-) $10.00 USD
5 February 2019Dan Brust$10.00 USD
5 February 2019RobinThanks, Saves so much time.$25.00 USD
5 February 2019Andy MHappy to support your very useful work :)$15.00 USD
3 February 2019clintthanks$2.00 USD
3 February 2019Lucian BritchiEs ist ein sehr, sehr, sehr gute Tool und ich nutze es täglich. Sehr gut gemacht.$15.00 USD
2 February 2019Beat UngrichtThanks a lot!! You helped me very much with the SDK for VB.NET$20.00 USD
2 February 2019NickyGreat app. I have only just discovered it and am finding it really useful, thank you David :-)$10.00 USD
2 February 2019Andrey KazakWell done! The Everything saves a lot of my time. Best wishes to David and the project.$10.00 USD
1 February 2019Mario BuchichioI don't know how I lived before coming across Everything. Should be the standard Windows search engine. Thank you so so much for making this jewel.$20.00 USD
1 February 2019Franco FassioEverything saved my day so many times..$10.00 USD
31 January 2019Piotr BiesiadaMFT?$10.00 USD
31 January 2019م. عامر الحلحليأفضل وأروع وأسرع برنامج استفدت كثيرا من استخدامه مميزاته كثيره ولكن عيوبه تجعل المستخدم لا ينظم ملفاته لسهولة إيجادها عبر هذا البرنامج أعتبره أحلى هدية لمعظم من أثبته لهم$3.00 USD
31 January 2019Harry NewellEverything is the best.$50.00 USD
30 January 2019Hans from Hong Kongpaid search software aren't as good as yours.. you deserve donation.. keep up the good work.. $10.00 USD
30 January 2019J FrankUnexpectedly had to wipe my laptop and restore from an external disk. Trying to fix every broken desktop link SHOULD have been a nightmare, but I had Everything!$25.00 USD
30 January 2019Key-CanThanks for a good program and a quick response$10.00 USD
30 January 2019AnonymousThanks for the great app!$5.00 USD
30 January 2019Ed B.Most used app on my PC. Thank you for such a great creation.$5.00 USD
29 January 2019GD$5.00 USD
29 January 2019Alexander MaisuradzeThanks for good job done! Soft is very helpfully, intuitive and quick with results. It definitely has increased my productivity. Alexander Country Georgia$10.00 USD
28 January 2019MikeA really useful program. Thank you for your continued development!$5.00 USD
28 January 2019LeroyGreat app, thank you!$10.00 USD
28 January 2019Thierryvery good tool continue good job$5.00 USD
25 January 2019RonI have used this so many times. Easy easy easy to use. It has found long lost files for me that drove me crazy knowing they were there but could not find until I found "Everything". Tha$25.00 USD
25 January 2019Rainer Facius"The single most useful FREE program." So it is! $15.00 USD
24 January 2019zfiser$10.00 USD
22 January 2019AnonymousGreat tool. Thanks!$20.00 USD
22 January 2019JodyIMO the best app ever created for Windows. I can't tell you how much time it has saved me in the last 8 years. I feel bad for donating so little. :P$50.00 USD
21 January 2019GilWindows is of no use without your awesome tool!$10.00 USD
21 January 2019shippyCouldn't live without this tool!$10.00 USD
19 January 2019LinThank you for creating this awesome tool!$10.00 USD
19 January 2019AlexThe single most useful FREE program. Here's my money.$10.00 USD
19 January 2019Hao-Lang,Chenkeep going!!!!$1.61 USD
19 January 2019T GreeneGREAT program, used it for years. Thank you! $5.00 USD
18 January 2019AlexThanks for you work bro !$10.00 USD
16 January 2019adrigreat tool$5.00 USD
16 January 2019Bill FGreat search tool. Does exactly what I want.$15.00 USD
14 January 2019AndrewThis is the best file finder I have found. Thank you - and please keep up the good work!$20.00 USD
14 January 2019Klaus HuberEs ist ein tolles Tool und ich nutze es täglich. Sehr gut gemacht.$25.00 USD
13 January 2019Anonymousgreat app :)$10.00 USD
13 January 2019Rick DeMarcoI install your tool on every one of my customers' PCs and recommend it to everyone I talk to in my PC repair business. p.s. I sent you a note today..$20.00 USD
12 January 2019Harry$10.00 USD
12 January 2019Aronic Xu$10.00 USD
11 January 2019Will ChenGreat work,非常感谢。$2.00 USD
7 January 2019Ed Purcell This is the best tool I have ever found for fast indexing and lightning fast searches,you are a star David Carpenter.$10.00 USD
7 January 2019BobEverything is infinitely orders of magnitude greater than any other search engine. $20.00 USD
4 January 2019Charles GoldieBrilliant, indispensible$10.00 USD
4 January 2019Yan XijianGreat software, hope it continues :)$10.00 USD
3 January 2019WarpEnterprisesCool tool! Best wishes from a long term user!$15.00 USD
3 January 2019GeraldI really like it!$10.00 USD
3 January 2019IainAs ever, love your stuff man.$20.00 USD
2 January 2019JeffHail the God of search$10.00 USD
2 January 2019Joel ChartersThis tool rocks! Keep up the good work. Happy New Year!$10.00 USD
2 January 2019Ru UbaGood stuff. Need this joint for Windows. Since they dont have a locate command equivalent on Linux. Saves me a lot of time also since Windows search has been junk since W7. Thanks again!$10.00 USD
1 January 2019HaledBrilliant, keep it up folks! Peace Haled$5.00 USD
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