Command Line Options

A list of all the command line options available in Everything.

Most of these options are available within Everything, in the Everything options.


Everything.exe [filename] [options]


Optional option.


Required option.


These commands return immediately and do not show an Everything search window.

These commands can be run as a standard user. Everything will automatically request admin privileges if required.


Store settings and data in %APPDATA%\Everything or in the same location as the executable.


Show the language selection page.


Do not automatically index volumes. Removes all NTFS volumes from the index.


Enable or disable run as administrator.


Enable or disable update notification on startup.

-install <location>

Copies Everything.exe and uninstall.exe to the new location. Creates an uninstall entry in Programs and Features if uninstall.exe is present. Executes the copied Everything.exe with the install options specified in -install-options.


Install the "Everything" client as a service.

-install-config <filename>

Install the specified configuration file. The specified ini file is merged with any existing configuration file before any other install options are applied.


Create or delete the desktop shortcut.


Create or remove the EFU file association with Everything.


Install or uninstall folder context menus.

-install-options <command line options>

Command line options to pass to the newly installed Everything.exe. Combine with -install.


Create or delete the Search Everything quick launch shortcut.


Add or remove Everything from the system startup.


Install or uninstall the "Everything" service. The service is started automatically. Combine with -install-service-port to set the service port.

-install-service-port <port>

Install the Everything service on the specified port.


Create or delete the Everything shortcuts in the Start menu.


Install or uninstall the URL Protocol.

-language <langID>

Set the language to the specified language ID in decimal. 1033 = English (US). 0 = System default. See Table_of_Language_Identifiers.txt for a list of langIDs.

-uninstall [path]

Uninstall Everything from the specified path. If no path is specified Everything is uninstalled from the executables location. This removes Everything from system startup, removes the service, folder context menu, start menu shortcuts, desktop shortcut, quick launch shortcut, URL protocol, efu file associations and deletes any files created by Everything.


Uninstall Everything user files.

File Lists

Command line options to manipulate Everything file lists EFU files.


Open the specified file list.

-create-filelist <filename> <path>

Create a file list of a path. When this command completes Everything.exe will exit, no search window is shown.

-edit <filename>

Open a file list with the file list editor.

-f <filename>
-filelist <filename>

Open a file list.


Command line options to connect to an ETP server.


Link type for ETP connections. Use with -connect.

-connect <[username[:password]@]host[:port]>

Connect to an ETP server.


Command line options to manipulate the search.

-bookmark <name>

Open a bookmark.


Enable or disable case matching.


Enable or disable diacritics matching.

-filename <filename>

Search for a file or folder by filename.

-filter <name>

Select a search filter.


Load the local database.


Enable or disable full path matching.

-p <path>
-path <path>

Search for a path.

-parentpath <path>

Search for the parent of a path.


Enable or disable Regex.

-s <text>
-search <text>

Set the search.

-url <[es:]search>

Set the search from an ES: URL.


Enable or disable match whole word.


General command line options.


Show this help.


Run Everything as an administrator.


Everything client service entry point.

-config <filename>

The filename of the ini file.


Show the debugging console.


Exit an existing "Everything" instance.

-instance <name>

The name of the Everything instance.


Everything was executed with "runas" and should not attempt to runas again.


Start or stop the Everything client service.


Start or stop the Everything service.


Run Everything in the background.


Service entry point. Optionally combine with -svc-port.

-svc-port <port>

Run the Everything service on the specified port.

-service-port <port>

Connect to the Everything service on the specified port.


Display all or basic debug messages. combine with -debug.


Command line options to manipulate the Everything database.

-db <filename>

The filename of the database. Combine with -read-only.

-load-delay <milliseconds>

The delay in milliseconds before loading the database.


Do not save to or load from the "Everything" database file.


Loads the database in read-only mode.


Force database rebuild.


Save the database to disk.


Command line options to manipulate the search window and results.


Show the search window fullscreen or in a window.


Maximize or restore the search window.


Minimize or restore the search window.


Create a new search window or show an existing window.


Enable or disable always ontop.

-sort <name>

Set the sort to the specified name.


Sort ascending.


Sort descending.


Search for ABC or 123:

Everything.exe -s "ABC|123"

Connect to an ETP server:

Everything.exe -connect "ComputerName" -drive-links

Create a filelist of C:\Windows

Everything.exe -create-filelist "windows.efu" "C:\Windows"

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