Deselect Index locations on client

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Deselect Index locations on client

Post by krosal » Fri May 24, 2019 3:09 pm

Let's say that the ETP server has 5 different search locations, but because of the department this user is in either shouldn't need or doesn't need access to 3 of the locations listed.

So when the client had the Everything installed and it was pointed to the ETP server, the client would then show the 5 index locations. In the setup of the client if there that could be an option to deselect 3 of the search locations or as many as decided.

When the user then performs a search, the search only shows information for the (2) locations.

This would also be a way to control what the users can access, almost like a security option.

This is how we currently control our current search application.

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Re: Deselect Index locations on client

Post by NotNull » Sat May 25, 2019 8:17 pm

Interesting question. My intuition says that it's not possible, but I will do some tests in the next couple of days.
But whatever solution comes out of those tests (if any), there will always be ways to circumvent that and get access to all 5 different search locations. So it will not be a security measurement; just "security through obscurity".

When Everything shows a file on the client, that doesn't mean the client can access (open/copy/delete/ etc ) that file. That is limited by Windows' Access Control List (ACL) for that file.
But even a filename itself can contain sensitive data ("Firing Harry.doc"; "Outsourcing krosal's department.xls")

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