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Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:54 am
by void
Thank you Everything beta testers and Everything translators.

Installer: ... -Setup.exe ... -Setup.exe

Multilingual Installer: ... -Setup.exe ... -Setup.exe

Portable version:

Portable version with language pack: ... ...



Wednesday, 6 August 2014: Version
  • added MIT license
  • added installer localization
  • added run as admin option
  • added wildcards anywhere option
  • added run date column/sort/search
  • added support for accessible MSAA
  • added etp connection history
  • added recent changes
  • added run history
  • added home page
  • added x64 build
  • added always ontop option
  • added %APPDATA% option
  • added Everything service option
  • added search history option
  • added the option to cancel locked queries after one second
  • added context menu customization
  • added tooltips for hidden items
  • added option to not compress database
  • added custom filters
  • added hotkey option to toggle search window
  • added filelists
  • added folder indexing
  • added optional diacritical mark matching
  • added bookmarks
  • added new search functions and macros
  • improved performance when renaming/deleting folders
  • improved run history after renaming/deleting an item
  • improved ETP/FTP server
  • improved HTTP server
  • improved performance of many search functions
  • fixed many bugs
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