Custom verbs and Windows creators update

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Custom verbs and Windows creators update

Post by jjk » Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:53 pm

I have followed your topic about Custom verbs
I have associated F4 to custom verb Print.
Under Windows 10, old release, all was OK.
But since I got Windows Creators update (release 1703 Windows 10 Redstone 2 March 2017 build 15063)
it is no more working, even for simple verb as "print".

Are you aware of that ?
BTW, under old Windows 10, I had add next value to registry :

Code: Select all

@="path\F4Menu\\F4Menu.exe -fp \"%1\""
where F4menu is a very good add-in to TotalCommander F4menu
Then I edited
in Everything.ini
At least I associated F4 key to custom verb 01 (via options of Everything)

All was terrific : I was able to open any file from Everything, according its extension.

But now, with Windows10 Creators update, all is KO. :mrgreen:

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Re: Custom verbs and Windows creators update

Post by jjk » Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:55 am

Hi all
Regarding my previous post, had I do something wrong or is it a bug of Windows 10 Creators update with Everything ?
To check it, I have disabled UAC. Currently my Everything.ini contains

Code: Select all

where 8307 match F4 key and 1139 match Shift-F4 key.
But when I press one of these keys, nothing happens. It seems that the computer does something in a very brief time, and that's all. The file is not printed.
Debug console displays :

Code: Select all

ParseDisplayName path\file.txt
parse display name path\file.txt
parse display name OK
bind to parent
get menu 1 1
got menu 172307056
got menu 1
menu type 3
QueryContextMenu 00000079
invoke print
Thank you for your attention.

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