Portable "Everything" FAQ

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Portable "Everything" FAQ

Post by David » Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:12 am

Does it require any install at all?

Single file?

Unzip files into a folder?

Change system settings?

Modify Registry?

Create files after running?
Everything.db - database file.
Everything.ini - settings file (use Notepad to edit).
Errorlog.txt - system error log file (only if system error occurs).
HTTP_Server_Log.txt - HTTP server log file (only if HTTP server started).
ETP_Server_Log.txt - ETP server log file (only if ETP server started).
RunHistory.xml - Run history (for future release).
SearchHistory.xml - Search history (for future release).

Theses files are stored in the same location as the Everything.exe file.

To install shortcuts, context menus, run on startup or enable other options:
  • In "Everytihng", from the Tools menu, click Options.

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