Make Everything a Windows Explorer Replacement

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Make Everything a Windows Explorer Replacement

Postby lukefromal » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:51 pm

This program has the potential to be a windows explorer replacement, like directory opus, but better. It does not need to be complicated.

I use windows explorer to move, cut, copy, search for, navigate, open, delete, rename, and create files and folders and their properties, and undo/redo these recent actions.

Everything does not currently allow me to:
Create files and folders
Undo/Redo last action (such as undo deleting a file, redo deleting that file)
Navigate into nested folders or out of nested folders

This seems like a relatively short list, if Everything could do these things, my need for windows explorer would drop to virtually nil (a good thing, because I like having an all-in-one solution, and windows explorer's search is probably going to stay at 'slow and useless', so I'm looking at you, Everything!).

There is also an area to VASTLY improve upon native windows explorer functionality - Everything currently has the best search implementation ever - why not apply it to two commands you already have under your Edit menu, I'm talking about Edit -> Copy to folder... and Edit -> Move to folder...
This currently uses a horrible tree dialog that makes us either paste the full path of, or slowly dig through a folder hierarchy. It would be much better if in addition to this, we could search (in an everything-fashion) for the folder or archive to move/copy the selected files/folders to. Search results would be like Everything's main window, except in a popup, and be limited to only searching for and displaying folders and archives (valid targets to move files/folders to).

Lastly, the cherry on top: When an Everything window is first brought up, and the Search field is blank, it would be useful to have a tree-based file hierarchy we can click into and navigate, similar to Windows Explorer's side panel, except displayed in a listview format and when we double click folders, it takes us inside that folder (not opens it in explorer). There also needs to be a breadcrumbs address bar at the top and the ability to navigate up out of a nested menu. The moment we type anything into the search field it should show the traditional everything listview search results.

I know it's a lot to ask for, but this program is already so close to being a fully functional explorer replacement, having a better search system, and potentially a blazingly fast move/cut/copy to... search for target system that would eliminate the need for 'dual panes' or 'double windows' like explorer or total commander or whatever use.

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Re: Make Everything a Windows Explorer Replacement

Postby Janus » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:50 am

There is a program, explorer++, an open source windows explorer replacement, that you may like.
In my own version I have already used Everything to get directory sizes, and it is fast, much faster than reading the disk, and most especially the lan.
When I get back to it, I will be making it so it falls back gracefully if everything is not running, or has no index.

I am also working on integrating everything to replace the built in search if Everything has an index.

The combination should provide a very workable replacement for the broken after vista, and terminally brain dead in win8 and later, explorer.

Once I have them working and stable, I will offering the code to the project.
Then if they want to include it, they can.
If they do not, I will be putting it upon my site as a personal fork.


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Re: Make Everything a Windows Explorer Replacement

Postby Stamimail » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:23 pm

Developing takes time. I know there is a lot of planning for 1.5 version. I can't imagine how long it will take. Above a year probably.
I also was thinking about turning Everything into a kind of File Manager.
I afraid it will be too much for one developer.
Just think about all File Managers alternatives, and all Windows Explorer AddOns.
Everything will have a lot of work to do. It already has.
There was a discussion here about open sourcing. It's not so simple.
I would prefer that Everything will concentrate on developing its field of expertise. Searching.

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