My Solution for Quiet Fast Everything Updates

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My Solution for Quiet Fast Everything Updates

Post by SerarchFanatic69 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:18 pm

Here is my curent problem :

I love everything and use it everyday, BUT, I have 8 TB of data, so each time everything loads up, it takes quite a lot of time for it to update the database. the search is instant once it does, but it takes looong for it to load.

If I uncheck the monitor drives, then it loads fast, but becomes quickly out of date because i move files around a lot.

So here is my solution if it helps any of you guys.

You make TWO .ini files, one that is set to NOT monitor, and a mirror of it, the only difference is the mirror is set to MONITOR and UPDATE.

So during the day, i search and launch everything.exe specifying the .ini file that is set to NO monitor.

a .bat file is set to launch at night with the .ini to MONITOR and UPDATE

Another .bat file is set to launch 30 minutes after the first BAT with the task to KILL everything.

So during the night, Everything Launches, updates, and quits. Then when i run it normaly during the day, it's fast.

Would be great to have a DAtabaseUpdate.exe tool though that launchs and quits automatically !

cheers !

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