Hard Links & Windows SxS (WinSxS)

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Hard Links & Windows SxS (WinSxS)

Post by therube » Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:53 pm

Hard Links (hardlink) & Windows SxS (WinSxS)

It appears that Everything will only enumerate 1 file descriptor of a (multiple) hard linked file?
It appears that which file returned can be arbitrary?

With Windows 7 & its WinSxS directory structure (full of hard links), it is feasible that sometimes a file my be found in WinSxS & sometimes elsewhere.

Would excluding (Tools | Options -> Exclude) the /WinSxS/ directory help with some of that arbitrariness of files found? Or would that cause other problems, like some files not found at all?

(Was updating TreeSize & while there, had a look at an updated UltraSearch & noted that they exclude WinSxS by default.)

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