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SDK Question

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:17 am
by daspud
I am revising my old search program (predates SE by a long shot). I am wanting to add SE for those drives that can benefit using the SDK. I have the interface working but wanted to refine it by checking the drive in the search request (if there is one) with the list of drives that SE is scanning. If not in that list then do a "traditional" search.

BUT, I am not seeing a way to get the list of drives from the SDK. Am I missing something?

Thanks again and again for what has to be one of the most useful windows tools.

Bob Roos

Re: SDK Question

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:47 am
by void
There is no SDK function to get a list of the drives Everything has indexed.

Are you after a function like one of the following?
BOOL IsNTFSVolumeIndexed(TCHAR *volume)?
TCHAR **GetIndexedNTFSVolumes(void)?

You can currently search for

Code: Select all

to get a list of all the NTFS volumes, folders and file lists indexed.

Re: SDK Question

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:20 am
by daspud
void wrote:...BOOL IsNTFSVolumeIndexed(TCHAR *volume)?...
this would work well for me. Not sure what others might want.

I will try the root: thing for now.

Thanks. :)